Audited Financial Statement Filing Fees

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					         Audited Financial Statement Filing Fees

There are 3 types of fees payable with the filing of your audited financial statements.
These fees are due at the time of filing your audited financial statements:

   1. Securities Commission fee
   2. SEDAR continuous disclosure fee
   3. SEDI annual fee

The Securities Commission fees are as follow:

Province/Territory          Fee *          Province/Territory               Fee *
Alberta                      288        New Brunswick                        250
British Columbia             600        Newfoundland                         250
Saskatchewan                 100        Nova Scotia                          250
Manitoba                     100        PEI                                  Nil
Ontario                       **        NWT/Nunavut                          Nil
Quebec                      1,000       Yukon                                Nil
*Fees may be different if you are a POP issuer
**Fees to be calculated according to OSC Rule 13-502

SEDAR/SEDI Continuous Disclosure fees are as follow:

                                  SEDAR Fee        SEDI Fee        GST         Total
Multi-Jurisdictional non-POP       495.00         1100.00         79.75       1674.75
Single-Jurisdictional non-POP      205.00         500.00          35.25       740.25