Affiliate Marketing - The Truth About The Affiliate Marketing Code by gabyion


									Affiliate Marketing - The Truth About The Affiliate Marketing Code
I learned great techniques from The Affiliate Code that have made my internet affiliate marketing program more successful at last. In this article, I
want to reveal some of the methods disclosed in this powerful program that will generate organic traffic and no cost sales for you. I am a full time
internet marketer. I thoughtI knew a lot of techniques but this course showed me things it would have taken me years to figure out on my own and in
my opinion, it is well worth the cost of the program.nnBefore I started using The Affiliate Code, I was doing affiliate marketing backwards. I made two
important missteps that you may be making as well that will doom all your efforts to failure. The Affiliate Code showed me how to make simple
changes that made my products much more profitable.nnThe first thing I changed that made my internet marketing program more profitable was to do
the research first, not last. Before The Affiliate Code, I would look through affiliate programs available and then start selling. I learned that to be
successful, you have to find topics and trends that get lots of traffic, do the research to prove it will be profitable and then look for a good product to
sell in that niche market. Keep in mind that niche markets are hard to find but products that appeal to a niche are plentiful. Before I used this system, I
picked very small niches with about 3,000 clicks per month. nnThe Affiliate Code showed me how to choose keywords that get 100,000 clicks per
month or more and make them profitable for me. It also has a great formula on an excel spead sheet that shows your break even bid for Google
Adsense. Now I can bid with confidence on my paid ads. The spead sheet also tells you if a project you are considering will be profitable for you based
on the commission earned, key words and competition. In just a few clicks, I know in advance if a campaign is worthwhile.nnThe second error I made
before I got this course was in not getting as many back links as I was capable of. The course shows you how to write a simple article, instantly turn it
into 50 articles and then post it to 50 free blogs with back links to your offer. This creates a ton of free traffic and sales. I wrote articles before but I did
not realize the power of creating free blogs in addition to my regular blogs. Also, the course taught me how to embed a couple of links to my offer page
in the articles to get them higher in the search engine.nnAfter taking the course, I give The Affiliate Code a two thimbs up. The one thing I didn't like
was the several attempts to upsell me while I was buying the product but you can't blame a guy for trying.

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