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                                                             Book Beat
News & Reviews for Friends of Alibi Books                                             Volume 6, Issue 1

   January brought sanity back to the                                C        This month, we’ll continue our look
Alibi Books family. My father recovered                                   at some of our favorite picks from the
from his bout of hospitialitis and has                               o    January / February Book Sense 76 list.
been hospital free for over a month now.                             r    First off, The Amateur Marriage by
We’re so thrilled!                                                        Anne Tyler Lesley Kleiser of Mont-
   As a result, normality has returned and                           n    gomery Book Co in Cincinnati, OH
we happily found our reading time back.                              e    raves, “Tyler’s latest is a family saga
So this month, filled with much joy, we                                   that reveals the joys and terrible
offer you our usual newsletter.                                      r    heartbreaks that come with forming a
   Remember, Alibi Books now sells Gift                                   family, as well as the shared memories
Cards. They are such a great idea for that                                each family member holds. This book
                                             held me captivated until the wonderful final pages.” And then there
person who reads the latest books and        is Paranoia by Joseph Finder “This story of high-tech corporate
you never know if you would pick out         espionage is an exciting read filled with interesting characters and
something s/he has already read. Our gift    situations–and it delivers one heck of a plot twist!”proclaims Janet
cards are quite fun looking too. See:        Caldwell of Great Northern Bookstore in Oscoda, MI. For those
                                             who love romances, check out Bet Me by Jennifer Crusie “Crusie
                                             has another hit on her hands with this romantic comedy, a novel in
                                             the madcap vein of the films of George Cukor and Billy Wilder–
                                             updated with plenty of modern-day spice. Witty, sharp, and wick-
                                             edly funny, Bet Me is eminently satisfying.” says Karen Keyte of
                                             Books Etc. in Falmouth, ME. Sheri of Alibi Books heartily agrees!
                                             As always, the complete list is available at Alibi Books. Stay tuned
                                             next month for our look at some great Reading Group Selections.
   Early February will bring a visit from
William Kent Krueger, author of the
Cork O’Connor series, and Libby Fischer

Hellmann, author of the Ellie Haskell                           What Book Sense Pick was recently chosen as the
series. Both will be signing their latest                       first Young Adult Selection for Good Morning
books. If you are interested in                                  America’s “Read This!”?
autographed copies, just let us know.

Mom will be reviewing William Kent                                Answer to last month’s question:
Krueger’s latest, Blood Hollow, for next                          What newly released movie starring Jude Law
month’s Book Beat.                                                 won the ABBY (American Booksellers Book of
                                                                   the Year) Award in 1998?Cold Mountain by
                                                                    Charles Frazier

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                     Cutwork                                       Holy Fools                                    The Feng Shui
                  By Monica Ferris                               By Joanne Harris                                  Detective
                      $6.99                                           $24.95                                    By Nury Vittachi
    Everyone in Excelsior, MN is excited            Juliette was born into a family of              C.F. Wong is a geomancer in
about attending the art fair until an artisan   gypsies and performers. She learned             Singapore. Ironically, his office is filled
is found murdered. Betsy Devonshire,            many talents from members of the                with forces that are not in harmony. He
owner of Crewel World, does not want to         troupe such reading cards, walking the          has a secretary, Winnie, who barely
get involved. Jill, a police woman, tells       rope, healing with herbs and most               works and an intern, Joyce, who speaks
Betsy about a lead found at the crime           importantly how to read. Quite an               in such idioms that he is forever
scene. During a gossip session at the           accomplishment for a girl in the 1600’s.        wondering what she is saying. C.F. is
store, Betsy lets the lead slip. By day’s       When the caravan is destroyed by                more than a feng shui expert, however,
end, the whole town knows. Jill is so           zealots, she eventually joins up with a         as he is a member of the Singapore
angry with Betsy that she refuses to            troupe led by a man called LeMerle.             Union of Industrial Mystics. He and his
speak with her. When the police arrest          When the unscrupulous LeMerle                   friends also help solve cases with their
Mickey Sinclair, Char, Mickey’s aunt            deserts his troupe, Juliette is in a delicate   unusual talents. Wong asks his friends to
and Crewel World customer, asks Betsy           way. Her salvation is found at the              check into the possibility a ghost helped
to investigate. Mickey’s family does not        Abbey of Sainte-Marie-de-la-mer.                start a fire at one of his client’s homes.
believe that he is capable of murder.           While there, Juliette and her child are         Meanwhile, he looks into the kidnap-
Reluctantly, Betsy agrees. Can Betsy            safe. All that unravels when LeMerle            ping of one of Joyce’s friends. Filled
patch up her friendship with Jill and           appears with the new Reverend Mother.           with lots of feng shui, Singapore culture
solve the murder? Monica Ferris has             Evil is lose in the abbey. Joanne Harris        and mysticism, The Feng Shui Detective
written another crafty cozy. »Lori              never disappoints. »Roberta                     is quite the fascinating read. »Sheri

                  Homicidal Intent                               Absolute Friends                                  The Seduction
                   By Vivian Chern                               By John Le Carré                                       of Water
                          $5.99                                       $26.95                                  By Carol Goodman
                                                                                                             Book Sense   $13.95

    Tamsen Bayn, a forensic psychiatrist,           People taking the tour of Mad King              Iris Greenfeder spends her time
has been asked by her fiance, Greg              Ludwig’s Castles in Germany would               teaching. For her ESL students, she
Jolson to evaluate the Devinski family.         find it difficult to believe that their         assigns a paper on a fairy tales they heard
Karen Marulli and Peter Devinski are the        guide use to be a spy, but that is one of       as children. To help, she writes a paper of
parents of Jason, a twelve year old             Ted Mundy’s former occupations. Now             her own about the Selkie’s Daughter–the
accused of killing three people. At the         Ted is just trying to survive and take          fairy tale her mother and then her aunt
same time, Tamsen has been asked by             care of his Moslem wife and her son.            recounted when she was little. Iris even
Grandines Pharmaceuticals to be a               Suddenly, an out of the past old friend         finds a publisher for her story about the
spokesperson for a new drug. During her         and spy buddy, Sasha reappears and              Selkie’s Daughter. The story sparks a
evaluation with Karen, Peter and Jason,         trouble starts brewing. Sasha, a                new interest is Iris’s mother, Katherine,
Tamsen discovers that more is going on          traveling university professor, in the          who had been a writer before Iris’ birth.
than meets the eye. Not one to shy away         Middle East, has met a billionaire              She died in a fire never completing her
from a good puzzle, Tamsen puts on her          named Dimitri who wants to change               trilogy. Katherine’s editor believes that
investigative hat in order to determine         the face of the world. That is just fine        there was a final manuscript. Now Iris is
what caused Jason to commit murder.             with Mundy and Sasha for they hate              trying to write her mother’s biography,
Will Tamsen be able to solve the puzzle         what is happening in the Middle East.           find the manuscript and an explanation
before Jason is convicted? Vivian Chern         John Le Carré still knows how to great          for why she was where she was the night
has written a page turning thriller. »Lori      a riveting spy story. »Roberta                  she died. Compelling, this novel is great
                                                                                                book for reading groups! »Sheri
                  Dearest Dorothy,                                Forest Lover                                 The Dim Sum
                  Are We There Yet?                             By Susan Vreeland                               of All Things
                 By Charlene Ann Baumbich                            $24.95                                 By Kim Wong Keltner
                           $10.95                                                                                    $13.95

    Dorothy Wetstra lives in a small town             A woman artist did not stand much           Lindsey Owyang is an outspoken
in southern Illinois: Partonville. Dorothy        of a chance for fame in the Victorian       twenty-five year old, Chinese-
is eighty-six and has a major decision to         era especially when she was fiercely        American living in San Francisco. She
make: should she sell the farm she has            independent in her choice of subject.       still lives with her grandmother who
lived on all of her life? At first, Dorothy       Enter Emily Carr. As a young woman,         maintains a lot of traditions from
hopes that an old childhood game will             Emily was fortunate to study art in         China. And while, Lindsey distrusts a
help make her decision. Tossing a stick in        England. Born in Victoria, Canada,          lot of white people (she thinks too
the creek behind her house, she decides if        Emily was bound and determined to           many people like her because they are
the stick goes to the right of the rock, she      capture the essence of Canada’s             “Hoarders of All Things Asian), she is
will sell. If it goes to the left, she’ll stay.   indigenous people and their totems.         still not interested in dating any of her
In the end, the stick gets caught on the          Emily’s friendship with Sophie Frank,       brother’s Chinese friends.Things get
rock and doesn’t move. After this, she            a Squamish basket weaver, brought her       really interesting when, Michael, a
prays that God will give her a sign. Little
does Dorothy know that when Katie and             great personal joy and scorn for            coworker she barely knows e-mails her
Josh arrive in town to take care of the           associating with a native Indian. Her       proclaiming his love. Can Lindsey find
funeral arrangements for a Tess Walker,           close relationship with Sophie allows       room for Michael, her grandmother
all her prayers will be answered. Dearest         Emily to see the spirit of the people and   and her hodge podge of beliefs in this
Dorothy, Are We There Yet? is a                   landscape which she puts on canvas.         crazy world? Sassy and bold, The Dim
wonderful book about love, friendship,            The Forest Lover is an outstanding          Sum of All Things is quite an eye
and family. I laughed and cried.»Lori             book. »Roberta                              opener .»Sheri

                   Lost Treasure of                                   Mrs. Kimble                              Photo Finished
                   the Emerald Eye                                 By Jennifer Haigh                           By Laura Childs
                  By Geronimo Stilton                                       $13.95                                 $5.99
                        $5.99                                  Book Sense

    Geronimo Stilton, a mouse, is the                 There are three Mrs. Kimbles. The           Carmela Bertrand is a hard working
editor of the The Rodent’s Gazette and a          first wife of Ken Kimble is Birdie, who     small business owner. Her
best selling author. One day, Geronimo            had two children with him. Birdie can       Scrapbooking store is constantly trying
meets his sister, Thea, for lunch. Thea is        barely survive on her own. Wine is her      new things like her “Crop Till You
very excited when she meets her brother           constant companion. Ken’s second wife,      Drop” late night gathering. Most of
because she has something to show him:            Joan, is a lonely, wealthy woman totally    Carmela’s best customers were in
a treasure map to the Emerald Eye.                smitten by this chameleon of a man.         attendence having a great time when
Before Geronimo knows it, he is on a              Through Joan’s family connections,          Carmela’s neighbor, BartyHayward
boat with Thea, his cousin, Trap, and his         Ken is on his way to becoming a real        stopped in to tell Carmela to move her
nephew, Benjamin. Geronimo, Thea,                 estate mogul and Joan’s death leaves        car. Carmela’s assistant volunteers to
Trap and Benjamin are surprised by                him a wealthy man. Strangely Ken’s          move it and mere minutes later
what they discover when they reach the            third wife, Dinah, is the former baby-      discovers Barty’s dead body. Using
X marking the spot. Lost Treasure of the          sitter of Ken children with Birdie. This    scrapbooking techniques to preserve
Emerald Eye is the first book in a new            is Ken’s longest marriage, but it too has   evidence, Carmela finds herself
series. This series is perfect for children       fallen apart. Ken has bigger concerns as    immersed in yet another murder
second grade and up. The Geronimo                 he is on the lamb from the FBI for          investigation. This amusing series set in
series uses wonderful illustrations and           running a real estate scam. Jennifer        New Orleans continues to provide
graphics. »Lori                                   Haigh provides us with a great cast of      picture perfect cases. »Sheri
                                                  characters. »Roberta