27089 A3 dinner menu by coronaa


                                                                summer selecion
                            BREADS                                            CHICKEN SCHNITZEL
                                                                              Served with a fresh mixed leaf salad & fries, or seasonal vegetables

                                                                              with your choice of red wine jus, pepper, mushroom or dianne sauce
GARLIC OR HERB BREAD                                                 3.5
GARLIC OR HERB PIZZA BREAD                                           3.5      BEER BATTERED FISH                                                                19.5
                                                                              Served with a fresh mixed leaf salad & fries, or seasonal vegetables with aioli
PESTO & PARMESAN PIZZA BREAD                                         3.5
BREAD ROLL                                                           1.5      LAMB KORMA                                                                        20.0
BRUCHETTA                                                            9.0      Topped with mint yoghurt on jasmin rice & pappodums

                                                                              ROAST OF THE DAY                                                                  19.5
                                                                              Served with seasonal vegetables & red wine jus

                          ENTREES                                             CATCH OF THE DAY (please see blackboard)
                                                                              Served with a fresh mixed leaf salad & fries, or seasonal vegetables
                                                                                                                                                     Market Price

CAFE ZEST’S OWN SAMPLE PLATE FOR TWO                                 19.5     MOROCAN SPICED LAMB                                                               20.0
A selection of vegetable spring rolls, BBQ baby octopus,                      Served on scented cous cous with a minted jus
sa ron battered prawns & satay chicken skewers                                VEAL TOPPED WITH PATE & DUXELLE WRAPPED IN PUFF PASTRY 22.5
SALT & PEPPER SQUID                                                  14.0     Served on garlic mash & red wine jus
Served on fresh salad greens with a soy & lime dipping sauce                  ROASTED PORK LOIN                                                                 21.5
SATAY CHICKEN SKEWERS                                                14.5     Filled with apple & dates on garlic mash & apple jus
Served on scented jasmin rice drizzled with a satay sauce                     SEAFOOD MEDLEY                                                                    27.5
SAFFRON BATTERED PRAWNS                                              16.5     A selection of crumbed sh, sa ron prawns, beer battered scallops,
                                                                              salt & pepper squid served with fries and a fresh mixed leaf salad
Served with a spicy salsa on fresh salad greens
                                                                              CHEF’S OWN GARLIC PRAWNS                                                          27.5
MARINATED BBQ OCTOPUS                                                14.0     A bakers dozen served on scented jasmin rice with a creamy garlic sauce
Served on fresh salad greens
                                                                              GRILLED ATLANTIC SALMON                                                           22.5
CHICKEN FILLED RICE PAPER ROLLS                                      13.5     Topped with japanese bread crumbs, drizzled with garlic butter, served on
Served cold with a soy & chilli dipping sauce
                                                                              baby bok choy & garlic mash
CAFE ZEST’S OWN VEGETABLE SPRING ROLLS                               12.0     VEAL RISOTTO                                                                      19.5
Served with a thai sweet & sour dipping sauce                                 Combining the avours of pumpkin, pine nuts & baby spinach
TRADITIONAL SMOKED SALMON                                            18.5     CHICKEN BRUCHETTA                                                                 20.5
Served on fresh salad greens with spanish onion,                              Marinated chicken breast on toasted bread topped with
capers, horseradish cream & toast                                             bruchetta & parmesan served on creamy garlic mash

CHEF’S OWN GARLIC PRAWNS                                             17.0     CAFÉ ZEST’S OWN FETTUCCINE                                                        22.0
Served in a toasted bread roll with creamy garlic sauce                       With prawns, scallops, pine nuts & spinach tossed in a tomato & cream sauce

                                                                              CHAR GRILLED VEGETABLE STACK                                                      18.0
                                                                              Served on mash with a tomato coulis

                         KIDS MENU
                  Available for children 12 years and under.
                 All meals include a soft drink with a free refill
                  Orange juice available for an additional $1                                                 GRILLS
                                                                                              All our prime cuts are cooked to your liking
HAM & PINEAPPLE PIZZA                                                8.5             and served with a fresh mixed leaf salad & your choice of fries,
                                                                              jacket or mashed potatoes. Alternatively you may choose your prime cut with
ROAST OF THE DAY Served with vegetables & gravy                      8.5               seasonal vegetables including baked potatoes and pumpkin.
CRUMBED CHICKEN TENDERS Served with fries & salad                    8.5    Please choose one of our gluten free sauces: pepper, red wine jus, dianne or mushroom
BEEF LASAGNE Served with fries & salad                               8.5
BATTERED FISH Served with fries & salad                              8.5      300g SIRLOIN                                                                      25.5
CHEESE BURGER Served with fries & salad                              8.5      500g GRAIN FED RUMP                                                               29.5
ICE CREAM With your choice of avouring                               3.0
                                                                              400g T-BONE                                                                       29.5
                                                                              300g SCOTCH FILLET                                                                31.0

                    SALADS/SIDES                                                                (creamy garlic prawns add 4.5 to any of the above)

GARDEN SALAD                                                         4.5
                                                                                                        Can be added to any meal
             WITH CHICKEN                                            15.0
             WITH KING PRAWNS                                        16.0     CREAMY GARLIC PRAWNS (3)                                                          6.0
             WITH SMOKED SALMON                                      16.0     VEGETABLES                                                                        2.5
THAI BEEF SALAD                                                      15.0     SALAD                                                                             2.5
WARM LAMB SALAD                                                      15.0     FRIES                                                                             1.5
SEASONAL VEGETABLES                                                  6.5      EXTRA SAUCE BOAT                                                                  1.0
WEDGES With sour cream & sweet chilli sauce                          8.5      Our gluten free sauce selection includes pepper,
                                                                              red wine jus, mushroom and dianne
FRENCH FRIES                                                         4.5
                                                                                                               SENIORS - $9
                                                                                    All our senior’s meals are served with your choice of a fresh mixed leaf salad
                        PIZZAS                                                                             & fries, or seasonal vegetables.
                                                                                                 Please present your seniors card at time of ordering.

                  Large 19.5       Small 14.5                                       BEER BATTERED FISH
              ½ + ½ option $2 extra, large pizzas only.
        All topping available as extras, add $1 per topping                         ROAST OF THE DAY
                                                                                    CHICKEN SCHNITZEL
                         SUPREME                                                    150g SIRLOIN
          Pepperoni, beef, ham, mushrooms,                                          LASAGNE
          onion, pineapple, capsicum & olives

    Capsicum, sun dried tomato, olives, bocconcini,
           spinach, eggplant & mushroom                                                                           BEVERAGES
                                                                                                                                                             CUP                   MUG
                        HAWAIIAN                                                CAPPUCCINO                                                                   3.0                   3.5
                 Ham, pineapple & onion
                                                                                LATTE                                                                        3.0                   3.5
                          AUSSIE                                                FLAT WHITE                                                                   3.0                   3.5
            Bacon, egg, onion & mushrooms                                       HOT CHOCOLATE                                                                3.2                   3.5
                                                                                MOCHA                                                                        3.5                   4.0
                       MARGARITA                                                LONG BLACK                                                                   3.0
         Tomato, cheese, oregano & bocconcini                                   SHORT BLACK                                                                  3.0
                                                                                TEA A selection available                                                    3.0
                       MEAT LOVER                                               MILKSHAKES                                                                                         3.5
      Pepperoni, chorizo, ham, beef, bacon & onion                              Chocolate, strawberry, banana, vanilla, caramel
                        MARINARA                                                ASSORTED FRUIT DRINKS                                                                              2.4
           Prawns, scallops, squid & crab meat                                  SOFT DRINK                                                       small 1.9, large 2.5, Jug         6.5
                                                                                ORANGE JUICE                                                     small 2.4, large 2.8, Jug         6.9
                      HOT N SPICY                                                        A selection of wines also available, please ask one of the friendly sta for a wine list
     Pepperoni, chorizo, onion, capsicum & jalapeno

                     SATAY CHICKEN
     Satay chicken pieces, onion & mango chutney

                       BEEF EATER                                                                   All of our cakes are hand made here in Cafe Zest.
Marinated beef, capsicum, mushroom, onion & boccocinni                                                                 Please enjoy!

    Pizzas ordered with main meals may be served separately                      CAKE & COFFEE                                                                                      5.0
                                                                                 CAKES                                                                                              3.5

                                                                  The Canberra Raiders Sports Club
                                                              23 Hibberson Street, Gungahlin ACT 2912
                                                                  P: 02 6255 4111 F: 02 6255 5077
                                                                  Bookings available at reception

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