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Bulletin No


                        1 Eurowind International Gliding Championships
                              49 National Championships of Hungary

                                           26 June - 11 July, 2004
                                           Matkopuszta, Hungary

                                               Bulletin No.1
                                                  March 2004

Location of the Event                    Matkopuszta Airfield, Hungary (LHMP)
                                         Coordinates: 4648,8’N;       019°39,9‘E;       WGS84
                                         Elevation:     112 m / 367 ft MSL

Time Schedule

       Preliminary entries due                                 30 April, 2004
       Reserve pilots may be accepted after                    30 April, 2004
       Deadline for approval of new GNSS FRs                   31 March, 2004
       Final entries due                                       12 June, 2004
       Training period                                         19 - 25 June, 2004
       Registration                                            25 - 26 June, 2004 (10:00 - 19:00)
       First official briefing                                 26 June, 2004 (19:00)
       Opening Ceremony                                        27 July, 2004 (09:00)
       Contest flying                                          27 June - 10 July, 2004
       Farewell party                                          10 July, 2004 (19:00)
       Closing Ceremony and Prizegiving                        11 July, 2004 (10:00)

Championships Officials

       Championships Director                       Mr. Béla KASSAI (
       Staff of the Championships:
                  Operations                        Mr. Péter Halasi (tel: +36 30 515 5738)
                  Task setter                       Mr. Béla Kassai (
                  Meteorology                       Mr. Kálmán Szabó

Addresses for Correspondence and Entries

All official matters:
                              Postal address        Aeroclub Alfoldi
                                                    H-6701 Szeged, POB. 1375
                              Phone (mobile)        +36 70 945 1637
                              Fax                   +36 62 438 239
                              E-mail (copy to):, (cc:
Local matters, enquiries:
                            Postal address       Peter Halasi
                                                 H-6034 Kecskemet-Matkopuszta
                            Phone                +36 76 428 359
                            Fax                  +36 76 403 668
                            Mobile               +36 30 515 5738

Championship classes, limitations, entries

The 1st Eurowind International Gliding Championships and 49 th Hungarian Natonal Championships will
be held in five FAI competition classes (International Club, Standard, 15 meter, 18 meter and Open)
with remark, that in case there will be less than prescibed entries in any class, it will be combined
with neighboring class using Hungarian handicap list.

Each invited NAC may send a maximum of four pilots and substitute/reserve pilots to the
Championships. The nominated pilots can enter and compete in any class/classes according to the
wishes/possibilities of the entering competitors and limitations of the Championships. The maximum
total number of gliders on the Championships are 80 and maximum gliders in any class are 40.

Please send the preliminary entries, using the forms enclosed to reach us by 30 April, 2004. The
substitute/reserve pilot can be admitted after 30 April 2004 in the classes where vacancies exist.

The official entry form for the final entries is also attached to this Bulletin. It must be return ed to
reach us by 12 June, 2004. Please, note that final entries can be accepted only from the NAeC on
the attached entry forms and the final entries will be accepted only when the entry fee (see below)
has been credited to the account of the Alfoldi Repuloklub (Aeroclub Alfoldi).

Entry Fee (sponzored by the organizers)

The entry fee is 50 EUR per participating glider and covers all operational costs during the
Championship except aero tows. The entry fee must be paid in full by bank transfer to

                                        Alfoldi Repuloklub
                                  H - 6726 Szeged, Ildiko u. 19
                        Account No.: 10918001 - 00000015 - 39860002
                                         HVB Bank Rt.
                                    S.W.I.F.T.: BACXHUHB
                         Iban: HU85 1091 8001 0000 0010 9180 0108

by 12 June, 2004 at the latest.

Aero tow prices

Air tow to 600 m GND (for all Classes)                30 EUR
There is no landing fee for self-launching gliders.



All competing gliders must have a valid third persons liability insurance:
                       Sailplanes            200 000          EUR
                       Motor gliders         400 000          EUR
Medical insurance

All persons present at the competition regardless they actively take part in the activities or not must
have a valid medical insurance. This includes team captains, pilots, crew members and friends, etc.
The insurance shall cover:
          Emergency treatment                                         20 000      EUR
          Transportation to hospital or back home                     10 000      EUR
          Other non-accident related medical treatment                4 000       EUR


There is a big camp site on the airfield, there are rooms in the main building of the airfield and there
are some bungalows (apartman houses) and swimming pool next to the airfield. The price of the
camping is sponsored by the organizers. The prices are:

      Camping in tent or caravan         2.00   EUR/day/person        (including electricity)

      Rooms in the main building (7 rooms; 2-4 beds/room; max.24 person). Its fee composed
      from two parts (rent of the room and personal charges). The prices are:
                                       4.00 EUR/day/room          (rental cost of the room), plus
                                       4.00 EUR/day/person        (persons living in the room)

      Apartman house (4 bungalows; 8-10 persons/bungalow; altogether max. 40 persons). The
      fee of them are composed from two parts (rent of bungalow and personal charges). That is:
                                    40.00 EUR/day/bungalow (rental cost of bungalow), plus
                                     2.00 EUR/day/person (persons living in the bungalow)

There are more Motels in the Hungarian "puszta" (in the vicinity of the Airfield) as well as Motels and
Hotels in the nice town of Kecskemét (10 km from the Airfields). The Organizer shall not be
responsible for reserving or booking these kind of accomodation, however it is the Organizer’s
pleasure to assist anyone seeking the wanted quarters/rooms. Should you have any other questions
regarding private accommodations and apartments we are ready to help you any time. Please
contact Peter Halasi on the matter.


Payment for charges (aero tows, accomodation) are to be made in EUR. All other expenses have to
be paid in local currency. We regret but we are unable to accept credit cards, traveller cheques or
cash in any other foreign currency.

You are advised to bring sufficient cash in EUR or/and in Hungarian Forint. There will be no
possibilities for change at the contest site.

Banks in Kecskemét town are well equipped to change traveller cheques, most currencies and there
are ATM-s too to draw on your credit cards. Many restaurants, shops, and hotels accept credit cards.
Further information will be provided on arrival.


Please do not forget that participants shall present an English translation of their documents (licence,
CoA, insurance, and so on) and a copy of the original. The original documents and the translations
are to be presented voluntarily during registration at the contest site, the copies will remain with the

Flight recorder have to have calibration document not older than 2 years. Calibration can be arranged
for at the site but take into account that it is complicated and expensive.
General Rules and Local Procedures

The Hungarian Sporting Code, based on FAI Sporting Code General Section, Section 3 and its
Annexes, will be applied. The Local Procedures will be distributed to all participants at arrival.

Please note:
      Documentation will be by GNSS only. All flight recorders which have received IGC approval for
      championships by March 31, 2004, will be admitted. This applies to both primary and
      secondary flight recorders.
      The Organisers will provide diskettes with the co-ordinates of the departure, turn and control
      points as well as of restricted areas in the required formats, but it is the responsibility of the
      competitors to load these data into their flight recorders or other navigational equipment.
      Assistance will be offered at the site, but the Organisers can accept no responsibility for the
      correct transfer.
      Self launching will be permitted in the 18 meter and Open Class.

Official Home Page of the Championships

All information (Bulletins, Forms, Turn points and so on) concerning the 1 st Eurowind International
Gliding Championships will be available on the Internet (it is still under construction at this moment).
The address of the official home page of the Championships is

National evenings

Countries wishing to organise a ‘National Evening’ are requested to notify the organisers on their
arrival at the latest. Of course we will organize an Hungarian Evening serving the very famous (hot)
Hungarian "Gulyas" and "Porkolt" followed with fine Hungarian wine and our pleasure to help anyone
to organize similar evening.

Enclosed:       Preliminary Entry Form
                Final Entry Form
                              Preliminary Entry Form

COUNTRY: ______________________________________________________________________

NAME         &     ADDRESS       FOR      ALL      FUTURE       CORRESPONDENCE:








TEL: ________________________________       FAX: _________________________________

DATE:      ______________   STAMP & SIGNATURE: ______________________________




       PILOTS’ NAMES (maximum 4 per NAeC)                  CLASS

1.    ________________________________________     _________________________

2.    ________________________________________     _________________________

3.    ________________________________________     _________________________

4.    ________________________________________     _________________________

       SUBSTITUTE / RESERVE PILOTS                         CLASS

1.    ________________________________________     _________________________

2.    ________________________________________     _________________________

3.    ________________________________________     _________________________

4.    ________________________________________     _________________________
back side of Prelimunary Entry Form
                       Final Entry Form
        1st Eurowind International Gliding Championships
                  2004 Matkopuszta, Hungary
                             (Please type or write block letters!)

CLASS: ______________________________                  COUNTRY: _________________

Full name (Surname, then first name/s): ______________________________________
Postal address: __________________________________________________________
Nationality: __________________
Place & Date of Birth: ____________________________________________________
Tel: Home: _________________________ Work: ______________________________
Mobile: _____________________________ Fax: ______________________________
Email: _________________________________________________________________

Occupation: _____________________________________________________________
Glider Pilot Licence no. ____________ FAI sporting licence no. __________________
Gliding Badges: __________________________________________________________
Gliding Hours Flown _______________ Date started gliding: ____________________
Place where you stay during the competition: ________________________________________
Nationals & International Championships with placings:

Type: ____________________________ Registration no: ______________________
Competition no:____________________
Make & Model of:

Flight recorder type (No. 1):____________________ Serial No. ___________________
Flight recorder type (No. 2):____________________ Serial No. ___________________

                   (No. 3):____________________ Serial No. ___________________
Full Name: (surname, then first name/s):

Date of Birth: ________________________________
Place where you stay during the competition:________________________(Camp, Hotel)

Full Name: (surname, then first name/s):

Nationality: ___________________________________
Date of Birth: ________________________________
Telephone: ____________________________________
Mobile: _______________________________________
Place where you stay during the competition:________________________(Camp, Hotel)

Please supply us with a short biography of yourself that you would like to share with us (e.g.
gliding & other aviation background, family, other interests, etc.)

Name & Authority in NAC: _________________________________________________

Signature & stamp of NAeC: ___________________________ Date: ________________

Pilot’s Signature_______________________________ Date: ______________________

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