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									                          SALEM STATE COLLEGE
                               INVITATION TO BID
                             THIS IS NOT AN ORDER

1. The College is an agency of the            6. Any objections to the conditions
   Commonwealth of Massachusetts                 must be clearly indicated in the
   and is exempt from any State tax              proposals.
   or Federal excise tax.
                                              7. Bid must be received on or
2. Unless otherwise stated, the unit             before 3:00 P.M. May 11, 2007
   price shall be the net price.                 Please send bids to Salem State
   Separate unit and total prices                College, Evelyn Wilson, C.P.M.,
   must be shown if applicable.                  Director of Purchasing & Vendor
                                                 Relations, 352 Lafayette Street,
3. No fax copies will be accepted.               Salem, MA 01970-5353

4. Submit 1 original and 2 copies             8. For additional information
   of bid.                                       Contact Shane Rodriguez,
                                                 Deputy Chief of Police at
5. Salem State College reserves the              978-542-7123.
   Right to waive informalities and
   to reject any and all bids; or to          9. Reference Bid: # 2007-13
   accept the bid deemed best for                Taxi Cab Service for Students
   the Commonwealth.

SPECIFICATIONS                   UNIT PRICE                            TOTAL PRICE

                SEE ATTACHED SPECIFICATIONS                       $


The Contractor agrees not to discriminate against any employee or applicant for
employment because of race, sex, color, religious creed, national origin, and/or
ancestry. The contractor agrees to post in conspicuous places notices to be provided by
the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination with respect to the Fair
Employment Practice laws of the Commonwealth, which are herein made part of this
contract reference.

            VENDOR IDENTIFICATION (must be completed)

Company Name: ____________________________________________________

Dba: ______________________________________________________________

Company's Federal ID Number:__________________________________________

Order Address:


City                   State             Zip Code

Remit To Address:


City                   State             Zip Code

Telephone Number (_____)_______________________________

Toll Free or "800" Number: (_____)________________________

Fax Number: (_____)____________________________________

E-Mail Address: _____________________________________________________

Name: _____________________________________________________________

Title: _____________________________________________________________

Authorized Signature                                Date

Request For Proposal
     Taxi Cab Service for Students

            Published On: April 25, 2007
     Prepared By: Salem State College

            Last Revision: April 25, 2007

                           Table of Contents

1.   Purpose and Scope                                  1

2.   General Information                                5

3.   Timetable for Selection and Award                  5

4.   Primary Contacts for this Contract                 8

5.   General Conditions                                 8

6.   Vendor References                                  9

7.   Evaluation Criteria                                9

8.   Terms and Conditions                               10

9.   Appendix A                                         11-13
     Must be completed and returned with bid proposal

1.    Purpose

1.1   The College has chosen to create a program to offer local
      transportation with a College approved vendor. The College will
      promote this program vigorously. The program will be administered
      by Campus Police and they will be responsible for paying for this
      service. The purpose of this document is to provide interested vendors
      with information to enable them to prepare and submit proposals to
      assist the College in the awarding of a contract to a vendor who would
      be responsible for Taxi Cab Service to Salem State College. This
      award will be made to one successful bidder for approved travel of
      students in the municipality of Salem or to other municipalities under
      special circumstances.

1.2   The scope of service will be that we anticipate using the taxi service on
      an as needed basis to transport students in the following scenarios but
      not limited to:

      A.    To and /or from the hospital (NSMC, Lahey Clinic, Lawrence
            General) back to the College or local residence.

      B.    To and/or from local follow up medical/rehabilitation
            appointments when no other transportation is available.

      C.    To and/or from Salem MBTA Train Station after hours when the
            shuttle service is not running.

      D.    To the local tow yard when a student’s or visitor’s vehicle has
            been towed from campus if no other alternative transportation is

      E.    To and/or from Salem District Court for legal proceedings for
            victims when no alternative transportation is available.

      F.    Other destinations as needed.

2.    General Information

2.1   The taxi service contract will be for a two (2) year period with an
      option to extend for one (1) additional year.

2.2   Business cards with your company name, logo and telephone number
      must be available and supplied to campus police to give to students for
      their use. Please supply sample business card with your response.
2.3   Price structure will be a flat rate in cities and towns that have set flat

2.4   Pricing structure must include discounted rates for multiple trips per
      student in one continuous time frame. In other words if you have
      multiple students in one vehicle going to the same destination is the
      rate the same?

2.5   The successful bidder must have at least five cars, all operating under
      the company name.

2.6   All bidders must have twenty-four (24) hour service.

2.7   All bids must include copies of all taxi drivers’ licenses operating under
      the stand as issued by a municipality.

2.8   All bidders must supply a list of registrations of cars with the bid.

2.9   We would prefer that all taxis be the same color.

2.10 The name and telephone number of the taxi company must be clearly
     visible and affixed to each taxi cab.

2.11 The only taxis permitted to service this contract will be the successful
     bidders. No subcontracting under other taxi stand names will be

2.12 Once awarded to the successful bidder, the taxi service contract is not
     assignable to another party without the prior written consent to the

2.13 All bidders must have 1996 model cars or newer.

2.14 All bidders must be able to show recurring drivers license checks with
     the City.

2.15 All bidders must be able to provide with this bid, a copy of their taxi
     license as issued by the City where the taxi(s) is licensed and annually

2.16 All cars must be smoke free and scent free.

2.17 All bidders must provide documentation from your insurer stating that
     you have Public Liability Insurance of a minimum of $500,000 and
     Passenger Hazard Insurance of the minimum of $1 million dollars.
2.18 The successful bidder is required to meet the College’s billing and
      accounting requirements. You must provide detailed invoices including
      the following information:
                        Student Name
                        Date and time of service
                        Identification of driver or taxi number
     You must indicate how often you will bill the College. (i.e. weekly,
     monthly, etc.) Do you have a sample voucher? If not, would you be
     willing to work with the College in designing one and developing how
     the voucher procedure would work?

2.19 The College will not pay in advance of service. The driver must leave a
     copy of a voucher or receipt at the Police Department dispatch desk at
     73 Loring Avenue. Dispatch Desk is open 24 hours a day and the
     telephone number is 978-542-6511.

2.20 Your company must be able to show proof of its drivers’ training.

2.21 The College expects all cars to be maintained in a clean/safe manner
     and the drivers to present themselves in a courteous manner.

2.22 There must be a contact person who is easily accessible and available
     during working hours for the College to contact when needed.

2.23 A cell phone number must be provided for the owner in the event of an
     emergency for the College to be able to reach you.

2.24 The average wait time must not exceed 15 minutes.

2.25 There must be a dedicated fax line available to fax information directly
     to the bidder for the duration of the contract.

3.    The Timetable for Selection and Award:

      Request for Proposal Issued to Vendors                        April 26

      Proposal Due Date, Opening                                    May 11

      Vendor Demonstrations(s) and Discussions (If needed)          May 15

      Complete the Review of Proposal and Make Award                May 21

      Negotiate Contract and Issue Blanket P.O.                     May 21

      Contact Begins                                                June 1

4.    The Primary Contacts for this contract:
4.1   The Purchasing Department is responsible for the administration of the
      Request for Proposals and will ultimately award the contract. Contact
      person is Evelyn Wilson, Director. She may be reached at (978) 542-

4.2   The Campus Police Department is responsible for the administrative
      day-to-day function requirements. Contact person is Deputy Chief
      Shane Rodriguez. He may be reached at (978) 542-7123.

4.3   Three departments within the College will be responsible for the actual
      calls. These departments, and the appropriate contact within each are
      as follows:
      Campus Police, Shane Rodriguez or his designee @ 978-542-7123.
      Counseling and Health Services, Linda Jones or her designee @ 978-
      Residence Life, Kathleen Neville or her designee @ 978-542-6416.

5.    General Conditions

5.1   The College, at its discretion, may select not to award a contract to
      any vendor as a result of this RFP. The College reserves, at its
      discretion, the right to reject any/or all proposals received in response
      to this RFP if determined that such action is taken in the best interest
      of the College.

6.    Vendor References:
6.1   Provide at least three (3) references with whom you are currently
      doing business with that are comparable in size to Salem State

7.    Other Requirements:

7.1   The vendor must conduct Criminal Offender Records Inquiry (CORI)
      checks on all drivers.

7.2   The vendor must conduct Sex Offender Records Inquiry (SORI) checks
      of all drivers.

7.3   The vendor must conduct recurring (specified time tables of checks)
      license and driver’s history checks of all drivers.

7.4   The vendor must have Photo ID and/or Taxi License of drivers visibly
      displayed in vehicles.

7.5   The vendor must provide Names and Taxi license numbers of all

7.6   The vendor must provide proof of registration, inspection, certification
      and licensing of all vehicles.

8.    Evaluation Criteria:
8.1   All proposals will be evaluated by Salem State College’s personnel
      comprised of representatives of various departments of the College.
      Proposal evaluation will be based upon the ability for the proposed
      application to meet the requirements of Salem State College. Each
      proposal will be evaluated against specifications outlined in this RFP.
      A contract will not be awarded solely on price but on the greatest
      value with respect to the bidders response and its material content and
      responsiveness to the requirements of the RFP, the quality of the
      services offered, the price quoted, the general reputation of the firm,
      the qualifications of the personnel assigned to work on the project, and
      the demonstrated understanding of the respondent of conducting the
      work as required by the scope of services and the bidders functionality,
      performance, flexibility, and ability of meet the goals of Salem State

9.    Standard Terms and Conditions:

9.1   The awarded vendor will be required to sign a Commonwealth of
      Massachusetts standard contract. A sample of contract form may be
      requested from Evelyn Wilson at 978-542-6152.

Appendix A: Vendor must complete and return.

1. What are your rates (to and from) to service these areas?

  Salem to Salem _____________________________________

  Salem to Swampscott______________________________________

  Salem to Lahey Clinic ______________________________________

  Salem to Lawrence General_________________________________

  Salem to Logan Airport_____________________________________

  Salem to Beverly ____________________________________

  Salem to Danvers _________________________________________

2. Your telephone number of use for this contract:

3. Number of vehicles currently operating under your taxi firm:

4. Do you have 24-hour service? _______________________

5. Provide the telephone number for 24-hour service:

6. Provide owner’s cell phone number: ____________________

7. What is the color of your taxi cabs?

8. Are your cars smoke and scent free? ____________________

9. What is the average wait time? __________________

10. Do you have two-way radios in your vehicles? ____________

11. Do your drivers wear uniforms? _______________________

12. What are the makes and models in your fleet?


13. Do you currently have liability insurance? ____________

14. Do your conduct CORI checks? ___________________

15. Do you conduct SORI checks? ______________________

16. How often are your operators’ drivers licenses checked by the

17. What is the logo on your vehicles? __________________

18. Do you accept credit cards? __________________________

19. Are vehicle ID’s clearly visible in vehicles? _____________

20. Are drivers’ photo id’s clearly visible in vehicles? _________

21. How often are your vehicles washed? _________________

22. Where are vehicles repaired?

23. Do you have a Preventative Maintenance Plan? __________

24. With whom do your partner if you call for assistance?

25. Can you provide a sample voucher? ______________
    If not, are you willing to develop one? ____________

26. Describe your Drivers Training Program:

27. List any ideas to market this service on Campus:

28. Is there any other information you wish to include?


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