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									Using a Search Engine
A search engine allows you to find pages on the Internet
You need to think very carefully about the keywords you
choose, to find the information that you want.

                                                       You can do a
  The URL of                                           general web
  Google.                                              search or choose
                                                       a particular type
                                                       of information.

                                                               Click here
 Type your key                                                 Advanced
 word(s) carefully                                             Search
 here.               Choose the whole web or just UK sites
          Choosing keywords

For best results, it’s important to choose your
    keywords wisely. Keep these tips in mind:
1. Use words likely to appear on a site with the
    information you want. Luxury hotel Lilongwe
    gets better results than really nice places to
    spend the night in Lilongwe.
2. Make keywords as specific as possible. Safari
    Malawi will be better than Holiday Malawi
           Using synonyms
Synonyms are…words with similar meanings.
Look at the following words in bold and think of some
suitable synonyms that could be used instead as key
word searches.
• holiday
  – vacation, trip, tourism
• places to stay
  – accommodation, hotel
• travel
  – journey, transport, tour, safari
     Narrowing your search
The word Malawi brings up 3,790,000 results.
To narrow down your search you should include
more key words.
                                    Number of
                                    search results
         Automatic ‘AND’ queries
If you put 2 words into a search engine it looks for web
pages which contain both of the words, not either of the
This reduces the number of search results found.

   Indicate number of sites found for each new
  Automatic exclusion of common
Google ignores common words and characters
such as where and how, and single letters,
because they slow down a search.

If a common word is essential to getting the
results you want, you can include it by putting a
‘+’ sign in front of it.
Example: Star Wars Episode +1
Google searches are NOT case sensitive. All
letters, will be understood as lower case.

For example, searches for lake malawi or
Lake Malawi, will return the same results.
         Specific phrase search
Another way to narrow down your search is to put quotation
marks around two or more words.
For holidays in and around Lake Malawi, type malawi holiday
“lake malawi”
                                           No quotation
                                           marks gives
                                           61,300 results.

                                             gives 12,500

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