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Parking Information


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									                              Parking Information

General Parking Regulations
Important campus parking information can be found at the links below.

Campus parking information---http://www.dps.sdsu.edu/parking.htm
Directions to campus---http://www.sdsu.edu/campusinfo/directions.html
Printable map---https://sunspot.sdsu.edu/map/SDSU_MAP.pdf

   • All students, faculty, staff and guests must have a paid permit on their
     vehicle at all times.
   • Permits are only valid for the space designated on the permit.
   • Service/Vendor permits are available for all for free from the Parking
     Information Booth. Students are entitled to ½ hour and F/S one hour.
   • Guest permits must be written in ink and the date may not be changed.

Upcoming 09/10 Season

   • Parking for all athletic events will require patrons to pay the permit
     machine in PS 5 or other preferred parking structures. Permit machines
     accept credit cards, cash or coins.
   • Permits can be purchased for $1 per hour and it is up to the patron to
     purchase the correct time (if games go into extra innings/overtime this will
     be considered).
   • There will be money collection for men’s basketball games only. Fee is $10,
     cash only.
   • Season ticket holders will have the option to buy a season parking pass.
   • These parking passes will be valid on game days only and will be sold
        o Women’s Softball - $30
        o Women’s Basketball - $30
        o Baseball - $40
        o Men’s Basketball - $80
        o All Sport Pass - $150
Student Athletes

   • Students are responsible to know when their permit expires. If their permit
     expires while away, the expectation is that they buy the appropriate permit
     to cover the expired one.
   • Students do not have to buy a semester to cover a permit about to expire;
     they can go to Cashiers and buy daily/weekly/monthly permit.
   • For the next academic year the semester permits have the following dates:
        o Summer 10 (5/25/10 – 8/23/10
        o Fall 10 (8/23/10 – 1/8/11)
        o Spring 11 (1/8/11 – 5/25/11)

Parking Citations

   • All tickets are to be appealed by the person receiving the ticket.
   • Students, Faculty and Staff are all responsible for any citation they receive.
   • Appeal forms can be found at the parking office or by clicking the link


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