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                                                What is a Farmer’s

About the EBT Program                               Market?
Missouri farmers’ markets across the        Farmers’ markets are a public market
state are accepting debit cards and         where farmers sell produce directly to
electronic food stamps this summer          consumers, usually outdoors.
making it easier for people to buy local

                                                                                     at Farmers’ Markets
produce, cheeses, homemade breads
and pies and a variety of other local
Missouri made products this season.

The Missouri Department of Agriculture
is placing wireless Point of Sale (POS)
terminals in eligible farmers’ markets to
assist in providing Missourians the            Missouri Department of
opportunity to purchase fresh local
produce with foods stamps, debit
cards, and credit cards. This new
improvement to the markets were due                    1616 Missouri Blvd.
to a Specialty Crop Block Grant through             Jefferson City, MO 65109
the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s            Toll Free Phone: (866) 466-8283
Agriculture Marketing Service program.
                                                                                       Experience the Freshness
 How To Use Your EBT                               Farmers’ Market EBT
Card at Missouri Markets                            Locations Include:
                 Missouri farmers’ markets and
                 farm stands across the state    Boone County Farmers’ Market          Pony Express Farmers’ Market
                 are now making it more
                                                  • Columbia, MO                        • St. Joseph, MO
                 accessible for Food Stamp
                 recipients to purchase fresh    City Market                           Richard’s Produce
                 and affordable local produce
                                                  • Kansas City, MO                     • Festus, MO
                 throughout the season.
                                                 Columbia Farmers’ Market              Sedalia Area Farmers’ Market
1. Just take your Electronic Benefits Transfer
   (EBT) card to the market information table     • Columbia, MO                        • Sedalia, MO
   at any of these markets or look for vendors
                                                 Fair Grove Farmers’ Market            Simpsons Family Farm
   that have signs that read: “We take EBT
   here”.                                         • Fair Grove, MO                      • Mountain Grove Farmers’ Market -
                                                                                          Mountain Grove, MO
2. The market master should be at the            Fassnight Creek Farm
   information table and will ask you how                                              Soulard Farmers’ Market
                                                  • Greater Springfield Farmers’
   much you want to spend. Your card will be
   swiped and you will receive tokens for the
                                                          Market - Springfield, MO      • St. Louis, MO

   amount charged.                               Gateway Greening                      Webb City Farmers’ Market
3. Spend tokens can be spent on any food          • Maplewood Farmers’ Market -         • Webb City, MO
   item except hot and prepared foods.              Maplewood, MO and Tower Grove
4. The tokens can also be spent on edible           Farmers’ Market—Tower Grove, MO
   plants like herbs or plants that produce
                                                 Greater Polk County Farmers’ Market
   food like tomatoes.
Vendors are unable to give change for EBT         • Bolivar, MO
tokens. If your purchase requires change, you    Green’s Garden                             For directions to any farmers’
can pay the whole dollars in tokens and the                                                  market, please contact the
change in cash.                                   • Patton, MO                                 Missouri Department of
                                                 North City Farmers’ Market                          Agriculture.
If you have questions, ask the vendor or
the market master.                                • North City, MO                        Toll Free Phone: 866-466-8283

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