Chilean Wine Dinner Menu by zqa20601


									                       Chilean Wine Dinner Menu
                       Niños Envueltos (Stuffed Cabbage Leaves)
    Literally “babies rolled up”, these fresh cabbage leaves are stuffed with a flavorful
      concoction of beef, rice and vegetables, then cooked in a tomato-onion sauce.

                     Suggested Wine: Valdivieso Pinot Noir Reserva

                       Pancutra (Vegetable Dumpling Soup)
    Nicknamed “Tira en la Olla” (Throw it into the Pot), this is a light soup seasoned
         with potatoes and cumin and finished off with handmade dumplings.

                Suggested Wines: Viña Tarapacá Gran Tarapacá Syrah or
                    Kingston Family Vinyards Bayo Oscuro Syrah

                  Plateada (Beef Brisket Marinated in Wine and Garlic)
 Pan-seared and slow simmered, this beef brisket is enhanced by a marinade of white wine
and garlic, and completed with a generous sprinkling of aliño complete. Accompanied by a
traditional Chilean-style salad of tomatoes and onions dressed with olive oil and coriander,
        rice pilaf topped with cilantro and boiled egg and handmade country bread.

              Suggested Wines: Calina Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve, Intriga
             Cabernet Sauvignon, or Mont Gras Reserva Cabernet Sauvignon

                                 Calzones Rotos y Roscas
                                  Panqueques Celestino

              Sweet dough fried until crisp and dusted with powdered sugar
   Chilean crepes filled with deliciously smooth manajar, served with powdered sugar.

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