Environmentally friendly engineers choose KNF Flodos liquid pumps

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					                                                                                               Date: 03.03.08

Press release

Environmentally friendly engineers choose KNF Flodos
liquid pumps

Engineers at Wageningen University have chosen KNF Flodos
pumps for the EU-funded BioMinE project to apply innovative
biotechnology-based processes as a sustainable solution in the
recovery of metals from ores and waste materials.

Martijn Bijmans, of the Department of Environmental Tech-
nology, is using Stepdos 08RC diaphragm liquid metering
pumps for his research in biological sulphate reduction at low
pH. He explained: “My research focuses on developing tech-
nologies for selective metal recovery from waste and process
water from the mining and metallurgical industry, by optimising
sulphide production in bioreactors to precipitate insoluble        KNF Flodos pumps in use at Wageningen University

metal sulphides. I use the Stepdos pumps to feed the reactor with the metal ions and sulphuric acid
solution, as well as a KNF Neuberger Laboport N840 diaphragm vacuum pump to recycle the hydro-
gen gas over the reactors.”

“These pumps provide a stable flow and do not need regular calibration. They are also compact and
easy to operate, but the main beneficial feature for my work is their chemical resistance; they can
withstand even high concentrations of acids that I am using. I have been using KNF pumps for about
three years now, and they have been perfect for my applications.” Martijn concluded: “I have also re-
commended these pumps to many of my colleagues, because I think KNF is pretty much the standard

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