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									                   An Introduction to Programming in Emacs Lisp
                                           Reviewer: Hong Feng

                                                  Feb 01, 2002

                                                             without a limit. (Can you do these jobs inside MS-
  GNU Emacs Is . . . A Full Working Environment

GNU Emacs is not just a text editor, but a full work-          The Power House of GNU Emacs Comes from
ing environment.                                               Emacs Lisp

The history of Emacs is quite long. In the middle
of 1970s, RMS created a bunch of macros for the              The power house of GNU Emacs comes from Emacs
TECO editor on PDP-10 machines. In the middle of             Lisp — a built-in programming language which is a
the 1980s, when the GNU Project began, RMS wrote             dialect of Lisp. Lisp was invented in 1950s, and it
GNU Emacs for it as its first first free software. At          is widely used in artificial intelligence research and
that time, RMS based his technical support business          other spheres. Actually, most part of GNU Emacs
on GNU Emacs. In those tough days, he used the               were written in Emacs Lisp. For reasons of efficiency,
income he received to support the GNU Project. (S-           some commands were written in C, as were a few
ince he quit his job at the MIT AI Lab, he received          other parts of GNU Emacs, such as the modules that
no salary.)                                                  control a display. GNU Emacs is a successful example
                                                             of hybrid progrmming.
In my experience, GNU Emacs is easy. Learn about
20 commands, and you can become a user. You can
do most editing jobs. Also, unlike vi or vim, in GNU           You Can Learn Emacs Lisp on the Fly
Emacs you need not switch back and forth between
a command mode and an editing mode. You simply               However, don’t be fraightened by these words on hy-
type. This means that many hackers find working               brid programming, Chassell’s book, ‘An Introduc-
with GNU Emacs is truly a joy.                               tion to Programming in Emacs Lisp’ is, as he
                                                             says, an introduction. The author does not discuss
You can also use GNU Emacs as an Internet box
                                                             all the details of of Emacs Lisp programming. In-
— sending and receiving email, ftping files over the
                                                             stead, he unleashes its power; he describes the se-
Internet, browsing web sites, reading and posting
                                                             crets behind Emacs Lisp programming step by step.
USENET news, editing web pages, typesetting, work-
                                                             He shows you how to think in Emacs Lisp, and teach-
ing with GNU/Linux Bash and other shells, etc.
                                                             es how to solve practical problems. His introduction
GNU Emacs also offers major modes that help y-
                                                             truly goes in heuristic way.
ou write programs effectively and easily. in many
different languages (C, C++, Lisp, Java . . . ), type-        The author emphasizes the importance of style. For
setting with TeX, working with GNU/Linux Bash or             example, he talks about the template for a function
any Un*x shells . . . GNU Emacs is almost extensible

32                                                Book Review: An Introduction to Emacs Lisp Programming

definition:                                                a flight: I learned it in the airplane on a trip from Bei-
                                                          jing to Xi’An. Usually, the flight takes just 2 hours,
                                                          but on that day, the airplane was late and stayed in
(defun function-name (arguments...)
                                                          the airport for another two hours. So I spent 4 hours
                                                          in the airplane’s cabin. Reading the book, I quickly
 (interactive augument-passing-info)
                                                          learnt it all.
                                                          If you want to become a powerful Emacs user, you
The author repeats this template in several times         definitely need to know how to program in Emacs
throughout the book. Each time he repeats the tem-        Lisp, and this book is really a nice guide book for
plate, however, he provides you with more knowledge       your future hacking.
about Emacs Lisp programming. As you read the
later chapters, you will gradually understand all the       Electronic version of the Book Is Distributed with
tricks behind the various parts of the template.            GNU Emacs

One of the outstanding features of this book is that
the author demonstrates how to split a big, com-          Another feature to note, this book’s electronic ver-
plicated problem into a chain of small easy-to-solve      sion is distributed with GNU Emacs. You can read
problems. He then shows you how to work out the           the Info version of the books using GNU Emacs Info
small problems one by one — quite like the way            mode. The author suggest that you try various ex-
the mathematician David Hilbert solved the difficult        ample in the book by yourself by yourself inside GNU
mathematical problems.                                    Emacs. This is like learning how to swim: you have
                                                          to go into swimming pool to practice yourself after
The author does this in stages: in the early chapters,    being guided by your teacher.
he focuses on the basic concepts of Emacs Lisp: what
is an atom, what is a list, what is an S-expression? He   The new version of GNU Emacs, version 21, in-
discusses the fundamental functions, car, textttcdr,      tegrated with GTK+ theme on its user interface
and cons, he describes procedural controls in Emacs       if you run it under X Window system.         This
Lisp, if and cond, and he illustrates loops, regular      book covered some topics related with X Win-
expressions, and how to customize your own GNU            dow system, but if you want to learn more about
Emacs environment. Of course, he also covers the          Emacs Lisp and X Window, then you should
lovely λ function, too. (The lambda function is the       read its sister books: ‘GNU Emacs Manual’, and
cornerstone of functional computing theory.)              ‘Emacs Lisp Reference Manual’, also published by
                                                          FSF under GNU FDL, and also included electroni-
In later chapters, he treats more advanced topics,        cally in every GNU Emacs distribution.
based on the knowledge introduced in earlier chap-
ters. And finally, in the appendix, he provides the          Buy This Book from FSF to Support GNU Project
full source code used to solve the problems he intro-
                                                          The cover price of this book is just USD30.00, which
Overall, Lisp, especially Emacs Lisp, is a very simple,   I think it is a very low considering what you will learn
yet powerful programming language. After you stop         from it. Also please remember that the money you
getting headaches from its parenthesis, then you will     pay supports the GNU Project.
learn Emacs Lisp on the fly.
                                                          (Chinese readers are lucky.          The book’s first
Indeed, for me, it is true that I learned Emacs Lisp on
FREE SOFTWARE, Vol 1, Issue 02, Feb 2002                                                                      33

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