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					         What is Critical Care and Critical Care Transport Nurse
Author : healthguru
Published: March 1, 2010, 7:03 am

When there is a medical emergency the critical patients need to be taken to the nearest medical center via air
or road transport. Critical care transport is the facility provided by the hospitals for the transportation of
critical patients from one hospital to another via air transport or ground transport the ambulance facility. In
this facility the neonates, trauma patients or critical elderly patients are transported from one place to the other
for the treatment purpose. This is a safe and fast transport to the critically ill patients.

Transport nurses are the nurses registered as nurses and who provide critical care to patients who are
transported through air or ground transport facilities. Critical care transport is the medically well equipped
transport facility provided to critical patients to transport them to the nearest hospital.

Critical care transport nurse is the qualified nurse who can provide efficient, complete and safe medical care to
the patient during transport from one place to the other. During transport they evaluate the patient’s
condition, monitor vital signs, start the intravenous fluids, administer medications and maintain record of
patient’s activities and their observations. They can do the first aid procedures to control bleeding and
other emergency conditions.

Nurses working as critical care transport nurses have to carry out other duties also as a part of their job. They
have to attain the necessary staff and the educational meetings. They should keep the complete documentation
of the patient, medications and the procedures carried out on the patient. They should have positive
communication with the patients, relatives, co employees and the society at large. They should stick to the
rules and regulations of the hospital where they are working. They should maintain the certificates and the
licenses required to work as critical care nurse. They should be able to keep up the expertise in the clinical
skills and the base of knowledge. They should preserve the healthy working atmosphere of the hospital or
institution where they are working. They should be able do all the duties related to the maintenance of the
medical equipments. They should be willing to go to and report at remote areas for their duties.

Some transport nurses work transporting the patients to the hospitals through air transport whereas others help
the serious patients of remote areas to reach the hospital for treatment and care.

The educational qualification required to become a critical acre nurse is the bachelors or equivalent degree in
nursing. The experience required is minimum of five years of critical care and emergency. However the
educational qualifications and the experience differ from country to country and place to place. Knowledge of
spoken and written English and ability to understand English language is a must.

The physical conditions required are the ability to work in any weather conditions, no physical disabilities,
ability to lift equipments and the patients, no motion sickness and no cognitive disorders.

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