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					                               ROCKFIELD PICKUPS

    Exclusively Distributed by Pro Music is Rockfield Pickups a relatively new pickup brand,
   although Todd Rockfield designed pickups and wiring has been in many guitars for some
    years now. After years of tinkering and research, it was decided to launch the Rockfield
    Pickup brand. Rockfield pickups are built to rival the best out there. Constructed with the
     finest USA parts (found in all of the most recognized, highest quality brands) Rockfield
 pickups are carefully custom wound and assembled with great attention to detail. The word is
   already out, as quality guitar brands such as B.C. Rich and Michael Kelly Guitars are now
  using Rockfield pickups as original equipment in their highest quality, upscale models. From
  classic vintage tone to ripping metal leads, there's a high quality Rockfield hum bucker that
                  will define and elevate your own personal tone to new levels!

                                             Rockfield™ Zebra

      Bridge RZB Zebra Pickups                               Neck RZN Zebra Pickups
            $119.00 RRP                                           $119.00 RRP
          Product code: RZB (Black)                             Product code: RZN (Black)
           D.C. Resistance: 8.65K                                D.C. Resistance: 7.93K
            Magnets: USA Alnico V                                 Magnets: USA Alnico V
           Lead wire: 4 Conductor                                Lead wire: 4 Conductor

  A PAF on Steroids! Just enough to kick start   Rockfield decided it would be best to keep the tradition
  your favorite amp! This Bridge pickup takes    going, to have a matching neck position pickup for most
   from vintage specs and sprinkles in a little   if not all of their our bridge position models. This neck
 thunder and lightning to make a vintage style      pickup is a great compliment to the bridge position
      PAF pickup with more bite and beef         Rockfield Zebra, but the twist here is it can also be used
         than that of the standard PAF.         by itself in any position for vintage PAF style applications.

  The highs are crisp and ring will the mids are   Bold and mean by its own right this pickup has a great
 boosted and thick. The low end is more defined       balanced warm tone that is thick and full of life.
and pronounced but not too much to overpower Wonderful clear note definition - distortion or not. Very
the true definition and tone of this pickup. Thick     articulate and balanced with sustain for days!
              and full of sustain this
       is a very versatile pickup for many
            Rock and Roll applications.
                                         Rockfield™ SWV
                            Available in Black, Chrome or Gold Finishes

            Bridge RSW Pickups                                     Neck RSW Pickups
                $119.00 RRP                                           $119.00 RRP
         Product code: RSWVBB (Black)                          Product code: RSWVBN (Black)
       RSWVCHB (Chrome) RSWVGDB (Gold)                      RSW-VCHN (Chrome) RSWVGDN (Gold)
             D.C. Resistance: 8.23                                D.C. Resistance: 7.43K
            Magnets: USA Alnico II                                Magnets: USA Alnico II
        Lead wire: Single Conductor Braid                     Lead wire: Single Conductor Braid

      SWV is short for Select Wound Vintage.                SWV is short for Select Wound Vintage.

Everybody has them. Why? Because they kick ASS!          This pickup is perfect in the neck position of any
         This is where some say it all started         guitar where there is a need to get that sought after
                   and came from.                       warm, thick vintage PAF tone. This versatile neck
                                                         position pickup takes from its vintage brethren a
  A changing of the guard if you will, in the future     unique and bold tone that is smooth, warm and
    engineering of guitars and guitar pickups. If it    balanced from top to bottom. The Rockfield SWV
wasn’t for the original PAF design, who know where neck position humbucker is sweet and full with great
we all would be? With all that being said, this pickup             lows, mids and ringing highs.
 rings true of that vintage tone we speak of with of
               course, a Rockfield twist.

That along with Rockfield’s knowledge made a great
 combination and specific tonality. A warm singing
  and smooth replication of classic PAF style tones
           that are clear and ring like
        church bells on Sunday afternoon.

                                         Rockfield™ SWC
                            Available in Black, Chrome or Gold Finishes

             Bridge SWC Pickups                                    Neck SWC Pickups
                 $119.00 RRP                                         $119.00 RRP
                Bridge Pickup                                          Neck Pickup
         Product code: RSWCBB (Black)                          Product code: RSWCBN (Black)
       RSWCCHB (Chrome) RSWCGDB (Gold)                       RSWCCHN (Chrome) RSWCGDN (Gold)
            D.C. Resistance: 9.15K                                D.C. Resistance: 8.45K
            Magnets: USA Alnico V                                  Magnets: USA Alnico V
            Lead wire: 4 Conductor                                Lead wire: 4 Conductor

            SWC (Select Wound Custom)                             SWC (Select Wound Custom)

The SWC bridge pickup was designed from the ground         Rockfield had to complement the SWC bridge
up by meticulously researching old design documents, position pickup with a neck pickup that was just as
 spec sheets, wood shed articles, building, testing and   strong as its brother (the SWV). So back to the
 re-testing for countless days and endless hours. Most drawing board they went. With the main design
  importantly though we shut up and listened to what         concepts down and fundamentals selected
    the players wanted. After all the questions were     previously, a tweak here and a tweak there gave
answered and the research and testing were done, the them the perfect blend of clean and bold tone that
    end result finally came out of the lab with a killer is round and spongy as it is singing and smooth.
     pickup that the players are extremely proud of.      Tested and re-tested in many formats including
                                                         with other makes and models of bridge pickups,
   The Rockfield SWC pickups are slightly over wound        Rockfield feel this neck pickup is the perfect
      and provide “ringing bell like” clean tones and                  addition to any guitar!
growling vintage style leads with endless warmth and
  sustain. However, turn up the gain in your favourite
  amp and the natural bold and spongy tone of these
 pickups sizzles and cooks into a very full aggressive
distortion without loosing note or tonal definition. The
 Split coil option or “Tapped” positions are useful and
    articulate well for a great pickup in any format!

                               ROCKFIELD PICKUPS


                                           Rockfield™ Turbo
                                            Available in Black
             Turbo Bridge Pickups                                       Turbo Neck Pickups
                 $119.00 RRP                                               $119.00 RRP
                   Bridge Pickup                                              Neck Pickup
             Product code: RTBOB (Black)                              Product code: RTBON (Black)
              D.C. Resistance – 10.96K                                  D.C. Resistance – 10.33K
               Magnets – USA Alnico V                                    Magnets – USA Alnico V
               Lead Wire – 4 Conductor                                  Lead Wire – 4 Conductor

                                                              Yes, a HOT PAF style neck pickup to match its
   Here it is, a Hot PAF using USA Alnico V magnets.       brother in the bridge position. Most will only offer a
Custom wound to produce screaming highs, thick mids            smoking bridge pickup leaving out the neck
   and a low end which is huge tight and spongy, this       position. Rockfield asked some players and most
pickup can strip the paint off the walls while retaining a said that they would appreciate a neck pickup that
nice full round tone. Notes fly and sing out of the Turbo is just as thick and mean as its bridge counterpart
 and fill any venue with a balanced attack and fullness        but with a tad less output for versatility and
                  that is familiar and yet                                 increase tonal options.
                  new at the same time.
                                                           Whether to thicken up a lead or for middle position
                                                           (both bridge and neck pickup) meet with the same
                                                           soul as its bridge position counterpart, the Turbo is
                                                                               actually a great
                                                                            pickup in any position.
              Rockfield™ Mafia                                         Rockfield™ Mafia
     Available in Black & Covered Chrome                      Available in Black & Covered Chrome

              Mafia Bridge Pickups                                      Mafia Neck Pickups
                  $119.00 RRP                                             $119.00 RRP
                Mafia Bridge Pickup                                        Mafia Neck Pickup
             Product code: RMFBB (Black)                              Product code: RMFNB (Black)
                RMFBCH (CH-Covered)                                       RMFNCH (CH-Covered)
              D.C. Resistance – 10.96K                                  D.C. Resistance – 10.33K
                 Magnets: Ceramic                                          Magnets: Ceramic
               Lead wire: 4 Conductor                                    Lead wire: 4 Conductor

BC Rich guitars called Rockfield and asked, “We like the Rockfield wanted to make sure the neck version of
   turbo series but can you do them with a ceramic        the mafia pickup was just as full sounding as the
 magnet also?” Rockfield replied, “That’s a great Idea! bridge position. Rockfield wanted to do this without
 The use of a ceramic magnet gives any pickup extra            taking away from what we had already
         power due to the increased magnetic              accomplished. So they again went into the wood
                 field that they provide.                  shed and made very minor modifications to the
                                                          overall design and design concept of this pickup.

 This feature makes the mafia pickups produce a hotter They came out confident that the Mafia neck pickup
  and thicker tone that’s really aggressive and full. The      had that punchy bold tone with the same
increased low end and thick mids and in your face highs aggressive characteristics as the bridge version. A
 is what rock and roll was built on! Balanced and full of tad brighter with a little less output really takes this
    sustain this pickup is a great representation of its  pickup into the smooth and warm realm of the tonal
          namesake, a truly intimidating killer.           spectrum. All while maintaining that balanced bite
                                                           and in your face aggressive tone that the mafia is
                                                                                known for!
                Rockfield™ Fat Ass                                      Rockfield™ Fat Ass
                 Available in Black                                      Available in Black

            Fat Ass Bridge Pickups                                   Fat Ass Neck Pickups
                 $119.00 RRP                                             $119.00 RRP
               Fat Ass Bridge Pickup                                    Fat Ass Neck Pickup
             Product code: RFAB (Black)                              Product code: RFAN (Black)
              D.C. Resistance: 12.43K                                 D.C. Resistance – 11.19K
                 Magnets: Alnico V                                       Magnets: Alnico V
               Lead wire: 4 Conductor                                  Lead wire: 4 Conductor

   Aggressive in its own right, the Rockfield FAT ASS
bridge pickup was designed for a specific group players      Great pickup for Bridge or neck but designed to
    in mind. The players that have those crazy super       compliment the FAT ASS bridge pickup in the neck
      acrobatic playing styles that we all stare at in      position. This pickup, like the bridge position FAT
 amusement. The ones at the gig that make everything ASS has a full round tone that helps transfer string
                look so effortless and easy.                vibration from pulls, bends and leads so the user
                                                                    gets less tonal drop off and better
This pickups custom designed bobbins house larger pole                articulation and note definition.
  pieces that help transfer string vibration from pulls,
bends and leads so the user gets less tonal drop off and This is made possible by yes… the custom designed
better articulation and note definition. The Rockfield FAT bobbins that house the larger pole pieces. Custom
 ASS has a well balanced overall tone that is mean and         wound with a little less bite but still just as
 bold with major sustain, huge bottom end and cutting         aggressive, this pickup has great balance and
 mids and highs that jump out at you. Each note is full sustain with a huge low end response and mids and
      and rings true from this pickup while you take        highs that scream and cut for a tone that is truly
 advantage of a look that is that just plain mean and in                          inspiring.
                         your face.

                               ROCKFIELD PICKUPS


                   Exclusively Distributed by Pro Music Australia

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