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					                    Kingsbridge Farmers’
                        Market gets
Issue No:15            special award

                          he Kingsbridge farmers’ market     becoming home to a vibrant food and
2006                      is a wonderful way to start the    drink economy made up of small local
Kingsbridge               weekend. In fact it’s so good it   producers.
Town Council        recently won a prestigious ‘Devon           Local livestock farmers can bring in
                    Life’ magazine Food &                    their beef, pork, lamb and poultry for
                    Drink Award.                                               sale direct to the
Contents               One of four farmers’
                    markets operating each
                                                                               customer as well as
                                                                              home produced
Page 2/3            month in the South Hams,                                  sausages, burgers,
I Bits ’n’ pieces
                    the Kingsbridge market is                                 gammons and bacon.
                    held on the town square                                  More exotic meats
I Anti-Social       on the first Saturday of                                 include buffalo and
                    each month from 9.00                                    ostrich.
I Who uses Quay     a.m. until 1.00 p.m. (Dartmouth,                           Seasonal vegetables
                    Ivybridge and Totnes also offer          and fruit are on offer along with
I New Town Crier    monthly farmers’ markets).               freshly baked delicacies, cheeses,
                       These specialist markets aim to       smoked goods, chillies, chocolates
                    increase understanding and               and hampers filled with local produce.
                    awareness between producers and             The emphasis on quality and
                    customers, provide an outlet for local   freshness, combined, with an
                    producers and support other              entertaining atmosphere, makes
                    businesses by attracting visitors to     farmers’ market shopping a sociable
Back Page           the town,                                and enjoyable experience. So support
I Councillor           Customers can be confident about      your local producers and get
  addresses         the products that they buy - they        shopping!
I Mayor’s Charity   know where and how goods have               For further details about farmers’
                    been produced. Environmental             markets please contact:
I Town council
  contact details   benefits include reduced packaging       Jenny Farmer on 01803 861202.
                    and waste, and reduced ‘food miles’ –
I Can you name
  your councillor   local production means less fuel used
                    and less pollution.
                       Much of the food and drink
                    produced comes from landowners
                    who have special environmental
                    agreements to ensure that hedgerows
                    and wildlife thrive.
                        And it’s great for the local
                               economy: South Devon is
bits ’n’
pieces                                                  Anti-Social
I Mobile Phone
    Mast                                                               Your town council
Three, the mobile phone

company, has appealed                   he council is aware of a growing             chamber to work on constructive ideas to
against the decision to                 feeling in the town that outbreaks of        deal with the issue, and allay the concerns
refuse planning
application for a 3.99m                 anti-social behaviour (ASB) in               of residents.
flagpole plus ancillary           Kingsbridge are on the increase.                      Hosted by the mayor, Councillor Tony
equipment at the                      ASB can cover a variety of activities          Child, the forum heard from speakers
Telephone Exchange in
Fore Street. The town             including graffiti, abusive and intimidating       including Police Inspector Paul Morgan,
council has supported             language, drunken behaviour, dog fouling           Colin Low of Devon Youth Service, Roger
the district council’s            and nuisance, and litter dropping.                 Pope of Kingsbridge Community College
decision and has written          Just how bad is it?
to the Planning                                                                      and District Councillor Jeff Beer.
Inspectorate in Bristol           Statistically, the South Hams is a low crime          One of the messages that came across
to oppose the proposal.           area and remains one of the safest places          strongly was that if we want to address
                                  to live in the UK; so is the local problem as      local crime and anti-social behaviour,
I Car Parking Issues              bad as we think?                                   there must be a link to other improvements
On-street car parking                 The Audit Commission recently reported         in the surrounding local environment.
effectively narrows
several roads in the              that feeling safe or unsafe in                     Here are some of the findings from the
town making them                  neighbourhoods is not always related to            ASB forum:
difficult for motorists to        the actual incidence of crime. People’s            ASB/crime statistics
navigate. Devon County
Council has been invited          concerns are often about very local anti-          Getting the facts right:
to view the problems              social behaviour issues on their own street        G What people think is happening
caused.                           or estate, which will affect their view of              doesn’t always accurately reflect
                                  what is happening over a wider area.                    what has actually happened. It’s
I Annual Town                     What’s being done to make things better?                critical to get the right statistics - all
    Inspection                    Councillors have been taking a closer look              incidents of ASB should be reported
Councillors carried out           at the issue to see just how bad our local              either via the emergency line 999 or
an extensive tour of the
town on 1st August.               problem is, and what could be done about                Crimestoppers 0800 555 111
They now have a list of           it - and on 4th July the town council held         ASB control measures
tasks to action to                an Anti-Social Behaviour Forum – the first         Stopping the nuisance:
ensure a continued
quality service.                  of its kind. Over forty people from local          G the CCTV scheme for the town square
                                  community groups met in the council                     area must move forward

         Kingsbridge’s New Town Crier
      oger Pinder started his new role                                 kind of thing. Town crying is an amazing mix of
      as Kingsbridge town crier at a                                   eccentricity and tradition, and I jumped at the
      cracking pace. During Fair Week                                  opportunity.
 he was master of ceremonies at the                                        “There is a terrific camaraderie between criers, and it
 Glove Hanging Ceremony, hosted a                                                                   was good to meet up with
 town criers’ competition at Overbecks,                                                             other Westcountry criers at the
 Salcombe and, while judging the ‘Stars                                                             recent Overbecks competition.
 In Their Eyes’ competition, grabbed the                                                           I’m really looking forward to my
 microphone and gave his own                                                                       new role; I want to promote the
 impromptu singing performance.                                                                    town of Kingsbridge far and
    Roger, and his wife Sally, live in Loddiswell - where he                                       wide.”
 used to run the local pub, the Loddiswell Inn. In between                                            So if you have a new shop to
 bouts of shouting loudly he is a parish councillor and                                           open, a road race to start, a
 treasurer of the Kingsbridge Lions Club; and he also finds time                                  competition to judge or simply
 to work for a living!                                                                            want some pomp, ceremony and
    Asked why he took on the post of honorary town crier                                          colour to highlight your event
 Roger said: “Being a shy, quiet and retiring sort, the job        then why not give Roger a call. He can be contacted via the
 seemed made to measure for me. But seriously, I love this         council’s reception office on 01548 853296.
 Behaviour                                                                                              bits ’n’
l tackles the issue                                                                                     I Town Bus Stops
                                                                                                        Improvements are in
                                                                                                        hand for bus stops in
  G the Alcohol Designation Order and               Friday evening event at Quayside                    Fore Street, and glazed
                                                                                                        bus shelters are to be
      Skateboarding Byelaws must be well            Leisure Centre could give young                     installed at the bus
      policed                                       people an exciting facility in a                    stops next to
  G identify real trouble makers and                controlled and safe environment – to                Kingsbridge Hospital on
                                                                                                        the A379.
      possibly ‘name and shame’                     be run by Devon Youth Services
  Investment in youth                               personnel.                                          I Shopmobility
  There must be:                                (Stop press: since the 4 July meeting the town          Councillors recently met
  G investment in young people at a             council has agreed to support this initiative, and      with the Teignbridge
                                                funding for the project is being reviewed this          Council for Voluntary
      strategic level by the public                                                                     Service - which is
      authorities                                                                                       hoping to trial the loan
                                                Positive focus                                          of motorised scooters
  G greater interaction with young people
                                                Getting the right balance:                              and wheelchairs to
      to make them feel valued                  G more positive youth news stories in                   people with mobility
  G investment in local young people by                                                                 difficulties, giving them
                                                    the press are needed rather than                    increased indepen-
      all groups in the town - through              problem/negative stories                            dence and greater
      positive mentoring and role-modelling     G there should be more focus on the                     access to shops and
      – in other words set some good                                                                    services in the town.
                                                    positive in the town generally, rather
      examples!                                     than the negative
  Activities                                                                                            I Trebblepark
                                                What’s next?                                                Allotments up for
  We need:                                      Talking is one thing, making something                      grabs
  G a proper meeting place for youth –          happen is another. The forum took away                  At the time of going to
      perhaps through a community hall          items for action, but if you can help in any            press there are two
      (any such centre may have to run as a                                                             half-sized plots
                                                way to give youth a chance, please let us               available at the
      commercial venture)                       know.                                                   allotment site. So if
  G a new permanent skatepark as a                                                                      you’re green fingered,
      priority                                  If your group was not invited to the Forum,             enjoy the outdoors and
                                                                                                        want to experience the
  G more adults to help at the                  but you wish to be included in community                pleasure of growing
      local junior football, rugby, swimming    business in the future, please contact                  your own vegetables,
      clubs etc.                                Martin Johnson, town clerk, on 01548                    contact Joan Pearce at
  G youth events. It was agreed that a                                                                  the council offices.

                      Who uses Quay House?
     Relate – supporting relationships                            How it works
                                                                  It usually takes a week from when you phone until your

        n recent issues we have been taking a look at the
                                                                  first appointment. At the initial meeting the counsellor will
        local community groups which use Quay House.
        This time it’s Relate.                                    explore with you how you would like your relationship to
        Relate is a registered charity with over fifty years’     change, or what you want to achieve. If Relate can help,
     experience in supporting relationships. The service is       then there will be more, regular sessions, when you can
     for everyone, and offers a whole range of resources          talk about what is affecting your relationship, and agree
     and services that can help people who want to make           the best way forward.
     their relationships better.                                     South Devon Relate’s main office is based in Torquay,
        So whether you and your partner are going                 but a local counselling service is available here in Quay
     through a bad patch, thinking of splitting up, or you’re     House every Thursday morning from 9.30 a.m. to 1.00 p.m.
     trying to come to terms with a break-up, then Relate            To find out more about how Relate can help you call
     is there for you.                                            01803 297854, on weekdays, 9am-5pm.
how to
                          Mayor’s Charity
                                St. Luke’s Hospice, Plymouth
Cllr. Eric Heavisides
                                 We take a look at how the hospice cares for local people
(Deputy Mayor)

13 Higher Warren Road               hen faced with the reality of           the hospice that inspires such generosity
Kingsbridge TQ7 1LH                 having an incurable illness, you        and without which St Luke’s could not
01548 853536                        need the best care possible. St         carry on its caring work.
Cllr. Lesley Hurrell     Luke’s Hospice Plymouth provides that
27 Rack Park Road
                                                                               Town Mayor Tony Child says: “I feel
Kingsbridge TQ7 1DQ      care to hundreds of people each year               privileged to nominate St Luke’s as my
01548 853528             throughout the South West of Devon and             charity. The hospice strongly believes that
Cllr. Eric Johnson       South East of Cornwall.                            all the care it gives should be free, so that
16 Linhey Close
Kingsbridge TQ7 1LL          The care isn’t just medical and nursing,       those who need it the most can receive it.
01548 856171             it involves practical, financial, emotional           “The fundraising department can help
Cllr. Alex Marwood       and spiritual support as well. Patients can        the community raise money. There are
4 Cookworthy Court       receive this care as an outpatient by              many ways in which individuals, groups
Kingsbridge TQ7 1QN
01548 853823             visiting the day hospice, or through longer        and companies can support it - by
Cllr. David Thorning     stays – lasting several weeks. The in-             organising special events, supporting the
14 Linhey Close          patient service is especially designed for         charity’s shop in our own Fore Street, or
Kingsbridge TQ7 1LL      people who need to have their symptoms
01548 856024
                                                                            join the Hospice Lottery with its top weekly
                         controlled so they can return home to a            prize of £1,000. You can make a donation
KINGSBRIDGE              higher quality of life.                            through your school, college, or workplace
NORTH                        The hospice is manned by 200 paid staff        – and don’t forget about bequests.
Cllr. Bob Freeman
9 Beechwood Drive        and over 700 volunteers, and its education            “Whatever the reason for giving to St
Kingsbridge TQ7 1RR      department provides training for staff,            Luke’s, all contributions will help to make a
01548 854068             volunteers and many other individuals. St          real difference to the lives of patients and
Cllr. Rev. Derek Hill    Luke’s costs over £4 million a year to run,        their families in our community.”
9 Windsor Road
Kingsbridge TQ7 1BX      of which £3 million is donated by the local           You can call the fundraising office on
01548 857601             community.                                         01752 492626 to find out more, log onto the
Cllr. Dennis Holwill         Many of those who donate to the                website at or
6 Green Close
Kingsbridge TQ7 1NH
                         charity have experienced the care given to         send a donation to St Luke’s Hospice,
01548 856452             a family member, friend, colleague or              Stamford Road, Turnchapel, Plymouth, PL9
Cllr. Ken Prowse         neighbour. It is the closeness of people to        9XA.
15 Northville Park
Kingsbridge TQ7 1AR
01548 857075
Cllr. Keith Wingate
16 Buckwell Road
                           Can you name your councillor?
Kingsbridge TQ7 1NQ
01548 857513
                           Can you put a name to this town councillor -
                           obviously the life and soul of the party!
KINGSBRIDGE                But who’s behind the mascara?
WESTVILLE                  You can see how the councillors look today by
Cllr. Tony Child
                           logging on to our website at
5 Hillside Drive
Kingsbridge TQ7 1JT
01548 856524
Cllr. John Cowling           Kingsbridge Town Council contact details:
18 Linhey Close
Kingsbridge                  Quay House, Ilbert Road, Kingsbridge TQ7 1TZ. Telephone/Fax No. 01548 853296.
TQ7 1LL                        E-mail: Website:
01548 853876
Cllr. Beryl Washington
                                   Opening hours: 9.30am-1pm, Mon-Fri. Town Clerk - Martin Johnson.
Bridge Meadow                  The town council meets in the council chamber at Quay House on the second and fourth
Kingsway Park                 Tuesday of each month at 7pm, except during August. All meetings are open to the public,
Kingsbridge                      and start with a public open forum when Kingsbridge electors can ask questions or
                              make statements. Minutes of all the town council meetings are available at Quay House
01548 856395
                                                            and on the council’s website.