HYPER PLUS Startup Procedures HYPER Shutdown Procedures Additional by tyndale


									      HYPER PLUS Startup                                Additional Notes
  •   TEC Switch to OFF position                 •   APC sliders to full LEFT disables DSP
  •   HYPER 7/14 Switch to OFF (Center)          •   DSP OFF – no anti-blooming or
      position                                       sharpening, camera acts like a CCD
  •   X4 Switch to OFF
                                                 •   DSP ON – anti-blooming and
  •   Hook up all cables to camera – hook
      power cable last
  •   Apply camera power – green light
      should be on                               COLOR
  •   Depress the Center button of the On        •   Sky – black to light brown
      Screen Display                             •   Test on Globular – soft yellow to white
  •   Make the following Menu adjustments            stars
  •   SENSE to 128X                              •   Test on M57 – Red outer and
  •   ALC/ELC to ALC with shutter OFF                Blue/Green inner
      and slider to full right position
  •   AGC to MANUAL with slider 1/3 from         TEC
      Full Left                                  •   2 Second Mode – Leave OFF normally,
  •   APC sliders (horizontal and vertical) to       place ON to control warm pixels
      full left position – OPTIONS sub-menu      •   7/14 and 28/56 Second Modes – Leave
  •   For Color camera, set W/B to                   ON
      MANUAL with BLUE +1 from the
      Middle Position and RED 1 or 2 from
      the Left
                                                 LUNAR/PLANETARY VIEWING
                                                 •   TEC in OFF position
  •   SAVE and wait 2-3 minutes for full
      image integration
  •   TEC ON                                     FRAME DROP OUT
  •   Center object and focus                    •   It is normal to loose a frame or two
  •   Select 7 or 14 second mode for HYPER           during an observing run. This is caused
  •   For 28 or 56 second modes, flip the X4         by the CCD sensor resetting itself to
                                                     keep linear performance. If a lost frame
      switch to ON
                                                     is observed, turn the X4 and 7/14
  •   Observe
                                                     second mode switches to OFF for a few
                                                     seconds. Then re-engage the 7/14 or
HYPER Shutdown Procedures                            28/56 second mode and continue
  •   Return HYPER switch to OFF (Central)
  •   Return X4 switch to OFF
  •   Turn OFF TEC
  •   Wait 2-3 minutes
  •   Disconnect camera power cable
  •   Remove remaining camera cables

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