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					Dec. 15, 2004
1. Don’t be such a slob.
2. Don’t be so sloppy.
3. what the earth looked like in the past
4. a carved statue
5. surface phenomenon 表面現象
6. dates back thousands of years
7. This road measures three miles.
8. The problem finally surfaced. 浮上台面
9. This practice dates back to the 19th century. (明確的時間)
10. and so on = and the like = etc = and so forth and so on
11. produce [n] 蔬果,農作物 發音要注意 [倒 c]
12. could mean 表示
13. be brought back to the surface
14. Don’t leave it to fate. 交給命運
15. suits = outfits
16. around the world = worldwide = the world over = across the world

Dec. 16, 2004
1. Birthday of Beethoven and Jane Austin
2. inheritance 人的遺產
3. She inherited a beautiful diamond from her mother. 繼承遺產
4. convention 大會、傳統
5. press conference 記者會
6. educational scientific cultural organization
7. adoptive father = foster father
8. adopted son
9. to be divided into
10. as of 到此,此後
11. terra = earth   cotta = baked   terra-cotta 紅土
12. He is biased against me. 偏見
13. He is biased toward 偏向 my sister.
14. to be prejudiced against sb
15. My school is located at that area. (is situated)
16. My rests/lies in that area.
17. make an effort to please me
18. inclusion 包含
19. grave
20. lie… on the border
21. as well = too
22. foundation = fund
23. expert advice on how to study English
24. that piece of advice
25. tourist spots
26. anything that tourists bought
27. premises = in these premises 在這個範圍
28. foster = cultivate
29. It is hoped = We hope 公文的寫法
30. the seven wonders of the world
31. I’ll love you for many years to come.
32. After all those years, I’ll find someone else.
33. expertise 專業知識 = special knowledge

Dec. 17, 2004
1. The other day on my way home I saw an abandoned puppy (doggy, doggie) in the
   cardboard box (紙板) on the sidewalk. I know my mother has said we can’t have
   pets at home because of the hair and bother. But I just couldn’t resist the little
   fellow. I brought him home and gave him a bath. He shook the water off hard
   and gave me a shower. His dirty matted hair was golden and fluffy once it dried.
   I took him outside to play “fetch the Frisbee” with me. He kept coming over to
   lick my hand. I know I can’t keep him myself, but I will do my best to find him
   a loving new home.
2. play fetch-the-Frisbee
3. never abandon hope
4. She abandoned herself to her art.
5. He abandoned himself to gambling.
6. accumulate a lot of debt
7. indulge oneself in drinking
8. cupboard 碗櫥
9. peer into = look at stealthily 偷看
10. by stealth = secretly He did it by stealth. 偷做
11. peep
12. Don’t peek.
13. wag its tail
14. bark at me
15. can’t help taking him home = can’t help but take = can’t resist taking
16. as soon as
17. give my baby a bath
18. throw out the baby with the bathwater 把好的也一起丟掉,不划算
19. be covered with 比 in 要好
20. spotty
21. His performance has been rather spotty lately. 時好時壞
22. pal, penpal, pen friend [Brit]
23. play frisbee
24. go to the park in the neighborhood/ close by
25. internet, web, net 都改成小寫了
26. catcher 捕手
27. retriever 獵狗
28. chatting on the phone
29. have a good time + Ving
30. pick up the dog that was left on the sidewalk
31. pick up the garbage and throw away
32. throw it in the garbage bin/can
33. When did you pick me up?
34. I hope I can pick up French.
35. pick up truck 沒有棚子的小卡車