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Content Area Animal Science Lesson Heading Introduction to Animal by gregorio11


									Content Area          Animal Science

Lesson Heading        Introduction to Animal Terminology

Activity Description Students will become familiar with the terms for male, female, and
                     offspring of several species of animals while playing BINGO.

Materials Needed:
  • Note cards with famous pairs names
  • Note cards with female/male pairs
  • Blank Terminology Charts (1 per student)
  • Animal Terminology Bingo cards (1 per student)
  • BINGO markers (I let them tear pieces of paper to use.)

Activity Length:      50 minutes for interest approach and terminology chart. BINGO can take
                      as long as needed. (Prep time: 10-15 min. to make pairs note cards and
                      print bingo cards and make copies of terminology charts.)

Interest Approach

   1. Each student will be given a note card with a name on it. It is their job to find the person
      in their class who has a note card with a name on it that “goes” with theirs. Note card
      matches are as follows: Bert and Ernie, Superman and Wonder woman, Batman and
      Robin, Lewis and Clark, Lois and Clark, Tom and Jerry, Ben and Jerry, Sonny and Cher,
      Sylvester and Tweety, Brooks and Dunn, etc.

   2. Each pair will introduce themselves to the rest of the class.

   3. After the students have completed this activity of identifying famous pairs that “go
      together” tell them how disappointed you are that they weren’t more creative about
      introducing themselves to the rest of the class. Ask if they think they can do better.

   4. Tell them you have new pairs for them. *Warning* - Some of these words you will have
      heard before and some will be new words. Some of the words have multiple meanings.
      We will only be using them in the context of this classroom and they need to be mature.

   5. This time they will be pairing the names of male and female animals. They need to find
      each other by only making noises and not asking for their mate. They must identify what
      species they are representing and find their respective male or female. Once the pairs
      identify each other they will present themselves to the rest of the class. This time in a
      unique and creative fashion. The animal pairs are as follows: Bull and Cow, Boar and
      Sow, Ram and Ewe, Stallion and Mare, Dog and Bitch, Rooster and Hen, Drake and
      Duck, Tom and Hen, Buck and Doe, Colt and Filly.
Content Outline

1. Distribute blank terminology charts to each student.
2. Go through rows of each animal, giving the names of the mature male, mature female, group
   name, general name for young, and castrated male. (Other terms could be added including,
   scientific name, immature female and immature male)
3. Once chart is completed, distribute BINGO cards and play animal science bingo to help
   students learn the material. Call “mature female of the cattle species”. If they have “Cow”
   on their card they would cover it with torn paper or anything else.


Students take quiz completing a blank chart.

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