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					                            GOVERNOR’S STATE WORKFORCE INVESTMENT BOARD
                            State of Montana                                    Brian Schweitzer, Governor            Issue 19
                                   PO Box 1728 * Helena, MT 59624-1728 * web
                                 406.444.2607 phone * 406.444.3037 fax * email                      Winter 2007

                                                                                                              Inside this issue:
                Youth Reach for the Summit
                                         by Connie Kinsey                                             A Challenge for Montana        2
                            On June 19th and 20th approximately 105 youth and adults gathered on      Director’s Note                2
                            the campus at MSU Bozeman to participate in the statewide Workforce
                            Investment Act (WIA) Youth Summit. The Youth Summit is the first
                                                                                                      Economic Outlook Seminar       3
                            conference of this kind sponsored by the Montana Department of Labor      The New MontanaWORKS           3
                            and Industry.
                                                                                                      Help for Stimson Workers       3
                            The Youth Summit provided youth with similar backgrounds an               One-Stop Corner                4
                            opportunity to meet and network with their peers. The turnout was great
                            with youth ranging in ages from 15-21 representing a good deal of the     Montana Ranked #1              6
                            state from as far east as Glendive and west from Kalispell and Libby,
                            including youth from the Anaconda and Trapper Creek Job Corps
                                                                                                      WIRED Update                   6
                            centers. The youth were accompanied by Workforce Investment Act           Nifty Nuggets                  6
                            youth managers from the Career Training Institute in Helena and
Teamwork helps move a       Human Resource Development Councils across the state as well as           SWIB Updates                   7
 golf ball into a bucket.   other individuals that volunteered as chaperones for the summit.

The MSU setting was a great opportunity for youth to experience a
taste of campus living. The youth were housed in a residence hall,
workshops were held in one of the lecture halls, lunch was served
in the campus cafeteria, and evening activities were held in the
Student Union Building.

Activities centered on leadership development to encourage
responsibility and other positive social behaviors. There was very
positive feedback about the workshops, which included Marty
Foxman working with the youth on Team Building and Leadership                                                  Upcoming Events:
Skills, Marty and Victoria Johnson providing interpersonal and life
survival skills, and Kelly Ogger advising the youth about the soft Teams compete to build the           December 25, 2007
                                  skills that are helpful in a job.                                     Christmas
                                                                          tallest towers.
                                  Sharon Nash’s workshop on                                             January 1, 2008
                                  money management, “taught me how to look at my money                  New Years Day
                                  before I spend it, and how each purchase reflects on my future”       January 10, 2008
                                  reflected one                                                         SWIB Meeting
                                  participant.                                                          Helena, MT
                                                                                                        January 21, 2008
                                   The overall feedback from the Youth Summit was super and DLI         Martin Luther King Jr. Day
Communication is key on a blind staff received some great suggestions for future summits.
walk through minefields made of “Sometimes the training the youth benefit from the most doesn’t         February 18, 2008
        stuffed animals..                                                                               Presidents Day
                                   come from their jobs,” reminded Linda Lowney ☃
                                                                                                        February 23-26, 2008
                                                                                                        NAWB Conference
                                                                                                        Washington, DC
                                                                                                        April 15-17, 2008
                                                                                                        JSEC Conference
                                                                                                        Great Falls, MT
                                                                                                        May 20-22, 2008
                                                                                                        Spring TAT
                                                                                                        Billings, MT
                           A Challenge for Montana
                                                                                  discussed. For example, Maine will               State Workforce
                                         been cautioned to be self-reliant
“What came first, the chicken or the     regarding job security. In recent        soon be the first state to give tax        Investment Board Members
egg?” It is the same concept             studies done with hiring managers        credits geared to student loan
Montana is struggling with – do we       and HR professionals, Gen Y              repayment to future college
develop the businesses in need of a      workers look for employers who           graduates opting to stay and work in           Dan Miles, Chair
workforce, or develop a workforce in     allow for Life-Work balance, for         the state. Oklahoma has Project 1000        Marty Copps, Vice Chair
order to lure businesses? Montana is     their work to have value outside of      asking a thousand of the states                  Elsie Arntzen
not unique in struggling with this       commercial profits, allowed to have      companies to hire one more
issue; nor is it a new issue. At the     a voice, and have a breadth of job       Oklahoma college graduate than they              Evan Barrett
2007 Labor Day report, Governor          opportunities. The Next Generation       planned to hire. Iowa created the               Arlene Becker
Schweitzer reported Montana has a        tend to value education of all kinds     Generation Iowa Commission in an              John Brueggeman
highly educated worker pool; but         including life-long learning and         attempt to gain insight from 18-to-
like many states many workers don’t      non- traditional learning, desire        35-year-olds for ideas on how to                  Dave Crum
currently live here.                     flexible work schedules, and expect      keep them in the state.                         Thomas Curry
                                         access to state-of-the-art technology.                                                 Michael DesRosier
Throughout the Nation, states are                                                 According to “Linking Graduate and
looking at a variety of ways to entice   According to Rebecca Ryan, founder       Labor Force Data: A cooperative                Connie Eissinger
the younger generation of workers to     of Next Generation Consulting, the       effort of the Montana Univeristy
                                                                                  System and the Montana Department           Georgia Gibbs-Atkinson
stay home, rather than relocating to     average cost of undergraduate school
areas with more financial potential.     loans is $20,000.00 so the Next          of Labor and Industry, 63.2% of                 Michael Grove
The next generation of workers,          Generation is expecting higher           2004-2005 Montana Graduates                   Kirk Hammerquist
Generation Y (those born between         wages to start than a generation ago.    appear in the Unemployment File.
1981 – 1995 also known as “Gen           The financial strains on the Next        Possibly meaning 36.8% may be                    Jacquie Helt
Y”) have different values regarding      Generation also are resulting in later   either un-employed, self-employed                 Keith Kelly
their careers, workforce                 age marriages.                           or have move outside of our state.           Maureen Kenneally
environments, and what attracts and                                               Regardless, Montana businesses
retains them to communities. The         A recent article entitled States work    need to be continually mindful of our            George Kipp
Next Generation of workers have          to plug ‘brain drain’ (July 25, 2007;    state’s aging population and the need            Lane Larson
grown up with the Internet and call-     Pauline Vu, Staff          to strategically prepare for filling job
                                         Writer) the strategies of several                                                        Robbe Lindsay
waiting, where they live is often                                                 openings with the Next Generation
more important than where they           states for recruiting and retaining      of Montana workers ☃                          Linda McCullouch
                                         their younger workforce were
work, they have grown up having                                                                                                   Mike McGinley
                                                                                                                                Thomas McKenna
                                          Director’s Note                                                                           Joan Miles
                                                                                                                                  Rodney Miller
                The holidays, for        she will continue to be a great asset    Economic Development and                         Sandi Miller
                many of us, are a        for the SWIB and our State’s             Education colleagues.                           Michael O’Neill
time to express our gratitude for the    Workforce Development System.
gifts and support received in the                                                 In addition, I would like to extend a           Arlene Parisot
previous year. So, as 2007 draws to      In November of this year, Danielle       big “Thank you,” to the Workforce
                                                                                                                                    Tony Preite
a close, I would like to extend my       Nettleton joined the SWIB staff on a     Services Division and Research and
                                         full-time permanent basis. Danielle’     Analysis for their work generating             Gail Richardson
appreciation to several key folk that
continually assist with the mission of   talents are a great match to the work    information, reports, and expert                   Jeff Rupp
the State Workforce Investment           set forth by the SWIB. Danielle’s        support staff so SWIB is able to
                                         customer service, love of research,      make informed and well thought-out                Alan Skari
Board (SWIB). First, I would like to
                                         technology skills, flexibility, and      decisions.                                      Karen Sullivan
thank SWIB staff. Many of you may
have heard that Chris Wilhelm,           work ethic render her a great role                                                       Jeff Tochihara
                                         model for the Next Generation of         Lastly, to our local and regional
Program Specialist, accepted a                                                    community leaders, thank you for                 Linda Woods
position with the Job Service            workers. Welcome Aboard!
                                                                                  your involvement and vigilant
Operations Bureau where she will be      I would also like to extend my           pursuit in making Montana’s
managing the Trade Adjustment Act                                                                                                      Staff
                                         gratitude to Commissioner Keith          economies fruitful. Thank you for
program, Montana State Employers         Kelly, Chairman Dan Miles, along         the services provided to our citizens        Leisa Smith, Director
Council, Job Service Employers           with the Chairs of the SWIB              most notably by way of the              Danielle Nettleton, Admin Asst.
Committee and the Incumbent              committees and councils who share        numerous One-Stop Centers located
Worker Program. Chris joined             their ideas and work to move the         throughout our State. Montana’s
SWIB staff in 2005. One of Chris’s       business of the SWIB forward.            workforce system will always be
greatest contributions was the SWIB      Their vision, questions, and ideas are   busy readying itself for the future but
newsletter. On behalf of SWIB            focused on the continual                 has proven itself to be dedicated to
                                                                                                                            I value your input as I
Staff, we will work to continue          improvement of our State’s               the task.                                 work to continually
producing a product with useful          Workforce Development System as                                                      improve the newsletter.
information, updates, and fun tidbits    well as growing partnerships with                Again, thank you and                         -Danielle
of knowledge. Chris will be greatly      key stakeholders in the Workforce                 Happy Holidays ☃
missed however, we are thrilled that     Development System, namely our
  Page 2                                                                                                                                        Issue 19
          33rd Annual Montana Economic Outlook Seminar
          The New Ice Age: Investing in a competitive, Educated Workforce

At the 33rd Annual Economic Outlook seminar, Sheila Stearns, the Montana Commissioner of Higher Education, will address workforces
issues in Montana, and how the Montana University System will respond to Montana's dynamic workforce situation. Montanans can find
jobs, but employers often cannot find and keep the workers they need for good jobs. To sharpen our competitive edge in the world
marketplace, Montana must connect the dots with a bright line between its educational system, the private sector, and public policy. Bureau
researchers and other experts will examine recent trends and the outlook for Montana's important industries: nonresident travel, health
care, agriculture, manufacturing, and forest products. The luncheon program will feature Steve Holland, director of the Montana
Manufacturing Extension Center and he will expand on Montana's workforce issues based on his field work with Montana industries. ☃

  − Missoula - January 25, 2008 at the Hilton Garden Inn and Conference Center              Fees:
  − Helena - January 29, 2008 at the Great Northern Hotel                                   Cost is $80. Includes the seminar, a proceedings
  − Great Falls - January 30, 2008 at the Hampton Inn                                       booklet, lunch, and a one-year subscription to the
  − Billings - February 5, 2008 at the Crown Plaza Hotel Billings                           Montana Business Quarterly, the states award-
  − Bozeman - February 6, 2008 at the Best Western GranTree                                 winning business journal (a $35.00 value.)
  − Butte - February 7, 2008 at the Copper King Hotel and Conference Center
  − Kalispell - February 12, 2008 at the Hilton Garden Inn                                  Register at:
  − Lewistown- March 11, 2008 at the Central Montana Education Center
  − Havre - March 12, 2008 at MSU Northern, Applied Technology Center

             The New                                                       Help for Stimson Workers
The WIA Unit has been busy          all case managers will be able to    The Montana Department of           competition. TAA can fund up to
testing our newest data base        see all services being provided      Labor & Industry has received an    two years of training for a
system, MontanaWORKS.               to a participant regardless of the   additional $300,000 from the        worker, but has some limitations
Montana received a grant from       program. The coordination of         U.S. Department of Labor to         in the area of supportive
the Trade Adjustment Assistance     services with other agencies will    provide services to the most        services.
(TAA) program to integrate the      also be easier, reducing the         recent groups of workers laid off
TAA database and the WIA            possibility of duplication of        from Stimson Lumber in Bonner       The purpose of the Stimson NEG
database into the current system    services.                            and Libby. The Stimson Lumber       is to “fill in the gaps” of
the Wagner-Peyser (Job Service)                                          National Emergency Grant (NEG)      supportive services needed to
staff use. This integration will    The new MontanaWORKS was             is funded under Title 1D of the     successfully complete training
bring all workforce programs that   originally scheduled to go into      Workforce Investment Act for the    and become re-employed. All
the Montana Department of           production on July 1, 2007 in        period from June 30, 2007 to        workers receiving assistance
Labor operates into one             conjunction with the beginning       June 30, 2009.                      through the Stimson NEG must
integrated system. The programs     of the new fiscal year. In early                                         be enrolled in the TAA program
that will be integrated are         June 2007, the decision was          National emergency grants are       as well. If necessary, they may
Wagner-Peyser Employment            made to postpone                     awarded through an application      also receive assistance through
Service, Veterans Programs, TAA,    implementation to October 1,         process as a supplement to the      the regular WIA Title 1B
and all WIA programs including      2007 because the system was          regular Dislocated Worker           Dislocated Worker program.
National Emergency Grants.          not ready. With the                  funding states receive each year.
                                    postponement of                      The grants are designed to help     The Statewide Programs and
With Common Measures for WIA        implementation, the WIA Unit         address the increased need for      Oversight Bureau of the
Performance being implemented       was on the road most of July         services when major dislocating     Department of Labor & Industry
nationwide and all programs         and August training all the WIA      events occur. In the case of        will administer the grant. The
using the same set of               service providers to use the new     Stimson Lumber, all of the laid     Bureau has sub-granted the
performance measures, this          system. The WIA Unit is              off workers are also eligible for   NEG funding to the Job Service
integrated system makes it          committed to personally training     the Trade Adjustment Assistance     Operations Bureau, which
much easier to report to USDOL      every WIA service provider and       (TAA) program. The program          operates the TAA and Title 1B
and provides a clearer picture of   being available for questions        serves workers dislocated due to    Dislocated Worker programs ☃
all the services a participant      after the training sessions. We      trade issues such as foreign
receives in the workforce           want to make this transition to
system.                             the new MontanaWORKS is easy
                                    as possible for participants and
With the new MontanaWORKS,          service providers ☃

 Page 3                                                                                                                             Issue 19
                         One        Corner
                Newly Certified One-Stops as of Spring 2007
                                             Central Montana Workforce System
    The Central Montana Workforce System has its designated center at the Lewistown Job Service Workforce Center. Cherelee
    Martin is the designated operator. Serving MACo District 6, Central Montana Workforce System provides services to Fergus,
    Golden Valley, Judith Basin, Musselshell, Petroleum, and Wheatland Counties. Central Montana Workforce System was cer-
    tified April 2, 2007.

    Contact the Central Montana Workforce System at:
    Lewistown Job Service Workforce Center
    300 First Avenue North
    Lewistown, MT 59457-1799

-                                              Eastern Plains Workforce System
    The Eastern Plains Workforce System has its designated centers at the Glendive and Sidney Job Service Workforce Centers.
    Lonnie Cross is the designated operator. Eastern Plains Workforce System serves part of MACo District 1 and all of MACo
    District 2, including Dawson, Garfield, Prairie, Richland, McCone, Wibaux, Eastern Roosevelt, and Southeastern Sheridan
    Counties. Eastern Plains Workforce System was certified July 26, 2007.

    Contact the Eastern Plains Workforce System at:
    Glendive Job Service Workforce Center               Sidney Job Service Workforce Center
    211 South Kendrick                                  211 North Central
    Glendive, MT 59330                                  Sidney, MT 59270
    406-377-3314                                        406-433-1204

                                                 Havre Area Workforce System
    Serving MACo District 4, the Havre Area Workforce System has its designated center at the Havre Job Service Workforce
    Center. Carol Lamey is the designated operator. The Eastern Plains Workforce System provides services to Blaine, Choteau,
    Hill, and Liberty Counties. Two reservations, Rocky Boy’s and Fort Belknap, are within the service delivery area. This system
    was certified March 12, 2007.

    Contact the Havre Area Workforce System at:
    Havre Job Service Workforce Center
    160 First Avenue
    Havre, MT 59501—3542

                                               Missouri River Workforce System
    The Missouri River Workforce System has its designated center at the Job Service Workforce Center in Great Falls. Marla
    Hagen is the designated operator. The Missouri River Workforce System serves MACo Districts 4 and 5, which includes Cas-
    cade, Choteau, and Teton Counties. This system was certified August 31, 2006.

    Contact the Missouri River Workforce System at:
    1018 7th Street South
    Great Falls, MT 59405-4307

                                         Mission Valley One-Stop Workforce System
    The Mission Valley One-Stop Workforce System has its designated center at the Polson Job Service Workforce Center. Debra
    Krantz is the designated operator. Serving part of MACo District 10, Mission Valley Workforce System provides services to
    the unique economic region within Lake County. Mission Valley One-Stop Workforce System was certified March 14, 2007.

    Contact the Mission Valley One-Stop Workforce System at:
    Polson Job Service Workforce Center
    417-B Main
    Polson, MT 59860-0970
    Page 4                                                                                                                Issue 19
                                          One                    Corner Cont.

                                                                                                   Statewide Certified
                           Northeast Montana Workforce System                                          One-Stops
The Northeast Montana Workforce System has its designated centers at the Job Service Work-
force Centers in Glasgow and Wolf Point. Mona Amundson is the designated operator. The             • Bitterroot
Northeast Montana Workforce System serves MACo District 1, which includes Daniels, Phillips,        Workforce System
Roosevelt, Sheridan, and Valley Counties. This system was certified March 12, 2007.
                                                                                                   • Capital Area
Contact the Northeast Montana Workforce System at:                                                  Workforce System
Glasgow Job Service Workforce Center        Wolf Point Job Service Workforce Center
74 4th Street North                         201 Main Street                                        • Central Montana
Glasgow, MT 59230-1857                      Wolf Point, MT 59201-1537                               Workforce System
406-228-9369                                406-653-1720
                                                                                                   • Eastern Plains
                                                                                                    Workforce System
                  Southeastern Montana Community Workforce System
The Southeastern Montana Community Workforce System has its designated center at the               • Flathead One-Stop
Miles City Job Service Workforce Center. Mike Bissell is the designated operator. The South-        Workforce System
eastern Montana Community Workforce System Provides services throughout MACo District 3,
serving Carter, Custer, Fallon, Garfield, Rosebud, Powder River, Prairie, and Treasure Counties.   • Havre Area
This system was certified July 26, 2007.                                                            Workforce System

Contact the Southeastern Montana Community Workforce System at:                                    • Mission Valley One-
Miles City Job Service Workforce Center                                                             Stop Workforce
12 North 10th Street                                                                                System
Miles City, MT 59301
406-232-8341                                                                                       • Missoula Mineral Area
                                                                                                    Workforce System
                       Working Friends One-Stop Workforce System
The “Working Friends” One-Stop System has its designated center located at the Blackfeet           • Missouri River
Manpower office in Browning. George Kipp is the designated operator. The system specializes         Workforce System
in serving the Native American population of the Blackfeet Reservation. This system was certi-
fied August 22, 2007.                                                                              • Northeast Montana
                                                                                                    Workforce System
Contact the Working Friends Workforce System at:
Blackfeet Manpower                                                                                 • South Central
                                                                                                    Workforce System
PO Box 1090
Browning, MT 59417
                                                                                                   • Southeastern
                                                                                                    Montana Community
                                                                                                    Workforce System
                                  Yellowstone Area System
The Yellowstone Area System (YAS) has its designated centers at the Job Service Workforce          • Southwest Montana
Centers in Bozeman and Livingston, and Career Transitions in Belgrade.. The consortium of op-       Workforce System
erators is made up of Byrdeen Warwood, Joyce Heiser, Darla Joyner, and Jeff Rupp. Serving
MACo District 9, this system provides services to Gallatin, Madison, Meagher, Park, and Sweet      • Working Friends
Grass Counties. YAS was certified March 29, 2007.                                                   One-Stop System

Contact the Yellowstone Area System at:                                                            • Yellowstone Area
Bozeman Job Service                  Livingston Job Service            Career Transitions           System
Workforce Center                     Workforce Center                  20900 East Frontage Rd
121 North Wilson                     220 East Park Street              Belgrade, MT 59714
Bozeman, MT 59715-3533               Livingston, MT 59047-2713         406-388-6701 ☃                What lies behind us and
406-582-9200                         406-222-0520                                                    what lies before us are
                                                                                                     small matter compared to
                                                                                                     what lies within us.
                                                                                                     ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Page 5                                                                                                                Issue 19
                                  Montana Ranked #1

 You’d be hard pressed to find a location that doesn’t use an       One component that is used in other business climate
 adjective like “great” or “top-notch” to modify the words          rankings, but is intentionally absent from our Business
 “business climate” when describing itself to potential             Climate ranking, is financial incentives. We wanted to create
 companies. So what makes a business climate great?                 a business climate ranking that reveals a state’s “core”
 Compared to the factors that contribute to quality of life, the    business climate and utilizes variables that (for the most part)
 variables that define a business climate are substantially less    pertain to all companies. Because incentives are only granted
 ambiguous. Our business climate ranking gets at the heart of       on a case-by-case basis, we feel it is more accurate to
 what makes a location good for business: business costs,           disregard them here.
 economic climate, and labor force. We also feel that quality
 of life—difficult as it is to measure—has a role in defining       Interestingly, four out of the five Rocky Mountain States
 business climate. That’s why we incorporated the results           landed in the top 10, headed up by Montana, our top business
 from our Quality of Life ranking into this ranking.                climate for 2007. Second place South Dakota wasn’t far
                                                                    behind though, trailing by fewer than 10 points (not much
 The following is how the Business Climate ranking was              considering that the scores from which the ranks were
 composed: In order to measure economic climate we looked           calculated varied by the hundreds). Low labor costs, a
 at per capita GDP in 2005; change in per capita GDP, 2001-         significant increase in per capita GDP, a favorable state
 2005; state business tax climate index, 2007; number of            business tax climate, and prodigious job growth were among
 Fortune 500 firms in 2006; rate of new employer firms in           some of the things that helped Montana take the number one
 2005; job growth, 2005-2006; and percent of roadways in            spot this year ☃
 mediocre or poor condition in 2004.

 To view the article in its entirety go to:

                           WIRED                                                         Nifty Nuggets
                         By Adam de Yong

The USDOL has extended year one WIRED programs for                   ∗ Montana and the Bitterroot National Forest have been asked
another year to allow for the initial year to be considered as a       to provide the Nations Capitol with a magnificent 60+ foot
start up period. This is great news for Montana and all the other      Christmas Tree for 2008. Montana will also need to provide
year one WIRED regions.                                                over 5000 handmade ornaments and 70+ smaller trees, for
                                                                       congressional offices, agency, and organization headquarters
Funding decisions for year two have been finalized and passed          throughout D.C.
by the Executive Steering Committee and projected funding
levels for years 3 and 4 have been tentatively outlined. Year 4      ∗ Montana ranked 2nd for
funding will primarily consist of administrative cost to continue      Lowest Labor Costs for
to implement WIRED programs and strategies that were funded            Businesses
in previous years. The most significant change to Montana’s
Agro-Energy Plan is the inclusion of the workforce system.           ∗ Montana ranked 8th for
Funding was reallocated to allow for the transformation of             Best Overall Tax Climate
Montana’s workforce system. This will tie together the                 for Businesses
education and economic development components funded in
year one through local community management teams and will           ∗ Montana ranked 13th in
continue to provide training resources for the bioproducts             Manufacturing Momentum
industry.                                                              in the U.S.

Three representatives from the USDOL Employment and                  ∗ The United States ranked
Training Administration visited Montana for their annual site          7th for the Top Global
visit last June. The meetings went well and feed back was very         Business Environment ☃
positive. Montana continues to be at the forefront of the
generation one WIRED regions ☃
 Page 6                                                                                                                     Issue 19
                                             SWIB Updates
                                                                                            Apprenticeship Ad-Hoc
                                                                                                 Jane Baker
State Workforce Investment Board members who are chief elected local officials, or              John E Cech
cabinet officers from relevant state departments responsible for workforce development           Jason Miller
initiatives may designate one person to represent them and vote for them at Board               Con Sullivan
meetings. The name of the designee must be submitted by the Board member to the
Governor’s Boards and Councils office, and no designee will be seated until approved by    Youth Council Members
the Governor. The following five designees have been appointed and approved by the         Gail Richardson, Chair *
Governors Office:                                                                                Marcy Buster
                                                                                                Curt Campbell
∗     TJ Eyer, Division Administrator of Career, Technical, and Adult Education with the           Dan Dolan
      Office of Public Instruction, on behalf of Linda McCulloch.                                   Sara Fox
∗     Hank Hudson, Division Administrator of Human and Community Services with the                Jake Gustin
                                                                                                Tescha Hawley
      Department of Public Health and Human Services, on behalf of Joan Miles.                  Jim McDonald
∗     Gary Morehouse, Assistant Division Administrator of Business Resources with the           Warren Means
      Department of Commerce, on behalf of Tony Preite.                                          Mike Nephew
∗     Dore Schwinden, Deputy Commissioner for the Department of Labor and Industry,                Jim Patelis
      on behalf of Keith Kelly.
∗     Pat Wise, Economic Development Specialist in the Governors Office, on behalf of      WIA Title IB Funding Task
      Evan Barrett.                                                                             Force Members
                                                                                             Jacquie Helt, Chair *
Board members who have appointed a designee will continue to attend meetings when               Arlene Becker*
available and will only utilize their designee when conflicts exist between schedules ☃       Kirk Hammerquist*
                                                                                                Mike McGinley*
                                                                                                Tom McKenna*
                                                                                                   Jeff Rupp*

                         WIA Title IB Funding Task Force                                   * Denotes SWIB Member

In May, State Workforce Investment Board (SWIB) members asked Workforce                    For a complete listing of
Investment Act (WIA) staff to research options to ensure that Montana is applying           committees and their
                                                                                           members, please see the
the most equitable formula for distribution of WIA dollars to service providers for            SWIB website at
Program Year 2007 (PY2007). In August, WIA staff reported that based on             
research, the process would necessitate more time for review and the
recommendation was to not change the formula for PY2007. Following the
report, SWIB Chairman Dan Miles requested a task force be formed to review the
current funding formula process and charged the task force to make any                     Are you a member of
recommendations for change by April 2008.                                                    your local CMT?

The charge of the task force is to:                                                        We would like to know
                                                                                            who serves on your
    ∗ Review the current system;                                                             CMT, your contact
    ∗ Study other states; and                                                              information, and when
                                                                                           your next meeting is.
    ∗ Recommend to the SWIB a fair and equitable system of funding distribution
                                                                                               Call Danielle
      that will maximize benefits to participants ☃
                                                                                           Nettleton at 406-444-
                                                                                             2607 or email at

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