An Introduction to Clinton Township School Districts Leadership Team by gregorio11


									From the Interim Superintendent, Dennis Fyffe
It is my pleasure to introduce myself as the Interim Superintendent of Schools for Clinton
Township. I began on July 1st and was immediately made to feel welcome. This summer
has been both busy and productive. In addition to completing preparations for the opening
of school, we were successful in appointing Judi Hammond as Principal of Round Valley
School, Ken Wark as Interim Principal of Spruce Run School and Mary McLoughlin as
Director of Student Services. These are three talented and experienced administrators who
will bring a great deal to the District.
A number of things are planned for the upcoming school year. Our primary focus is to
prepare for and undergo Quality Single Accountability Continuum (QSAC) monitoring.
This is the State Department of Education’s process to monitor the progress of local
school districts. It provides the State with an in-depth look at the District, including such
things as curriculum, special education programs, finances and staff development. It is
anticipated that the monitoring visit will take place in October or November.
Additional plans are related to the four goals for 2008-2009, which were established by
the Board of Education. The goals address language arts, mathematics, enrichment; a
strategic plan for the District; a plan to pass the 2008-2009 district budget; and quality
professional learning experiences for the Board, the Administration, the teachers and
parents focused on increasing student learning. The specific goals are provided on the
District web site.
We anticipate a smooth transition with District and school leadership, with the focus being
on maintaining the District’s excellent programs while continuing to move in a positive

An Introduction to Clinton Township School District’s Leadership Team
Mrs. Daria Wasserbach, Business Administrator/Board Secretary
Daria Wasserbach began her career in school business in 1996 and joined the Clinton
Township School District staff in February 2004. Mrs. Wasserbach has been recognized
by the NJ Association of School Business Officials as a Registered School Business
In addition to her regular duties, Mrs. Wasserbach’s plans for the 2008/2009 school year
include the implementation of the new Fiscal Accountability, Efficiency and Budgeting
Regulations and leading the District's Fiscal Management sub-committee required under
Mr. Gerard Dalton, Principal of Clinton Township Middle School
Gerard Dalton is the Principal at Clinton Township Middle School and beginning his
seventh year in the District. Gerard joined the Clinton Township School District in
September of 2002 as the Assistant Principal of Round Valley Middle School and in
September 2004 assumed the role of Principal. Previously, he served as a Principal at
Lebanon Borough School and as Assistant Principal at Black River Middle School in
Chester, New Jersey.
Gerard’s goal is to focus on the excellence of the programs offered in the District,
through reflective practice that focuses on building skills for children based on
independence and effective decision making skills.

Ms. Judi Hammond, Principal of Round Valley School
Judi Hammond, the new Principal of Round Valley School, is not a newcomer to the
District. Judi has been an integral part of the District for 10 years. Having started as a
seventh grade in-class resource teacher, Judi moved on to the Enrichment Coordinator
position. In addition to her District responsibilities, Judi has presented locally, regionally
and nationally at conferences on differentiation and inquiry-based learning.

Judi’s goal is to continue the strong educational traditions of the district and to prepare
RVS students for the ongoing challenges and developments of the twenty-first century.

Ms. Mary Postma, Principal of Patrick McGaheran School
Mary Postma is the Principal of Patrick McGaheran School. Mary has experience
teaching literacy in grades 3-5, and as a classroom teacher in kindergarten, first, third,
and fifth grade.
For the 2008-2009 school year, Mary hopes that all students will come to school happy
and ready to learn and that each student will be challenged in a supportive and caring
classroom. Mary encourages parental involvement and communication, and believes that
children thrive when a positive home-school partnership is established.
Mr. Ken Wark, Interim Principal of Spruce Run School
Ken Wark has joined the District as the Interim Principal at Spruce Run School. He has
more than two decades of experience as a school Principal in Chatham and Westfield and
has worked in education as a teacher and administrator for a total of almost 40 years.
Ken’s primary goal will be to continue and build on the well deserved reputation Spruce
Run School has earned as a caring and successful environment where children are
nurtured and guided through the first years of their formal education. His objective is to
foster kindness and caring along with academic achievement in the core areas or reading,
mathematics and problem solving.
Ms. Bobbie Felip, Director of Curriculum and Instruction
Ms. Bobbie Felip is the Director of Curriculum and Instruction. Under Bobbie’s
direction, teachers in all grades and subjects will continue to analyze current curriculum
in concurrence with test scores and student learning, and prepare to realign curriculum
with updated New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards proposed for adoption in
Bobbie will oversee the development and implementation of all district in-service
offerings, work with individuals and groups of teachers in improving their instruction,
prepare state and federal reports such as the No Child Left Behind document, and play an
instrumental role in preparation for the Quality Single Accountability Continuum
(QSAC) New Jersey’s current monitoring system.

Ms. Elaine Studnicki, Director of Technology
Elaine Studnicki has worked in Clinton Township School District for the last three years
as Director of Technology. Previously, she worked in the same capacity in New Hope-
Solebury School District in Pennsylvania and Flemington-Raritan School District. She
has more than 20 years experience in technology.
During the 2008-2009 school year the technology goals include support for teachers as
they integrate technology into the curriculum and use our online programs for
communication, grading, web publishing, and attendance. We are excited about the
Ms. Mary McLoughlin, Director of Special Services
Mrs. McLoughlin’s career in education began as a Special Education teacher. After
serving as the Assistant Principal for several years she held the position of Principal of
Manville High School before coming to Clinton Township.

As the newly appointed Director of Special Services Mary hopes to focus her first year on
maintaining and implementing the required services to meet the needs of all the students
of Clinton Township. She looks forward to working collaboratively with the staff,
parents, and the community.

Access to our Schools to be Addressed
As you may be aware, the Board of Education has been working with members of the
community on the issue of access to Spruce Run School and to the Clinton Township
Middle School. This relates specifically to access via Belvidere Avenue.
At its July meeting, the Board asked Interim Superintendent Dennis Fyffe to meet with
the parties involved, gather pertinent information and make a recommendation to the
Board. A meeting will be held in the near future. In the meantime, access will remain as
it has been this summer. Specifically,
        * Travel to Spruce Run School will be via Belvidere Ave.
        * Travel to Clinton Township Middle School will be via Grayrock Rd.
        * The access road connecting the two schools will remain closed.
The most important issue is that of the safety of the children and residents. We
strongly urge that those traveling on Belvidere Avenue adhere to the 25 miles per
hour speed limit and be extremely vigilant while traveling in this area.
Students Enjoy Summer Programs
For 170 Clinton Township students in pre-K through 8th grade, fun and learning went hand
in hand this summer. The Advanced Challenge for Everyone (ACE) and the Extended
School Year (ESY) programs provided opportunities for children to learn various craft,
computer, gardening, and music skills as well as participate in academic and fitness
programs. The programs were developed by a dedicated team of teachers with the goal of
providing a wide variety of offerings to supplement the normal school year.
Summer School? Well, Sort of . . .
Who ever thought that going to school- in the summer- could be fun!!?? Now imagine
pulling into the school parking lot, in mid-July, and the children in your back seat are
whooping and hollering about the fun and exciting activities that they are going to do at
school today! Well, that is exactly what happened this summer at our new Clinton
Township Middle School! For five weeks, the Township’s Summer Recreation Program
utilized the facilities at the Clinton Township Middle School - at no cost to Clinton
Township, through a shared services agreement. Four hundred and twenty-seven children
and eighty-plus staff enjoyed the use of the air conditioned gym, cafeteria, a number of
classrooms, as well as school grounds to house the Township’s summer recreation
program. The fees to Township parents participating in the REC program were
minimized by using facilities, accommodations, and equipment provided by the school.
Besides the summer REC program, the Board of Education provides space for the
Township’s karate, manners and babysitting classes; after-school program; annual egg
hunt and wagon parade.

                                Dates to Remember

1      Labor Day School Closed
2-3    Staff Development
4      First Day of School for students
10     Pre-K - Back-to-School Night
11     Kindergarten – Back-to-School Night
15     Gr. 1 – Back-to-School Night
16     Gr. 2 – Back-to-School Night
17     Gr. 3 – Back-to-School Night
18     Gr. 4 – Back-to-School Night
22     School Board Meeting - 7:30 pm in the CTMS Library
22     Gr. 5 – Back-to-School Night
23     Gr. 6 – Back-to-School Night
24     Gr. 7 – Back-to-School Night
25     Gr. 8 – Back-to-School Night

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