“A Welcoming Congregation” by fionan


									                     CENTER CHAPEL UMC
                                          “A Welcoming Congregation”
                                    Open Hearts ♥ Open Minds ♥ Open Doors

Rev. Angela Gafford Asmus, Pastor                                                       Joshua Brown, Editor
Church Phone: 961-5054                                                                   8120 Highway 92
Simpson Office Phone: 961-1610                                                         Indianola, IA 50125
Home Phone: 961-0384                                                        www.gbgm-umc.com/centerchapel

                                           Angela’s Angles
Greetings in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. I am excited to serve as your interim pastor for July and
August. One of the many aspects of the United Methodist Church that I appreciate is that we are a
connectional church. This means that we are able to share ministry and to work together as we serve God.
This also means that our appointments are not permanent. I came to Iowa after serving as a pastor of
United Methodist Churches in Texas. Over the past four years, I have been blessed by your congregations
and the way you have received me and my ministry since I moved to Iowa. I look forward to journeying
with you this summer during this time of pastoral change and preparation for a new pastor in September. I
believe God remains with us at all times, even in times of change and transition. The scripture story
testifies to God’s presence with people at all times. As many of you know, I serve as Chaplain and
Director of Religious Life Community at Simpson College. I will continue in this role while I am serving
as your pastor. Feel free to reach me at my college office or at home. Members of SPR also have my cell
phone number so that you can reach me in the event of emergencies. . Please let me know how I can be of
most help to you. I look forward to seeing you all Sunday, July 8th in worship.

Rev. Angela Gafford Asmus

                                      CENTER CHAPEL CHURCH
                                        ICE CREAM SUPPER

                                           FRIDAY, JULY 6
                                             4:30 – 7 P.M.
                                         FREE WILL OFFERING

                                   Sandwiches, pie, cake, ice cream
                                            and drinks
          If you have not been contacted and would like to furnish money, ice cream, etc. or could
                           work that evening, contact Linda Freeman, 961-2023.
DATE           GREETERS & USHERS                   LITURGISTS             FELLOWSHIP HOSTS
 July 1         Carolyn Brown & family               Ilo Eveland       Kathy Spick & Cheri Tiedemann
 July 8          Rich & Marge Krumme               Rosie Babcock         Thelma Amos & Betty Betts
July 15         Charles & Thelma Amos              Rich Krumme       Delpha Middleswart & Linda Freeman
July 22            Gary & Linda Brand              Carolyn Brown      Angie Schumacher & Julie Martin
July 29        Ellen Taylor & June Garrett           Kara Burns      Marlys Vinton & Lana Lyddon Hatten
                                                    Lana Lyddon
Aug. 5              Ed & Kay Foy                        Hatten         MaryNell Caldwell & Deb Belieu
Aug. 12      Deb Black & Mary June Adams            Sarah Vogel         Marie Adams & Jean Reynolds
Aug 19            Rick & Ellen Gripp               Kevin Hansen            Deb Black & Jen Black
Aug. 26     Susie Young & Brenda Thompson           June Wilson         Ann Kirikegaard & Ilo Eveland

                                                                               July Birthdays
          INTRODUCING OUR CHURCH FAMILIES                             7/1     Eric Middleswart
 For this issue, Mary Stroud wrote the following: “We met after       7/3     Rod Chittenden
 the deaths of our first spouses, Shirley Stroud and LeRoy Larson.    7/3     Joshua Brown
 Ray and Shirley had been long time members of Center Chapel,         7/4     Carolyn Brown
 while LeRoy and Merry Larson had been long-time members of           7/8     Kevin Hansen
 the United Presbyterian Church. We were married April 21, 1990       7/9     Don Freeman
 and mutually decided to join the Center Chapel congregation.         7/9     Jordyn Tiedemann
                                                                      7/12    Dale Wagner
 Ray had four children, three daughters and one son, and Merry        7/12    Adam Lenze
 had five sons. Our nine children have given us 14 grandsonn, 6       7/14    Jordan Gegner
 granddaughters, and two great granddaughters. We love spending       7/16    Louise Anderson
 time with our family and friends.                                    7/16    Avery Cashen
                                                                      7/18    Gina Krumme
 We are both retired and have a second home in Mission Texas          7/18    Matt Conner
 where we go every winter, but not until after Christmas. We live     7/24    Valerie Giles
 on an acreage just north of Indianola and Ray spends any spare
 time working outside, when he isn’t doing his side work of                  July Anniversaries
 pouring cement, hauling yard debris. He has recently been            7/10    Dan and Debby Black
 working with a tree trimmer and hauling that debris away. Merry      7/15    Bob and Julie Martin
 enjoys her flowers in the summer, sewing and baking, and being       7/22    Sonny and Kathy Huffer
 with family.”                                                        7/30    Bob and Kim Burns

  Wood you like to go to Wesley Woods? We offer camperships, please contact Vicky Hansen at 961-
  3459 for more information. If you want to know what camp is like you can contact Emily Hansen!
                                                               CHURCH NEWS
                                          FOUND: Still have several dishes that are looking for their
 The Center Chapel United Methodist       owners. Among them are 3 bowls: one large pink, one
Women will be meeting Thursday, July      small blue (plastic) and one clear glass. Also a Rubbermaid
17, 7 p.m. at the church. Hostesses are   store/serve container with cover.        Please pick up any
Delpha      Middleswart    &     Esther   belonging to you.
Hutchcroft. MaryNell Caldwell will give
the devotions and Marge Krumme will       NEEDED: A home for Center Chapel T-shirts. If you have
present the program.                      not purchased one, please consider doing so -- they are only
                                          $10. Wear them to promote our church!

                                          Matt Beliue was recently baptized. Welcome, Matt.
                                          We are glad to have Lana Ross join us for worship several
         July 1, 2007 [Green]             times recently.
    Fifth Sunday After Pentecost
          2 Kings 2:1-2, 6-14
                                          The Trustees Report mentions forms for building use and
          Psalm 77:1-2, 11-20
                                          for borrowing church property. The forms for using church
          Galatians 5:1, 13-25
                                          property (chairs, tables, kitchen items, etc.) may be found in
             Luke 9:51-62
                                          a manila folder on the counter in the kitchen next to the
                                          telephone. Building Use Request Forms are in a folder on
      July 8, 2007 [Green]
  Sixth Sunday After Pentecost
                                          the table as you enter the church. Call either Don Freeman
          2 Kings 5:1-14                  or Kevin Hansen if you have questions
             Psalm 30
         Galatians 6:1-16                                      FAMILY NEWS
       Luke 10:1-11, 16-20
                                          In May Don and Linda Freeman camped a few days in
     July 15, 2007 [Green]                Missouri with relatives. They then went on to Bartlesville,
 Seventh Sunday After Pentecost           Oklahoma where they attended graduation ceremonies for
           Amos 7:7-17                    Sofia Rydell, the exchange student who had been living
            Psalm 82                      with Bruce, Julie and Lisa Freeman. They also attended
        Colossians 1:1-14
                                          Lisa’s dance recital.
          Luke 10:25-37

       July 22, 2007 [Green]              Harris and Ilo Eveland attended a wedding in Minnesota in
   Eighth Sunday After Pentecost          June.
            Amos 8:1-12
                                          Joshua Brown was named one of the Warren County
             Psalm 52
                                          coordinators for the John Edwards for President Campaign.
         Colossians 1:15-28
           Luke 10:38-42
                                          Anna Brown started grad school at Drake University this
      July 29, 2007 [Green]
                                          June and will be taking classes for the next two years
  Ninth Sunday After Pentecost            pursuing an endorsement in Physics and possibly will move
           Hosea 1:2-10                   towards a master’s degree.
             Psalm 85
         Colossians 2:6-19                A pulpit made by Fred Hutchcroft’s grandfather and used in
           Luke 11:1-13                   the basement at Center Chapel was recently given to the
                                          Warren County Historical Society. There will be a
                                          dedication on June 28th at 1:30pm.
                                                THANK YOU
A BIG thank you to Kathy Huffer for all her effort in organizing the Barn Dance that was held at the Fair
Grounds as we said goodbye to Ted and his family.

Harris Eveland says “thank you” to those who have made a contribution to the moving fund. With the
increase in the price of gas it is much appreciated.

                                                        GOING AWAY CELEBRATION REPORT
Confirmation Sunday coincided with Pentecost
Sunday on May 27th. Center Chapel UMC               A going away celebration was held Saturday, June
welcomed Alan Brown, Taylor Foy, Caitlin            16th at the Warren County Fairgrounds to honor Ted
Goodsell, Jonah Hatten, Megan Krumme, and           for his service for the past 8 years. Thank you to
Megan Whitson into full membership. Kelsey          everyone who helped plan the evening and helped Ted
Whitson will join the church at a later date.       celebrate by attending the party. Dinner was followed
The class concluded their study of the Gospel       by a program and picture video. A dance rounded out
of Mark with a trip to the Des Moines Art           the evening. Live music was provided by Cindy
Center.                                             Gillenwater and her two daughters, Laura and Natalie.
                                                    Warren Stone and Don Freeman had great patients
                                                    with all of us as they called the square dances. A
                                                    scrapbook was put together and presented to Ted. If
                                                    you did not get your page completed, please bring it
                                                    with you to church and it can be added to the book the
                                                    next two Sundays. Extra pages are at both churches if
                                                    you did not get one yet. We would like to apologize to
                                                    anyone who was unaware or had not been notified
                                                    about the party. We did our very best to get the word
                                                    out at church and through emails and phone calls.

         THANK YOU FROM TED                             MAY FINANCIAL SECRETARY’S REPORT

Many, many thanks to Cathy Huffer, the               Total Offerings . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . $5,054.10
members of PPR and all those who helped pull
off the ultimate barn dance, hoedown,                Average per Sunday . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . .   1,263.53
celebration/send-off. Words continue to fall
short in their ability to express my gratitude. I    Donations to Building Fund . . . . . . . . . . . .          105.00
remained touched by the effort and energy
given by so many. I will treasure the                Receipts of Noodle Supper . . . . . . . . . . . .             35.99
memories of the evening as I treasure the rich
time we spent together. Thank you. Again, I          Average attendance . . . . . .. . . . . . .. . . . . .            85
say thank you.

                                   Trustees Report for Center Chapel

Hello Center Chapel Church family!

The goal report:

               1) Grass seed – Completed.
               2) Old Church Demolition – Completed
               3) Termite Control – Bid accepted from Terminix and should be completed by the next

The Trustees would like to offer our apologies to those who felt disappointment over not being notified
of the actual demolition of the old church. We assure you that if it had been possible to coordinate a
formal ceremony we would have done so. The decision to move quickly was to accommodate the
demolition crew and their availability for the job.

Once the final bill is received we will put the gutters on the new church. Please note that there is a slight
rise on the sidewalk outside of the main doors so use caution when going over that area. This will be
fixed when the gutters have been installed.

Keep in mind that we are making plans to have an auction at the church sometime after Labor Day. We
have talked about tying it in with the Ice Cream Social. Further details will be forthcoming.

Jess’ Lock and Key has fixed the problem with door locks to the main entrance.

It was brought to our attention that our vacuum cleaners for the church need replacing. We will look into
purchasing one, maybe two, vacuum cleaners.

On a final note, the Trustees would like to thank Ted for his constant support. When we decided as a
congregation to move forward with building a new church, doubts were raised as to the feasibility of
such a small congregation to see this massive project through. Although we still have not completed this
mission, the congregation has risen to the challenge to accomplish many things thus far. Ted’s faith in
our congregation never wavered and his stance that “God will provide” has proven to be true. Through
our community of togetherness and Ted’s leadership, this new building has become a reality. We will
miss his guidance. The tree ceremony in honor of Katie Foy showed another aspect of what we will miss
most about Ted and that is his ability to say what was in our hearts about Katie. We will miss those
moments from you Ted, especially your ability to relate to our Center Chapel youth.

                                        The Trustees Committee

       Don Freeman, Chairperson                       Ed Foy
       Kevin Hansen, Vice-Chairperson                 Eric Vinton
       Vicki Pierson, Secretary                       Harris Eveland
       Ellen Gripp                                    Rod Chittenden
       Cris Hirsch
                              I have experienced spiritual growth/refuge at
                                    Center Chapel UMC through…

The Stewardship Committee invites each member of the CCUMC community to reflect and share your
thoughts on this prompt. You may respond on a green card, which is available at church. You may also
mail, email centerchapelumc@gmail.com, or post a blog entry on the CCUMC website,

Over the next several months, there will be several more invitations to ponder. Anyone who wishes to
share your responses during worship is warmly encouraged to do so. Let a member of the Stewardship
Committee know of your willingness. The members are Rosie Babcock, Ellen Gripp, Brenda Thompson,
Bob Burns, Lana Lyddon Hatten, and Ted Lyddon Hatten.

Here are some of the generous responses to the second prompt, the blue card.

I have experienced Center Chapel UMC as a community of love and forgiveness through…
coming to Sunday School.

coming to Sunday School with a friend.

going to the Drumbeat for Darfur.

when we greet each other at the beginning of the service.

during church.

at home.


when I got arthritis in my hips.

the love and care that was shown when my Grandma died.

welcoming to be involved in the ministries of the church.

Ted’s message when he told us about the minister’s addiction from the UMC in town and asked for our
prayers and love for the congregation, minister, and his family.

the healing service on the first Sunday in Advent the first year in our new building.

Vacation Bible School!!!! especially the directors and those who prepare and serve dinner

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