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									The Rich Jerk, the Right Jerk?

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Heard of the Rich Jerk? The internet marketing entrepreneur Jerk who
sells his ebook in an interesting way.

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marketing, business opportunity

Article Body:
From an anonymous career of internet marketing success, the Rich Jerk has
built an affiliate marketing empire, based entirely around the sales and
promotion of the all powerful Rich Jerk E-Book.

He has revolutionized the "make tons of quick money on the internet"
scene with such marvelously orchestrated precision, that his ebook sales
are pushing the Rich Jerk to new horizons of mass wealth, throwing
himself into the world of the wealthy and privileged.

Although it hasn't been a ruff road for the Rich Jerk recently, there are
some key elements he has developed that directly lead to his powerful
presence and success on the web.

In terms of marketing, his approach to "selling" his e-book can teach all
but the most experienced internet marketing guru's a great deal about how
people will react to his sometimes "rude and crude" sales pitch approach.

Listen Closely

1) The Rich Jerk, either by his own incredible design, or by sheer luck,
has waited to unveil his "internet marketing secrets" until the most
precise moment, when he knew a "hostile take over" would be more than
simple enough.

2) From its arrival on the web, the Rich Jerk has had tens of hundreds of
super-affiliates promoting his e-book, seemingly saturating the internet
market quickly. But the buzz surrounding the richjerk program through
powerful articles, like the one seen in Yahoo news, created such a strong
sense of credibility to prospective entrepreneurs to purchase the popular
ebook, that it seems the sky is the limit for the profits the Rich Jerk
can pull.

3) He seems to attack you, saying "i'm better than you", flashing cars,
yachts, and luxury homes, forcing you to visualize what you will do with
the money you make from purchasing his ebook. Even though you've heard
all the promises before, he still gets you thinking.
4) After throwing jealousy at you, the Rich Jerk begins to lay out about
15 or 20 listed ways that he specifically uses to make his money online.
The kind of info that just really makes you feel like "this could work
for me" or "he's so right, it seems clear now". He promises to teach you
about his profitable web sites, and even create one for you, assuring you
that it is too difficult to find what's making money and what isn't on
your own.

5) He has filled his sales page with images of his bank statements,
checks received, paypal account statements, and more. Driving home even
further how rich he is, and how rich you aren't.

Then he goes for the jugular...

6) "I just bought two more cars and another mansion....did you?" -the
Rich Jerk

.....did you?

"Well, if you are not convinced, I don't give a s#@%*. Go ahead and keep
making your measly couple of grand every month, or whatever pathetic
amount you make. When you are fed up, you'll be back."- the Rich Jerk

Ouch, that kind of hurts......and then he has you.

Its so in your face, derogatory, and offensive, that you are practically
forced to the purchase page just so you can feel good about yourself. He
has battered and abused your ego so badly, that he has sold you without
out ever trying to. How can he call you a pathetic moron, tell you to
leave if you don't like his attitude, and offer your measly money back,
unless he is telling the truth?

He has been obnoxious and manipulative, not even breaking a sweat to get
your hard earned $50.

And that is where the genius lies.

With that said, i'm still going to shell out the $49.95 and get my grip
on a copy of the highly sought after rich jerk ebook. I'll study the
material, determine if its all he's cracked it up to be, and then decide
if its time to establish my own internet marketing offensive.

Here is the link to the Rich Jerk sales letter and web site, decide for
yourself. Oh, but if you get offended easily, its in your best interest
to avoid the web page, otherwise get ready to be attacked with a
malicious grin.

The Rich Jerk

Wondering how i'm so positive the Rich Jerk is selling his ebook to make
money online like they are going out of style, just check clickbank and
see how long he has been the number one best selling affiliate program,
competing against more than 10,000 other products. If that doesn't say
he's selling, I don't know what does.

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