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									Solve Problems With A Word List

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There are many methods to solve problems. One of the most systematic is
using the question "What if it was...?"

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To creatively solve problems you need to get your mind looking in new
directions. You can systematically do this by using a list of words,
primarily adjectives, to create "what if?" scenarios. You start with the
question, "what if it was..." and then insert a word from the list. The
"it" in the question is the problem you're trying to solve, or the
solution or situation that exists now.

Using "What If" To Solve Problems

An example will help explain the process. Assume your house is too
crowded because you're running your business from it. You ask, "What if
it was..." and insert from the word list, "smaller." The house is already
too small, but could the business be smaller? The word "divided" might
give you the idea to keep the business in just one part of the house.

Most words on the list won't help, so you can go through the irrelevant
ones quickly. Don't automatically dismiss them, though, without a few
seconds consideration. "What if it was hopeless?" may seem like a useless
question, or it may make you realize that you just can't keep the
business in the house any longer.

As with most problem-solving techniques, it's important to allow ideas to
flow without judging them initially. Don't stifle the creative process.
Evaluate your ideas later, when you're done with this part.

The Problem Solving Word List

You can create your own list of words. Use adjectives, descriptive
phrases, and words that can change your perspective. These could include
the following:

What if it was... larger, smaller, farther away, closer, sooner, later,
easier, more difficult, higher, fat, rich, short, black, certain,
hopeless, newer, boring, casual, subtracted from, cheaper, common,
divided, more interesting, extravagant, subtle, or fun?

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