METSI PEPA GAME AND NATURE RESERVE


It is a privilege to introduce you to a landmark development and to offer you the opportunity to become part
of the first organic and wellness eco-estate in South Africa.

This information memorandum is aimed at providing you with all you need to know about the Metsi Pepa
Game & Nature Reserve development.

The Metsi Pepa Game and Nature Reserve has already set a global benchmark for lifestyle and hospitality
developments, and a new era in design, features and overall composure.

This lifestyle development has been modelled on proven global concepts and has also taken thus far the
lead in the establishment of new concepts in design and lifestyle. This development takes the concept of a
holiday or second home to an entirely new level of luxury and exclusivity, and simultaneously offers various
possibilities of teambuilding, conferencing and relaxation.

The investment opportunity is to both individuals and companies who realise the benefits of a lifestyle based
on the principles of balance and wellness.

The focus of this concept is not that of merely money-making. – the ultimate goal is to provide you with real
value. This development is about a choice in lifestyle and an investment in yourself, your family and your
employees. It is about realising wonderful opportunities in life that money can not buy. The investment
opportunity that we offer provides you with the most positive aspects of ownership, a world-class holiday
experience, and access to excellent facilities for yourself, your family and your company. The benefits of
ownership far exceed the cost of outright ownership.

Managed by the very best of international and world-class hospitality experts who understand the unique
cultures and features of our country and their people, Metsi Pepa will provide both local and international
visitors with a true African cultural and-eco experience. In this respect think of natural features like clear
spring water bubbling from the Eye of the Mooi River, meandering river pathways, and unique fishing
experiences. Also think of exploring the Somerville Cave – the largest cave that has been discovered in the
southern hemisphere. Or become part of a Big-Five game experience – opportunities and experiences
combined with luxury accommodation and a wide variety of entertainment facilities.

I would like to invite you to meet with me and the Metsi Pepa team for a personal introduction to our
landmark development, designed in accordance with the principles of organic design and features, the six
elements of wellness, coupled with a passion for the eco-environment and conservation of our natural


Chief Executive Officer











The development of the Metsi Pepa Game and Nature Reserve implies far more that merely property
ownership, lifestyle and privileges. This reserve is destined to become one of Africa‟s most exclusive
landmark developments and the first ever to be designed in true organic context. Integrated with wellness
and eco-components, Metsi Pepa offers a selection of luxury lodge rooms, private lodges and a selection of
residential stands. In addition you have the opportunity to design your own break-away place in an
untouched landscape.

The Metsi Pepa Game and Nature Reserve comprises a Big-Five, five-star organic and wellness eco-estate
destination located in an area slightly more that an hour‟s drive from Johannesburg and Pretoria in the
North-West province. This malaria-free stretch of land of 9 000 ha (22 000 acres) is rich in natural
resources. The Eye (source) of the Mooi River which provides clear drinking spring water originates in the
reserve. The largest cave in the southern hemisphere is located in the centre of the reserve and offers
adventure tourists a thrilling experience.

Seven different types of luxury lodges will be built. The finishing touches and interior design will be executed
with an uncompromising commitment to quality, luxury and world-class standards. The main hotel complex
with restaurants, conference facilities, pool deck, and African revitalisation spa designed with an East-
African and Moroccan „feel‟, add to a unsurpassed relaxation experience.

Attributes of Metsi Pepa‟s sectional title lodge rooms:

♦      The positioning of each lodge room will ensure a unobstructed view of its spectacular location
♦      Featured architecture and interior design in organic style will be the hallmark of the residences
♦      Finishes will be flawless with no detail overlooked
♦      Equipment, such as plasma-screen TV and state of the art sound equipment, will be of the highest
♦      Access to deluxe services such as:
       ▪       Concierge
       ▪       Pre-arrival concierge
       ▪       Transportation and chauffeur service
       ▪       Valet service
       ▪       Room service
       ▪       Butler service
       ▪       Private patios with fireplace and barbecue facilities



We apply the AUS principles of investment (Asset Appreciation, Usage, Share)

In contrast to other property investments offering only one or two investors‟ benefits, the Metsi Pepa
investors‟ model offers you all three investment benefits, plus additional privileges that the facilities and
amenities of this top-class development offer its users.

As a sectional title owner you will receive the benefit of asset appreciation / return on investment on resale
of your ownership.

Conservative estimation of asset appreciation: 10% -15%
Acquisition price: R1 895 000
Estimated value of property after two years*: R2 292 950 (appreciation of R397 950)
*(This figure is based on 10% growth per annum – for illustrative purposes only)
(Does not take into account potential tax benefits – consult your own financial adviser)

As a sectional title owner you are entitled to use your unit for a total of eight weeks (56 days) and you are
allowed to book your unit for any time of the year or at any frequency. If your unit is not available, you can
hire any of the other equivalent rooms or upgrade to another room. If you are a corporate investor and wish
to utilise the unit for teambuilding, you can also use all, or part of your allotted days, at the same time.

Investors’ preamble
   An investor has the option to utilise his/her unit for 56 nights (15% of a year) for own use at no charge,
   with the remaining 85% leased to the rental pool (with the option to pool back up to 100% to increase
   rental share).

Rental Pool Disbursement
    35% income allocation to owners, distributed on an 85% - 100% basis, dependent on the number of
       days spent on the “own-use” occupancy option.
    65% income allocation to operational costs.
    Income distribution proportionate to occupation levels.
    Single rental pool.
    Remunerated monthly in arrears.


As a member of Metsi Pepa Investors Club you will receive a Platinum Privilege Card.

The philosophy behind the privilege card is to identify as many benefits as possible to pass on to our
investors‟ club members.

When the card is launched it will offer the following:

♦      International exchange options through the RCI and Registry Collection

♦      An exquisite and unique food and wine experience at the restaurants at the main complex. In
       addition the underground wine cellar can be reserved for private usage (special discount for
       investors‟ reservations).

♦      A sheer indulgent spa experience at preferential rates at the African revitalisation spa.

♦      Membership of the Metsi Pepa Sports Academy with an extensive range of sport facilities available.
       These facilities will be suitable to host club, national and international sport events. Inclusive to this
       opportunity club members will have access to recreational activities, such as the use of an Olympic-
       size swimming pool, and sports options such as soccer, rugby, tennis, netball, cricket, athletics,
       water polo, underwater hockey, etc.

♦      Preferential rates to all Metsi Pepa Game Reserve activities including game drives on the 9 000 ha
       (22 000 acres) Big-Five game reserve; tours to the 1 300 ha predators‟ camp to experience the
       feeding of cheetahs, lions, leopards, hyenas and wild dogs in a breeding area.

♦      Cave drives and cave picnics including a trip to the Somerville Cave, the largest cave in the southern
       hemisphere (SASA - Tvl 1979-82).

♦      Preferential rates for conference and team-building events, as well as for recreational facilities and
       amenities including the recreation-for-wellness and the executive-wellness programmes.


   2% deposit reserves
   8% within 30 days after approval of application (expected by ± 01 November 2006)

(Calculation based on River-lodge rooms)
Conservative estimation of asset appreciation: 10% -15%
Acquisition price: R1 895 000
Value of property after two years* R2 292 950 (appreciation of R397 950)
*Based on 10% growth per annum – for illustrative purposes only (does not take into account potential tax
benefits – consult your own financial adviser)

If you apply for financing your investment, keep in mind that your investment will show the following returns:
Bond costs per annum on River lodges                                 R 176 352 p.a.
(calculated on a bond of 90% at a rate of 9,5% over 15 years)
Value of 56 days (eight weeks) at normal average room rates*         R83 440
Net Property Cost (NPC) per annum before rental-pool income          R 92 912

SHARE IN RENTAL POOL                                         60% OCCUP          69% OCCUP.
                      R’000         Installment Room rate   35% Share*          35% Share
River lodges          R1 895        R14 696       R1 490    R114 209            R131 340
Classic               R2 395        R 18 574      R1 900    R145 635            R167 480
Deluxe                R2 595        R20 125       R2 050    R157 133            R180 702
Superior              R2 695        R20 901       R2 150    R164 798            R189 517
Executive             R2 995        R23 227       R2 400    R183 960            R211 554
Premier               R3 195        R24 778       R2 600    R199 290            R229 184
   • 90% Bond based on prime 2%- platinum rating. Average room occupation achieved in 2004/05 for
        South African hotels was 69% (Rapport 2 July 2006).

                                           60% OCCUP.       69% OCCUP.
          Annual Bond 56 Days    NPC       Ex6/(Shortf)*    x6/(Shortf)*
River      R176 352     R83 440  R92 912   R21 297          R38 428
Classic    R222 888     R106 400 R116 488  R29 147          R50 992
Deluxe     R241 500     R114 800 R126 700  R30 433          R54 002
Superior   R250 812     R120 400 R130 412  R34 386          R59 105
Executive  R278 724     R13 400  R144 324  R39 636          R67 230
Premier    R297 336     R145 600 R151 736  R47 554          R77 447

After 15 years your property investment will be fully paid and you will have received an excess benefit of
approximately R965 000 (based on a 7% inflation increase).


Asset appreciation                           10% -15%

Example                       Cost of unit   R1 895 000

90% bond prime -2%            Installment    R14 696 p.m.
                                             R176 352 p.a.

Rental income +- 0.5% of cap cost         R113 700 p.a.
                                  Excess / (Shortfall)
Net cost per annum                        (R62 652)*
*(Excluding any maintenance and administration cost or any tax-reclaim portions – consult your own
personal tax consultant)


Two types of design choices have been created. The River lodges on the fringe of the Eye of the Mooi River
are free-standing units with spacious rooms, luxury bathrooms – both with internal and external showers. In
addition each room has a large wooden patio with a private fireplace. All rooms have been designed to offer
you complete privacy and luxury to enjoy your leisure time with your friends and family. If you do not feel like
spoiling yourself in one of the top restaurants at the resort, you can order a „mobile kitchen basket‟ with your
own choice of food. In this way you can enjoy a private barbecue with your family and friends with the
advantage that you do not have to do the dishes – the ultimate spoil when self-catering!

The private lodges offer five different types of design, mainly to cater for different preferences of luxury and

All these private lodges resemble small „camps‟ designed in African-village style. (African villages usually
originate and come into being when the initial home built by the king/patriach has to be complemented by
more and more homes as his family grows – eventually developing in a village where the family groups
together as a community.) With one central relaxation area to share, one is able to experience one‟s own
sense of community and sense of place. The relaxation area is fully equipped with service staff and butlers
to spoil you with your own individual preferences or to cater for the unique needs of a group or of
conference delegates. A private lodge can be used as a luxury self-catering facility or as a smaller „boutique
hotel‟ within a larger resort.

The architecture of these lodges is contemporary in style and follows the contours and shapes of nature,
incorporating natural materials and elements like water, light, earth. These elements being incorporated in
the design, integrate the experience of the inside and the outside surroundings in true organic style. Large
glazed sliding doors off the living and sleeping areas add to this feeling and present unobstructed views
wherever you are.

Similar to the River lodges, the private-lodge rooms (a choice of classic, deluxe, superior, executive and
premier gradation) have also been designed to provide you with luxury room space, a large luxurious
bathroom and a private patio with a fireplace. Here you can enjoy the freedom of your own privacy and
again, if you do not feel like sharing the company of friends, order your own „mobile-kitchen unit‟ and
delicatessen from the food parlour and enjoy your self-catering evening in style.

Metsi Pepa Game and Nature Reserve offers peace of mind in a secure environment, and a lifestyle that
residents can fit into at leisure. The Development comprises private residences and lodges, a Big-Five
nature reserve, a world-class resort hotel, a luxurious revitalisation spa with a gym, fine-dining restaurants
and outstanding sports facilities, including an Olympic-size swimming pool.

This resort is a paradise for sport-enthusiasts with a wealth of outdoor facilities at the Metsi Pepa Sports
Academy and Recreation Centre. Being of international standard, complete with club-house and team-
building areas, these facilities will attract professional athletes and sport fanatics from all over the world. The
variety of sport activities include rugby, cricket, netball, tennis, hockey, soccer, underwater hockey, water
polo, scuba-diving training, swimming, target shooting, horse riding, and many more recreational activities.

The natural and recreational features of Metsi Pepa Game Reserve are vast. In this reserve you can enjoy a
variety of activities and relaxational options, be it bass fishing from your own mokorro in the river pathways,
enjoying a game drive with your family to see the Big Five, or a tour to the predators‟ camp to feed the wild
dogs and cheetahs. You can even choose to abseil into the largest cave in the southern hemisphere! There
surely are only a few places to be found with more variety and activities. (See brochure or website for a
more complete list of activities and amenities.)


The Lindiwe Development Group is a leader in luxury residential and leisure developments.

Lindiwe Developments was established in 2004 with the purpose of establishing a unique and innovative
style of development: Organic and wellness eco-estates.

This style of development is the first of its kind in the world, and is in tune with the global trend towards
wellness in living and lifestyle. Lindiwe has the purpose of addressing the special market need “to be well, to
work well and live well”.

Our vision

We aim to revolutionise the traditional estate-development market by establishing developments unique in
kind. These developments support environmentally responsible principles coupled with the aim of also
moving towards greater economic efficiency. Organic and wellness eco-estates thus developed, in a sense
support the principles, but also result from the principles that order nature and give meaning to human

What is an “organic and wellness eco-estate”?

An organic and wellness eco-estate consists of two components: Physical development (or “sense of place”)
and social re-engineering (or “sense of community”).

Physical development (“sense of place”)

The first component of an organic and wellness eco-estate relates to the physical development or “sense of
place”. Lindiwe Developments follows a holistic approach to implement this concept. This point of departure
differs from the linear approach traditionally applied in development projects. By viewing development as an
integrated system, all stake-holder groups are invited to participate in the developmental phases. This
approach allows for the fact that the development reaches far beyond its immediate borders, and impacts on
surrounding communities, economies and eco-systems. This kind of teamwork promotes sustainable
development being integrated into sustainable village living.

Social re-engineering (“sense of community”)

The second component of an organic and wellness eco-estate implies social re-engineering or the “sense of
community”. The wellness concept can be summarised as follows: Wellness implies the dynamic process of
becoming aware of, making conscious choices about, and acting towards a more balanced and healthy
lifestyle. This concept is implemented in various forms, including recreation, wellness management, cultural
workshops, incorporation of wildlife into the development, fresh products stores, and so on.

Location and site layout

An organic and wellness eco-estate is ideally located out of town and in an untouched environment with
trees, rivers, wild animals, birds and other natural features.

The site layout aims to incorporate the natural features of the environment into the design, following the flow
and character of the surrounding landscape. Trees, rocks and other elements are utilised in the site layout
rather than destroying or removing them. The characteristic features of the landscape are thus incorporated
into the overall layout. Aesthetical quality in harmony with functional layout is strongly emphasised in the

Architectural design

A prominent concept of the philosophy behind the architectural design is that of the “green house”. This
concept entails the use of natural material that corresponds to “shapes of nature”. The design implemented
is determined by the nature of the materials used. The contours of flowing water, the sky line, trees, leaves,
rocks, stones, and other elements of nature are thus optimally utilised.

The central concept is that, by exploring our need to live in harmony with nature, the development design
subtly gives order to the natural features of the existing landscape.

Landscaping and gardens

All our developments incorporate indigenous flora, landscaped into gardens to emphasise the pristine
natural beauty of the locations. Gardens are laid out following wellness-design concepts, and coupled with
natural water features. Organic vegetable, fruit and herb gardens are cultivated and available to residents
for culinary enjoyment and utilization.

Wellness management and wellness lifestyle

Wellness management and wellness lifestyles are made possible by Lindiwe's unique "recreation for
wellness" programmes developed in co-operation with some of the best bio-kinetic, industrial-psychology
and wellness specialists in the world. All initiatives are based on scientific principles and have the purpose
of fulfilling the need for wellness living and wellness lifestyles.

Overall integrated wellness construct

The six elements of wellness – intellectual, spiritual, emotional, physical, occupational and social, are
incorporated into a unique overall "integrated wellness construct". This construct thus gives form to a
balanced programme with suitable intervention and recreational activities to guide individuals in following a
programme to complete wellness.

Wellness facilities to support our wellness programmes

Facilities like our restaurants, health spas, health and fitness centres and others are specially designed to
facilitate and support our "recreation for wellness" programmes. In addition our conference facilities and
superb accommodation offer a perfect platform for teambuilding based on our "integrated wellness


Income-generating property investments – the hottest trend in property worldwide

In 2004 sales derived from „condominium hotels and fractional ownership within a hospitality environment‟
totalled R7 3 billion worldwide. This figure represents a 112% growth since the R3 45 billion of 2003!

South Africa is following this trend with life-style and leisure-property investments being in the forefront of
the property-development market. However, low interest rates (liquidity) and short-term profit (greed) and
not value (soundness of the underlying investment and the benefits of use) have often been the key drivers
of the market.

Lindiwe Developments – specialist in the development of organic and wellness eco-estates are now
launching Metsi Pepa Game & Nature Reserve – a Big Five game-reserve development with all the right

Important for any investment is that the fundamentals need to be in place to ensure sustainable growth and
a healthy ROI. A mixed performance of the latest lifestyle, leisure and hospitality related property
investments on the JSE has indicated that the key differential for serious investors is value.

At Lindiwe Developments strategic insight coupled with in-depth research and analysis into global and local
market trends and conditions drive all our projects and development processes. A thorough in-house due
diligence audit will regularly be undertaken.

We aim to ensure that each of our developments matches market demand as far as location, pricing, and
choice are concerned.

We believe our latest condominium hotel development, the Metsi Pepa Game & Nature Reserve – an
organic and wellness eco- estate resort development – sets the bar at new heights and will become the blue
print against which future lifestyle and leisure related property developments in South Africa will be

Listed below are some of the main economic, health and financial factors that have been fundamental in
determining the desirability and sustainability of Metsi Pepa Game & Nature Reserve

    A Big-Five, five-star destination
    A disease and malaria free region
    One hour from Africa‟s economic and financial capital, Johannesburg
    One hour from Africa‟s leading international airport
    One hour from three world-cup venues
    Same time zone as Europe – ideal as short and medium-stay venue
    Moderate all year round climate, making venue activities and facilities accessible and usable
       throughout the year.
    Unique natural features – the Eye (source) of the Mooi River, 7 km river frontage and large dam
       suitable for fishing and water sport, 14 natural caves and 9 000 ha (22 000 acres) landscape variety.

Pricing (property investors and travellers)
     Attractive pricing options to suit corporate and individual leisure and lifestyle investors
     Selection allows both investors and travellers with pricing options to suit their pockets and profile
     Investment model designed to cover bond costs from income generated by the property

Choice (investment and activities)
   Nine different types of sectional title investment options to choose from
   Sectional title usage options allows investor to determine actual revenue profile (rental-pool concept)
       Facilities can accommodate single leisure travellers as well as large corporate and leisure groups
       Range of leisure and executive accommodation options available
       Fully serviced and self-service flexibility
       World-class wellness and conference facilities
       Adventure and sun-seeker paradise
       Nature and golf lovers fully catered for
       MICE venue (Meetings, Conferences, Incentives and Exhibitions )

Metsi Pepa Game & Nature Reserve, designed in truly organic style, is bound to become a landmark venue
on the global leisure-destination map. Thus if you are a serious individual or corporate investor who would
like to find out more about Metsi-Pepa and the pre-launch benefits and discounts available, please click
here to visit our website or complete the online registration form at the bottom of this e-mail, and one of our
team will contact you. You will also be automatically added to our e-mail newsletter and alert service.

If it is value you seek, remember it is value we offer. Contact us now for a no obligation one-to-one
presentation or to arrange a visit to the Metsi Pepa Game & Nature Reserve development site.


There are three contractual agreements that need to be signed to conclude your ownership and to entitle
you to all the benefits that you qualify for:

   1.      The Offer to Purchase (sectional title ownership)

   2.      The Rental Pool Agreement (which supplies details about your share in the rental pool)

   3.      The Use Agreement (to outline the „house rules‟ of the development)


Sectional title ownership

   1.       Why has this specific structure been selected to apply?
   Sectional title ownership allows you complete ownership and usage of the asset, and not simply the
   concept of usage central to some other popular vacation models. Sectional title ownership also grants
   you the independence to sell and to use your property. From a legal perspective sectional title ownership
   is also the safest investment vehicle.

   Metsi Pepa is modelled on international best practices but these have been extended to provide an offer
   that is unique in its combination of luxury residences, superior amenities, deluxe services and unrivalled
   privileges. In essence this model creates an exclusive holiday-ownership opportunity.

   2.       Why has this concept been developed?

   Primarily the concept has been developed to extend a lifestyle opportunity that only a few can afford,
   that is, the opportunity to combine the benefits of second-home ownership with amenities and services
   available from a world-class luxury hotel. Secondly this kind of development has been chosen because it
   makes financial sense. According to current studies the average second-home owner uses his/her
   property only 17 days per year. The Metsi Pepa sectional title ownership option offers an attractive,
   problem-free way to balance your vacation-time usage to the investment you make in a second home.

   3.      What are the advantages of sectional title ownership at Metsi Pepa?
        •     To enjoy services equivalent to a five-star hotel – services that are not usually available to
        second-home owners

        •      To have an extensive range of amenities available to profit optimally from your leisure time

        •      To invite family, friends, employees and clients to enjoy the same privileges and services

        •      To know that the property is professionally managed by word-class operators, avoiding
               maintenance hassles and concerns typically associated with a second home

        •      To have the benefit of earning additional income from your property during periods when you
               do not use it, without the hassle to find tenants.

   The units

   4.       Who will design and build the units?

        The units have been designed by Bild Architects, specialists in the hospitality industry – a company
        that has already completed assignments for large operators. They were also the designers of the
        Palace of the Lost City.

        The units will be built by Grinaker-LTA – well-known for complexes like Monte Casino, Emperors‟
        Place, Valley of the Waves, Lost City, and many more landmark buildings in South Africa.

   5.       Are owners allowed to make changes to the intended building plans and interior?

            Unfortunately no. The success of the concept depends on maintaining professionally designed
            and delivered units. This aim can only be achieved by appointing award-winning architects and
            interior designers and allowing them to deliver their very best work.

   6.       Will the units be maintained and refurbished to five-star quality?
            The Developers and Resort Managers are unequivocally committed to maintaining the facilities
            to the luxury five-star standards as set. The reserves to achieve this is built into the levies and
            operating income from the hotel.


   7.       How often can owners stay at a residence?

            Owners can stay as often as they choose up to a total of 56 days, and subject to the Use

   8.       Can I invite my friends or colleagues to stay in my unit?

            Yes. You can as long as you inform the Resort Managers and your request falls within your
            allowable usage limits, and it complies to the same Use Regulations as set out. The
            requirements for usage have specifically been developed to benefit company preferences –
            companies can use their usage benefit as an incentive for staff or as a company enterprise for
            team building. The number of days can be booked at the same time, i.e. if 56 employees wish to
            stay one evening and use all their allowable time, they can do so on the same day, subject to
            availability and reservation policies.

   9.       Do all members have equal access and equal privileges at all times?

         Yes. We have only one level of ownership. Even though the level of luxury differs from one unit to
         another, the benefits and privileges of ownership remains the same throughout.

   10.      Do I always have to stay in the same unit or can I swop to stay in other units?

         If your unit is free, and you have usage available, you can stay in it. Alternatively we can place you in
         a similar unit or swop your booking to use a more luxurious unit with a small upgrade in price.

Service and amenities

   11.      Are the units maintained on a daily basis according to the standards of a five-star hotel?


   12.      What amenities and services are included in my ownership privileges?

         All the privileges are detailed in this document: Investors‟ Rights and Privileges

Financial & legal aspects

   13.      Can I resell my ownership?

   Yes, you are the owner and you may resell it whenever you wish to do so.

   14.      Can more than one family or individual own a single unit?

         Yes. The mechanism for this option is determined entirely by the buyer and has to be set up
         independent of the Resort.

   15.     Can a corporate entity own a club membership?

Yes, the structure has specifically been developed with the needs of corporate owners in mind.

Rental pool

Can I rent my time when I do not use it?
The Resort will operate a rental pool. Members have the choice to pool their time which will then be made
available to the hotel operators to rent to other people.

Income will be distributed on a monthly basis, one month in arrears according to the rental usage, and
subject to the rules of the rental pool (see the Rental Pool Agreement).

   16.     Is financing available for membership costs?

Yes. That is why we have chosen the sectional title option. We can also arrange finance for you or you can
make use of your own financiers.

   17.     Are VAT and transfer duties included in the purchase price?

Yes. You have an all-inclusive package.

   18.     What is the estimated completion date?

   The estimated time for opening the reserve is mid 2008 to beginning 2009.

   19.     What security measures are taken at the resort?

We regard security as of paramount importance, and this aspect has been built in as a key criteria.

   20.     Do I need to use conveyance attorneys?

Yes. The conveyance attorneys are Gerhard van der Merwe Attorneys.


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