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Second Homes: A bright spot in the real estate market
Matt Mullins

It is no secret that the housing market is   Many second home-owners plan to rent         Research indicates that nearly half of
experiencing a major correction after its    and/or let their children use their unit,    vacation homes are in resort or
long run of excessive price growth, but      with the long-term goal of making it their   recreation areas. As illustrated in the
the one bright spot in today’s real estate   retirement residence.                        following chart, most vacation home
market is the second home.                                                                owners noted their interest in water
                                                                                          sports as a primary motivation for
According to the National Association of                                                  purchasing a second home. Many of
Realtors (NAR), second-home sales                                                         the desired features for a vacation home
accounted for an astonishing 36% of all                                                   are to be found at destinations in
existing home and new home sales in                                                       northern Minnesota, with water sports,
2006. Vacation home sales increased                                                       boating, fishing, and golf.
by approximately 5% this past year and
accounted for 14% of all home
purchases, while investment home sales
and primary residence sales fell by 29%
and 4%, respectively.

Second homes are one of the fastest          Lutsen Resort – Cliff House Townhomes
growing sectors in the real estate                       (Lutsen, MN)
industry and we expect it to rise over the
next decade as America’s 79 million          Second Homebuyer Trends
baby boomers (born between 1946 -
1964, now ages 43 - 61) continue their       Second-home owners refer to
quest for second homes. This attractive      householders that own one or more
demographic is the country’s largest         residential properties in addition to a
generation. Baby boomers are still in        primary residence, and who use these
their peak earning years, and today          properties for either investment or
have more free time as they have             vacation purposes. Today, the typical        The “New” Second Ownership -
become empty nesters. Boomers are            vacation home owner is 59 years old,
seeking to diversity their investments,      according to NAR data. An
and looking for recreational amenities.      overwhelming majority of vacation
At the same time, technological              homebuyers are married (78% in 2006)         Second homes are not just limited to
advances and flexible work                   and about 14% of vacation buyers own         full-ownership product types. Today in
environments have made second                more than one vacation home.                 addition to vacation homes, second
homes increasingly more attractive to                                                     homes include fractional ownership,
the population as a whole.                   The median distance between vacation
                                                                                          destination clubs, timeshares, condo
                                             homes and the primary residence was
                                             215 miles. However, 42% were within          hotels, even houseboats. In Minnesota,
                                             100-miles and another 32% were 500           growth in the leisure market, paired with
                                             miles or greater. About half of second       the high cost of vacation property, has
                                             home owners’ primary residences are in       resulted in a growing number of
                                             the suburbs. The following chart shows
                                             buyer motivation for purchasing a            fractional ownership projects in northern
                                             vacation home; while a significant           Minnesota.
                                             number purchase the property for
                                             investment reasons (diversification, tax     Fractional ownership allows individuals
                                             benefits, etc.), most want to have a         to be able to share ownership and use a
                                             vacation retreat for family and friends, a   vacation home for a portion of the year,
                                             property to retire to at a later date.       often without the difficulties and hassles
                                                                                          associated with full ownership. There is
                                                                                          often a management company that
                                                                                          handles the scheduling and
                                                                                          maintenance of the home for the
                                                                                          owners. Fractional ownership typically
       Temperance Landing                                                                 divides property in fourths, eighths, and
         (Schroeder,MN)                                                                   13ths. While similar to timeshares,
                                                                                          fractional ownership provides direct
People who buy second homes for their                                                     ownership of the property with deed title
primary residence benefit from tax write-                                                 to the land as well. In general, the
offs from mortgage interest, taxes, and                                                   prospective buyer of a fractional product
insurance. Vacation home owners can                                                       has always wanted a vacation home
avoid capital gains of up to $250,000                                                     and has the means to secure one, but
(single person) and $500,000 (couple) if                                                  the fractional product offers all of the
they live in the house two of the                                                         benefits of second home ownership at a
previous five years prior to selling.                                                     “fraction” of the cost.

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                                                                                                            Minneapolis, MN 55413
                                                                                                            Suite 400
                                                                                                            615 First Avenue NE

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                                                                 completed projects include Burlington                          Raising the amenity bar
                                                                 Bay in Two Harbors and Larsmont
                                                                 Cottages in Larsmont. These                                    Finally, most these new vacation
                                                                 developments have a majority of three-                         developments are raising the bar with a
                                                                                                                                higher-level of in-unit finishes and
                                                                 bedroom/three bath units with quarter                          access to a wide variety of recreational
                                                                 shares ranging from $130,000 to                                amenities. Unit features typically
                                                                 $189,000. Burlington Bay also offers                           include granite or Cambria counters,
                                                                 one-eighth shares starting at about                            custom cabinetry, porcelain tile floors,
                                                                 $70,000. Other older fractional share                          ceramic tile baths, stainless steel
                                                                 projects along the North Shore include                         appliances, and gas fireplaces. Many of
Larsmont Cottages (Larsmont, MN)                                 Superior Shores (Lutsen) and Superior                          the resort-style developments have a
                                                                 Townhomes (Two Harbors). All of these                          central lodge with a restaurant, pool,
The value in the fractional purchase is                          developments are also available for full-                      exercise room, sauna, meeting rooms,
looking better each year. Even buyers                                                                                           among other features. Outdoor
                                                                 ownership.                                                     amenities may include boat slips,
who can afford whole ownership see the
added benefits of fractionals. Along with                                                                                       outdoor grills, canoe rentals, lawn
their ownership, they usually receive                                                                                           games, bonfires on the beach during the
onsite concierge services, priority tee                                                                                         summer, and cross-country skiing and
times, valet service, clubhouse access                                                                                          access to groomed snowmobile trails in
with indoor and/or outdoor pools,                                                                                               the winter.
exercise facilities, steam rooms, saunas,
onsite restaurants, and more. Most of
these amenities do not come with the                                                                                            Second/Vacation Home Outlook
traditional lake cabin. The fractional
buyer is purchasing a lifestyle.                                                                                                Despite our current housing market
                                                                                                                                contraction, second homes will likely
                                                                      Trappers Landing (Walker, MN)                             remain a bright spot in the real estate
Although many fractional buyers initially
desire to have their own private home,                                                                                          market over the next decade. In
fractional ownership offers ownership to                         In the Brainerd lakes Area, the vast                           Minnesota, 1.4 million of the state’s 5
a much broader number of people and                              majority of vacation properties are full-                      million persons are baby-boomers, a
offers a reasonable amount of time for                           ownership projects in which owners                             cohort far surpassing all other age
use of the unit. A disadvantage of                               participate in a rental program that                           groups. In addition, 55- to 69-year olds
fractional ownership is somewhat less                            guarantees seasonal use and the ability                        will account for over one-half of
convenience regarding use of the facility                        to trade shares. The only “true”                               population growth over the next decade
(owners are committed to specific                                fractional ownership is Trappers                               - the age group that is most likely to
weeks), which needs to be addressed                                                                                             purchase a second home. Since whole-
                                                                 Landing in Walker, which opened in
by potential buyers.                                                                                                            ownership second homes continue to
                                                                 2007. Trappers Landing offers full, one-                       increase in value, especially in desirable
In the North Shore area - and most                               quarter, and one-sixth ownership                               locations, fractional ownership
recently the Brainerd Lakes Area - there                         options and also has a rental program.                         developments are expected to become
are a number of resorts that offer                               One-quarter share prices range from                            an attractive addition to one’s real estate
fractional ownership opportunities.                              $99,000 to $174,000.                                           portfolio.
Along the North Shore, recently

                Matt Mullins                                                                Matt is a highly motivated individual with experience in real estate consulting in both private and
                Vice President – Business Development                                       governmental sectors. He has conducted real estate market research on behalf of a wide
                                                     variety of clients within the following industries: housing, tourism, entertainment, gaming,
                                                                                            lodging, government and financial institutions.
                                                                                            Matt is a graduate of St. Cloud State University with a degree in Urban Studies and Geography.
                Mr. Mullins joined Maxfield Research in 2003. Matt has over nine years of   Matt is also a licensed Real Estate Broker in the State of Minnesota. Matt has completed the
                experience in real estate research and consulting. Matt specializes in      Mini-Masters of Real Estate Development and Mini-Masters of Real Estate Investment from the
                assessing market demand for proposed and existing real estate projects,     University of St. Thomas. Matt is a member of the Urban Land Institute (ULI), Sensible Land
                conducting feasibility studies, and real estate market analysis.            Use Coalition (SLUC), National Association of Realtors (NAR), Minnesota Association of
                                                                                            Realtors (MAR), and the Minneapolis Association of Realtors (MAAR).

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