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									Introduction to the
 OpenTravel Wiki

       Paul Macias
  Specification Manager

• Introduction to Wikis
• OpenTravel Wiki
  – Location
  – Creating an Account
  – Site Navigation
• Wikitext Basics
           What is a Wiki?

• Hawaiian for “quick”
• Collaboration tool
  – Means for a community of users to create,
    edit, link to, and comment on articles
  – There are lead editors, but every member of
    the community has rights to contribute
                           How Do Wikis Work

• Web interface displays articles stored in
  a database and facilitates community
  interaction with the articles
• Wikitext
       – Simplified markup language to create links
         and format text in a wiki
       – No standardized syntax (as of yet)1
       – OpenTravel uses MediaWiki (same engine as
1 - See Creole effort to standardize wikitext. (
       OpenTravel Wiki URL

OpenTravel Wiki Home
Create Account
Create Account
Create Account

   Create your unique user name
Create Account

   Create your account password
Create Account

   While this is optional, it is used by
   administrators to determine if OpenTravel
   Member permissions are to be granted
Create Account
Create Account
           Create Account

• Some content is available only to
  OpenTravel Members
• Accounts created by members are
  activated within a working day.
Account Management

               User name
               logged in as
Account Management

                 A number of account
                 preferences. Including:
                 change password,
                 email address, etc.
Account Management
             Wiki Navigation
Keyword search. “Go” button
jumps to an article if there is
an exact match.
         Wiki Navigation

Main menu of OpenTravel
wiki content areas.
         Wiki Navigation

Links to the OpenTravel
public website and the
Implementers Forum website.
          Wiki Navigation

Mostly administrative
Wiki Navigation

   Main page: Returns user to the wiki’s
   main page (a.k.a. home page)
Wiki Navigation

   Member Review/Public Review: These
   links appear during the during their
   cycle of the publication process
Wiki Navigation

   Get Involved: Jumps to wiki article
   explaining how OpenTravel members
   and non-members may participate in
   the organization’s activities
Wiki Navigation

   Resources: Jumps to an article
   containing links to helpful resources in
   the wiki and elsewhere
Wiki Navigation

   Active Projects: Goes to an article
   summarizing the OpenTravel projects
   underway in work groups for the
   current publication cycle
Wiki Navigation

   Workgroups: Jumps to a page with
   links to each of the OpenTravel work
      Travel Integration
Wiki Navigation

   Committees: Jumps to a page with
   links to each of the OpenTravel
Wiki Navigation

   Calendar: Shared calendar for
   OpenTravel meeting and telecons. Past
   work group meeting summaries are
   often captured within the calendar
Wiki Navigation

   Help and Support: Jumps to an article
   with links to guidance for certain
   OpenTravel member roles, as well as
   generic wiki help.
Work Group Page Navigation
Work Group Page Navigation

         [Work Group]: Identifies for which
         work group the menu selections relate.
Work Group Page Navigation

         Home: Main page for the work group.
Work Group Page Navigation

         Announcements: Record of current and
         past work group events.
Work Group Page Navigation

         Projects: Record of current and past
         work group projects.
Work Group Page Navigation

         Contacts: The work group Chair,
         Co-Chair, and Specification Manager.
Wiki Editing
                      Wiki Editing

Enter content and manually code
wikitext, or use wiki editing tools, to
format text and make links.
                    Wiki Editing

Preview your edits before saving them
to be published.
                  Wiki Editing

Save the edits.
    Commonly Used Wikitext

Headers: = Header =
         (Add = to each end for sub-headers)
Bulleted List: * Bulleted Item
         (Additional * to create sub-bullets)
Numbered List: # Numbered Item
         (Additional # to create sub-lists)
    Commonly Used Wikitext

Wiki Links: [[Article_Title]]
Labeled Wiki Links:
   [[Article Title|Label]]
Web Links: [http://web_URL]
Labeled Web Links:
     Commonly Used Wikitext

Bold: ‘‘‘Article_Title’’’ (3 single quotes)
Italics: ‘‘Article_Title’’ (2 single quotes)
Bold & Italics: ‘‘‘‘‘Article_Title’’’’’
        (5 single quotes)
New Line: <br/>
         Wikitext Example

=OpenTravel Advisory Forum=
‘‘‘When:’’’ April 14, 2008<br/>
‘‘‘Where:’’’ Atlanta<br/>
* [|OpenTravel
         Wikitext Example
OpenTravel Advisory Forum

When: April 14, 2008
Where: Atlanta

• OpenTravel Website
Introduction to the
 OpenTravel Wiki

       Paul Macias
  Specification Manager

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