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Homes incredible
Robb Report Vacation Homes celebrates an increasingly popular life-style choice
among the world’s affluent – the multiple luxury residence lifestyle. Robb Report

Vacation Homes addresses the unique needs and interests of wealthy consumers who
choose to own and live in luxury homes in multiple locations.

                                        his lifestyle choice spans recreational interests and loca-
                                        tions, from golf to sporting properties, ski to beachfront,
                                        marina to aviation, mountain to urban, domestic and abroad.
                                        These elusive consumers are the decision makers respon-
                                        sible for the phenomenal growth of the luxury home market

                                        In each issue, our editors provide perspective on issues
                                        unique to those owning, buying and selling second, third,
                                        and fourth homes. Robb Report Vacation Homes speaks
                                        to these interests with features on extraordinary homes
                                        around the world – beachfront properties, vineyard
                                        retreats, ranches, country houses, golf resorts, mountain
                                        chalets and equestrian estates. We profile new communities,
                                        and preview future developments to uncover trends and
highlight the latest amenities and features. We examine fully sold developments to review the
finished product of top developers. The magazine explores the evolution of Destination Clubs,
as well as fractional home ownership opportunities and trends. We cover real estate investment
opportunities, tax strategies, maintenance and home security. The only magazine of its kind,
Robb Report Vacation Homes is the authoritative resource for this exclusive market.
An Elite Group of Multiple Luxury Real Estate Ownership**
Home Owners                       RESIDENTIAL PROPERTIES OWNED
                        Of the 28 million affluent*       2+:                       86.5%
                        households in the United          3+:                       39.3%
                        States, only 4.9% own second-     Average:                  2.5 properties
                        ary real estate valued at $1      VALuE Of RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY
                        million or more.**                $1,000,000+:              75.3%
                         Robb Report Vacation Homes       $2,000,000+:              49.4%
                         exclusively targets this elite   $5,000,000+:              17.4%
                         segment of the vacation          Average:                  $2,414,000
home market. Among all affluent households,
those consumers who represent the very top of             Fractional Ownership, Private
the market control a disproportionate ownership           Residence & Destination Clubs*
of upscale real estate and subsequently the furnish-
ings, art and electronics that enhance these homes.       76% are interested in the fractional ownership/
                                                          private residence or destination club concept

Robb Report Vacation Homes                                10%currently own a fractional interest/private
Reader Profile*                                           residence club

Household Income                                          4% currently own a destination club membership
$200,000+:            71%                                 62 % are looking now or would consider own-
$300,000+:            44                                  ing a fractional interest/private residence club in
$500,000+:            26                                  the future

Total Asset Value                                         63% are looking now or would consider own-
                                                          ing a destination club in the future
81% of readers have a Net Worth of $1MM+
48% or readers have a Net Worth of $2.5MM+                *Source: 2008 Shared Ownership Resort Real Estate Survey, Conducted
                                                          by Ragatz Associates;

Household Make-up                                         **Source: 2006 Robb Report Vacation Homes Subscriber Mini Survey
                                                          Base: Over 5,000 Qualified RRVH Subscribers.
Married/Partnered: 87%
Single Male:
Single Female:
                                                          Robb Report Vacation Homes’ select distribu-
Age                                                       tion of over 70,000 copies. Each issue reflects
6% of readers are under 35                                a well-conceived strategy for reaching the most
44% of readers are 35-54                                  elite and elusive real estate consumers: the
50% of readers are 55+                                    buyers and sellers of multiple luxury homes.

Vacation Preferences                                      18,650 to high-end newsstands in key urban and
                                                          resort areas
24% of readers prefer going to a different place
every year                                                23,000 to subscribers and select high-net-worth
8% of readers prefer returning to the same place          11,500 to our proprietary database of custom-
every year                                                home builders, architects, and interior designers
68% of readers prefer going to a combination that         6,000 to private aircraft terminals (FBO)
varies year to year                                       2,700 to luxury hotel suites/private clubs/country
Education                                                 4,000 to high-end realtors/realty offices and
84% of readers have a College Degree+                     customers
                                                          4,150 Upscale events/Tradeshows/Promotional
2009 Editorial Calendar
February/March                                          November/December
Vacation Homes’ first-annual resort-community           In this second-annual issue, our editors high-
guide offers a comprehensive resource for own-          light the best markets for vacation-home buyers.
ers and buyers, covering more than 100 develop-         PLuS: Perfect Yachting—Winter Charter Season;
ments throughout the United States, the Carib-          Furnishings; Mediterranean-Style Homes; South
bean, Mexico, Costa Rica, and Western Europe.           Africa; Australia; and more.
PLuS: Mountain Retreat; A Home Furnished with
Finds from World Travels; French-Caribbean              January/February
Estate; Palapa-Style Homes; Private Islands—A           YEARS BEST
Buyer’s Guide; Furnishings for Mountain Homes;
                                                        Our end-of-year special issue highlights the top
Austin, TX; Scuba Diving; and more.
                                                        new developments, golf courses, sporting com-
                                                        munities, and more from 2009—and offers a
April/May                                               peek at what’s in store for 2010.
YOuR NExT VACATION HOME                                 PLuS: Ranch-Style Homes; Furnishings; Aspen;
                                                        and more.
In this issue’s cover story, real estate and hospi-
tality-industry experts impart essential advice for
would-be buyers.
PLuS: Private Castles; Destination Clubs; Mid-
Century Modern homes; Bermuda; French Riviera;
Outdoor Furniture; Whitefish, Montana; Moun-
tain Climbing; and more.

From $300,000 beachfront bungalows to $20
million ski chalets.
PLuS: Private Spas and Golf Clubhouses; Bali-
nese-Style Homes; Finding the Perfect Ranch; Is-
rael; Furnishings—International Design; Maine;
Surfing; and more.

From Mexico to the Maldives, Italy to Ireland, Vaca-
tion Homes’ inaugural guide to villa rentals show-
cases the most exclusive properties around the world.
PLuS: Vacation Homes as Hotels; Adobe-Style
Homes; Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard, and Nan-
tucket; Tuscany; Macau; Furnishings Inspired by
Nature; Harbour Island; Fly-Fishing; and more.
Closing Dates
Issue 2009                              Space Closing                                   Materials Closing                                     On Sale
Feb/Mar 09                              November 18                                     November 24                                           January 13

Apr/May 09                              January 20                                      January 27                                            March 17

Summer 09                              April 21                                       April 28                                                June 16

Sept/Oct 09                            June 23                                         June 30                                                August 18

Nov/Dec 09                             August 25                                       September 1                                            October 20

Jan/Feb 10                             October 20                                      October 27                                             December 15

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