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Real Estate Agents Only TJ Javadi


									Updated: 12-10-09

                  Pyramid Capital Investment Corp
                                                           Newport Beach, CA

                               Real Estate Agents Only
         Let Us Help Structure Your High Value Real Estate Transactions
                              Stated Purchase Programs to $6,000,000
                              Full Doc Purchase Programs to $7,000,000
                              Specializing In Premium California Real Estate
                      Titanium Program                                                Income                  Occ            Rate

 1st Mortgage FULL DOC Loan to $5.0M at 60% LTV                                                             5/1 ARM
 1st Mortgage STATED Loan to $1.5M at 60% LTV                                                                Owner           4.875%
                                                                                      Full Doc
 720 Scores; 5/1, 7/1, 10/1 Term; Margin: 2.25%, LIBOR Index                                               2nd Home          5.125%
 Programs Require Banking Relationship
 24 Mo. PITI in Seasoned Reserves; ALL Warrantable Condos Ok                                                 Owner           5.000%
 Foreign Nationals loans to 60% to $1,500,000                                                              2nd Home          5.375%
 No Limit on Number of properties Owned
 Self Employed Business Owners Only, No 1099's

                      Platinum Program                                                Income                  Occ            Rate

 Full Doc or Stated Purchase Loan of $3.0M on a $6.0M Purchase                                        5 Yr Fixed Balloon
 1st Mortgage Loan to $2.5M at 40% LTV w/ CLTV at 50%                                                        Owner           5.875%
                                                                                      Full Doc
 2nd Mortgage HELOC to $500k to 50%; Unlimited Cash Out                                                     Investor         6.625%
 720 Min Scores, Lower Scores on Case by Case w/ higher fees
 9-12 Mo PITI in Reserves; Condos okay; 5 yr balloon                                                         Owner           6.625%
                                                                                     VOE Only
 Programs Require Banking Relationship                                                                      Investor         7.375%
 1099's / Schedule C's on case by case

                     Gold Program (WEB)                                               Income                 Term            Rate

 60% to $1,000,000               700 Min Scores; DTI: N/A,
                                                                                      No Ratio              3/1 ARM          4.875%
 55% to $2,000,000               12 Mos PITI in Reserves
 50% to $3,000,000               SFR, 2-4 Units and Condo's
                                                                                  Add 1 point to            5/1 ARM          6.375%
 Owner Occupied is ONLY Available on 3/1 ARM
                                                                                   Rate for Non
 3, 5, 7 or 10 Yr terms; 2nd homes, Non Owner Investor
                                                                                      Owner                 7/1 ARM          6.750%
 Foreign Nationals okay w/ 18 mos PITI in Reserves
 Business Owners, 1099 and W-2 buyers
                       Silver Program                                                 Income                 Term            Rate

                 NEW PROGRAM COMING SOON

                      Full Doc Program                                                Income                 Term            Rate

70% to $5,000,000 w/ 700 Score
75% to $3,000,000 w/ 760 Score w/ 24 mos PITI
75% to $2,000,000 w/ 740 Score                                                     Full Doc Only           Call for Rates and Terms
80% to $1,000,000 w/ 740 Score
42% DTI; 12 Mos PITI in Reserves, Non Owner Available

                                           Samuel Seaman
                                                        Your Jumbo Funder
                             Real Estate Broker: Licensed by the California Department of Real Estate. Lic. 01303140
                      Licensed by Department of Corporations State of California Finance Lender and Broker Lic. 603 C743 •
                     For Real Estate Brokers ONLY Programs, Rate and terms are subject to change without notice.

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