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  Properties for sale…….                                                                                                   223 Shamrock Ct.
                                                                                                                           Ready to rent,
  Get more information and see lots of photos at                                              ready to move in-
                                                                                                                           the    only   thing
                                                                                                                           missing is you!
Thinking of buying an investment home? Why not consider                                                                    Completely      fur-
one that already has a great rental history with our company…                                    nished 3 bedroom, 3 bath modern ranch.
                                                                                                 Community pool, tennis and basketball
                          211 Driftwood Ct.                                409 Heather Ln.       courts are right across the street! 0.75 acre
                          Moneta                                           Huddleston            lot adjoins community property for added
                          Privacy and                                      Desirable       end   privacy. Deeded covered dock with hoist
                          convenience-                                     unit, furnished and   within walking distance. $9,700 in gross
                          what every renter                                ready to rent! 3      rentals for 2007. $388,000.
                          is looking for!                                  bedroom, 3 bath
                          Cozy 3 bedroom,                                  home with gor-                                 220 Deerwood Dr.
                          2 bath ranch on                                  geous wide water                               Huddleston
0.50 acre wooded lot near Marker R-27.            views. Covered lakeside deck and patio.                                 Country charm on
Walkway leads to private dock with hoist,         Community pool, beach, tennis and bas-                                  three levels! 4 bed-
storage, boardwalk and 148’ or shoreline!         ketball courts. Deeded covered boat slip                                room, 3 bath home
Pontoon, SeaDoo and Paddleboat included!          with hoist just steps away! $7,000 in gross                             in desirable location.
$13,900 in gross rentals for 2007. $469,000.      rentals for 2007. $625,000.                                             Covered porch and
                                                                                                 deck on main level and patio and screened
                                                                                                 porch on lower level. Walkway leading to
                   Lake Retreat Properties is proud to intro-
                                                                                                 nice dock with party deck and covered boat
                   duce our newest agent, Dale Wilson                                            slip. Boat launch in community. Over
Dale is a lake native and the owner of Dale Wil-                        We have many other       $27,000 in gross rentals for 2007. $649,900.
son’s Guide Service, a chartered fishing business                       homes for sale that
that has served the lake for over 20 years! Dale is                     would make GREAT
uniquely qualified to sell property on Smith Moun-                           rentals!            Remember, rental income will help
tain and Leesville Lakes as well as the surround-                                                offset the expenses that come
ing counties. Contact Dale at 540-874-4950 or                                                    with owning a second home!
Spring 2008                                        Lake Retreat Properties, Inc.
Volume 9, Issue 2

                                   Since 1980...

Our office is conveniently located at                    Serving Smith Mountain Lake and Surrounding Areas
the intersection of Routes 626 and 608
at the White House Corner.

                  Jeanette’s Jargon…                                                TLC for your home
             It was mentioned to me by my staff that it        Preventive maintenance is essential to keeping your home happy
             would be a great April Fool’s Joke to talk        and in tip-top shape. Getting in the habit of performing these
             of the impact of a hypothetical situation
                                                               simple, regular check-ups will ensure you will not have to deal
             where the power company decided to
             drain the lake. Ha Ha. I remember my              with the headache of emergency repairs from season to season:
             father did not have a lot of faith back           1. Trim overgrown trees and hedges. Branches should be
             around 1960 when representatives from             at least 7 feet away from the exterior of your house to prolong
             AEP came to him and began negotiations            the life of your siding and roof.
for the purchase of more than half of his farm. He only        2. Check your paint job. Look for chipped, cracked paint
sold the right to flood the land, but kept the land un-        along the exterior of your home and deal with any exposed
derneath the water. What good is it? Well it gave my
                                                               wood, which will begin to rot. Brighten your house with a good
father comfort to know that the land would be his if
the lake didn’t fill or if the dam didn’t hold, and, really,
                                                               power washing.
who can blame him? It was hard for us to imagine that          3. Inspect your roof. After the next rainy day, inspect your ceil-
open fields, small creeks, hills and hollows could be          ing for wet spots and ask a licensed professional to inspect your
turned into a lake- a lake that we all know and love           roof for wear and tear.
today! My family still pays a small amount of tax on this      4. Divert water. Gutters do their job best when clean. Check
land but I guess it’s minimal for the peace of mind it         for leaf build-up and, while you’re at it, make sure your down-
gave my father!                                                spout is clean and pointing at least two feet away from founda-
                                                               tion walls.
          5 Things You Should Know About                       5. Keep the air fresh. If you aren’t changing your air filters
            Virginia’s Real Estate Market                      monthly, start now- a unit free of dust and dirt runs more effi-
1. Virginia home values are stable: From October 2006          ciently. While you’re there, check the hoses for leaks and that the
through October 2007, the average price of a Virginia          drain pans are draining freely.
home has grown 4.3%! Real estates markets are local so         6. Examine windows and doors. Check for leaks and drafts,
pay close attention to your target region when buying          particularly near the corners.
or selling a home, not the national sales trends.              7. Inspect your plumbing. Check for leaky faucets, sweaty pipes
2. There are hundreds of reputable mortgage com-               or clogged drains. On laundry day, look at the washing machine
panies ready to lend: Good credit and a realistic view
                                                               hoses for bulges, cracks and dampness.
of what you can afford will enable you to successfully
obtain mortgage approval. The VHDA and other or-               8. Tackle the tile. When you are in spring cleaning mode, pay
ganizations are available to help those with damaged           attention to worn grout between floor tiles. A small crack in the
credit or limited means.                                       grout or caulk can lead to expensive repair later. If necessary,
3. It pays to use a Virginia REALTOR: In 2006, the me-         re-seal as soon as possible.
dian selling price for a For Sale By Owner single family
home was $249,500 compared to $313,400 for REALTOR                   Ham it Up!
assisted sales. The difference speaks for itself!                                                                About 1/3
                                                                 Everyday dishes can be
4. Housing demand is set to grow: Estimates show the                                                        of all home sales in
                                                                enhanced by adding your
Commonwealth’s population will increase by almost                                                       Virginia are second homes
                                                                  leftover Easter Ham:
500,000 by 2010. These new Virginians will need a place                                                  or vacation properties.
                                                               -Eggs, Omelets or Frittatas
to live!                                                       -Macaroni and Cheese                       Smith Mountain Lake
5. Now really is the time to buy: Inventory is high and        -Pizza                                     is a desirable location
interest rates are low making this a buyers market. If you     -Baked Potato topping                            with plenty
have to sell your home first, be patient and price your        -Soup or Beans                                  of inventory!
home correctly- well priced homes sell faster!                 -Scalloped Potatoes

                         April Fool’s Day is commonly believed to have come about in 1582 when Pope Gregory introduced a
                         new calendar. With the old calendar, the New Year was celebrated from March 25 to April 1. After the
                         new calendar was adopted, some people refused to accept January 1 as New Years Day and would still
                         celebrate on April 1- causing other people to play tricks on them and call them April Fools.

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