Reach for Growth Through Leadership by tyndale


									“TLDP has provided me with insight into my leader-
ship and decision-making skills. By working through
the exercises in the TLDP Guidebook and by fully                                                                    Reach for Growth
participating in the two seminars, I have recognized how
to better utilize my strengths, while exercising identified
weak areas, in my role as a leader and decision maker.”
                                           Peter Wallace,

“As leaders in our industry, we need to take the time to
invest in ourselves — to make learning new things about
ourselves and others a priority and to apply what we
have learned in the workplace. By enrolling in TLDP
we accept the responsibility for our own outcomes and
show that we are committed and motivated learners.
The skills we acquire become ingrained in how we
make decisions, solve problems, mentor our co-workers,
and nurture our professional network. Our leadership
will guide change in our industry — change that
is required as we ask the many ‘why’ questions that our
business demands.”
                                         Debbie Collins,
                                                              Institute for Transportation Research and Education

                               NC Transit Manager and
     co-Director of ITRE's Public Transportation Group
                                                              Box 8601, Raleigh, NC 27695-8601

For More Information
                                                              NC State University

Debbie Collins
Public Transportation Group                                                                                         Transportation
Institute for Transportation Research
and Education
North Carolina State University
(704) 639-7653 phone
(704) 639-7566 fax
What is the Transportation                                How Will TLDP Help Me?
Leadership Development
                                                          “I regret that I waited 2 years to attend TLDP! I feel re-energized and look
Program?                                                  forward to applying some of the ideas and concepts when I return to work.”
The Transportation Leadership Development Program         Miriam Perry, Director, Public Transportation Division,
(TLDP) is a unique, 12-week self-study program            NC Department of Transportation
that will enable you to learn and practice valuable
decision-making and                                                   “Accept the challenge and take the course - you will truly benefit.”
other leadership skills,                                              Thomas Crider, Executive Director
including commu-                                                      Transportation Administration of Cleveland County, Inc.
nication, teamwork,
mentoring, and team-                                                  “I’ve taken quite a few Management Courses over my 20 years
building. TLDP will                                                   in the transportation field including Dale Carnegie Leadership
help you realize your                                                 Course and this course has answered the question 'How to be a better manager?'”
own talents and abili-                                                Theodis Jackson, Project Manager, Laidlaw Transportation Services, Inc.
ties — and you will
learn to develop your                                                                                 “Timely, informative, and well worth the time involved.”
own unique, effective                                                                                 Corey R. Johnson, Assistant Manager
leadership style.                                                                                     Wilmington Transit Authority

The TLDP materials let you apply what                                                                 “Open your mind and be prepared to learn about yourself and others. In the
you learn to a work-related project as part                                                           beginning you will sit and wonder. In the end, you will truly be amazed, enlight-
of completing the course. TLDP will allow                                                             ened, and wanting more.”
you to apply your newly discovered skills                                                             Robert Memory, Assistant State Utility Agent
immediately in your workplace — most                                                                  North Carolina Department of Transportation
participants put course concepts and skills
to work daily.

Who Should Attend?
You are already a good manager or team leader with
                                                                                           What Will I Do in the Course?
a genuine interest in expanding your management         • Study at your own pace, using an                         • Meet twice for workshops with
capabilities. You have planted the seeds of many          interactive guidebook                                      others in locations across the state
fruitful ideas because you are committed to growth
within transit services.                                • Apply what you learn to your everyday work               • Work with a sponsor from your
                                                          and your plans for the future                              own organization to ensure
But TLDP will help you become a great manager                                                                        the course is relevant to your
                                                        • Assess and develop your strengths                          own work
or team leader by teaching you the tools to help
your ideas grow and mature. You will become             • Develop your own leadership style                        • Work with a facilitator/advocate
a more effective communicator and learn to                                                                           who will discuss the ideas and
utilize technology to develop strategies for            • Work with the workshop team to                             concepts in the workbook with you
transportation organizations.                             develop and complete a project
                                                          to improve transportation services                       • Earn 12 CEUs in recognition of
What Does the Program Cost?                                                                                          your accomplishments in the TLDP
                                                        • Develop your own project to address
See the attached application for total program costs.
                                                          a pertinent issue within your own organization

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