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					                                       CBHA Newsletter
                                         August 2009

Chipper Truck Day: Monday, September 28, 2009. The next and final FREE chipper truck
day of the year is scheduled for Sep 28th. The requirements are:
     You must be qualified to receive this free service. Ways to be qualified are to have
    attended the FireWise presentation at the annual meeting in April 2008, the community
    FireWise meeting on August 24, 2009, or already had a FireWise property evaluation. The
    other way is to contact Chris Barth, FireWise Program Coordinator, at 385-7281 or by e-mail
    to for a free, at your home, evaluation of your wildland fire risk with
    recommendations for mitigation. Only the eligible properties will be able to participate in
    the free chipper truck program from now on. So get your evaluation done early to avoid the
    last minute rush.
     Notify Rich Ingold,, 576-1299, by September 20
    of your intent to participate in the chipper truck event.
     Only woody vegetation materials will be accepted. No lumber, fencing, shingles,
    manufactured wood products, or trash, please. The crew will not sort out the acceptable
    materials. No stumps or roots will be accepted since they may contain rocks and damage the
     The cuttings must not be larger than 9 inches in diameter.
     The materials must be stacked by the curb on or before the morning of Sep 28th.
     Items should be stacked with the large end toward the street.
     Piles should be of reasonable size so that they can be easily disassembled and fed into the
     Owners don’t need to be home when the chipper truck comes by.
     Report your personal labor hours and out-of-pocket expenses to Rich Ingold.
This is a good opportunity to create a defensible space around your home, reduce your vegetation
density, eliminate ladder fuels by limbing up trees, remove dead/dying trees and shrubs,
eliminate overgrown shrubs, remove old stacks of firewood, and take related fire risk mitigation
measures. Call FireWise office at 385-7281 for a free, in your home, evaluation and ideas to
improve your fire risk rating. The free chipper truck will save you hundreds of dollars over a
similar commercial service.

Once again, please let Rich Ingold, 576-1299, know by September 20th if you plan to participate
or send an e-mail to to get your visit scheduled and reported to
the FireWise office.

Welcome to the Neighborhood: Alicia & Joe Souvignier are the new owners of 4160
Stonehaven. Karen & Jim Kearns bought 4190 Stepney Ct. Carrie & Marcus Jones are renting
4110 Stonehaven. Nicola and Paul Auchincloss are the owners of 3840 Becket. Annelisa and
Geoff Judi just purchased 4210 Cromwell. Congratulations and welcome home everyone!

Community Kudos:
 Give yourself and your neighbors a pat on the back for the great appearance of the
  community!! Realtors, contractors, and visitors often make unsolicited comments about how
    nice our neighborhood looks. They are very impressed with the care and obvious pride you
    take in maintaining your property. Great job and keep up your caring work!
   A special thank you goes to Nan Schifris and Mary Hunton for their contributions to this

Architectural Control Committee (ACC) Report:
 Thanks to the owners who replaced their aging fences and otherwise enhanced their property.
   Those upgrades certainly improved the appearance of our community. We look forward to
   others following suit.
 Approvals during this quarter include radon mitigation systems at 4190 Stepney Ct and 4315
   Stonehaven, new fences at 450 Enfield, 640 Hempstead, and 4215 Cromwell, a new
   driveway and roof at 565 Wycliffe, a new retractable deck awning at 4220 Cromwell, new
   paint color at 4215 Cromwell, FireWise sign installations on Wycliffe and Becket, and a
   landscaping modification at 4195 Stepney.

Know Your City Code:
The new sidewalks and curbs on Wycliffe and Becket look great! Even though the City was
only able to find money to do one installment of this massive project now, we can all look
forward to the completion of it early next year. As most of you are aware, deteriorating curbs
and sidewalks have been an issue throughout the neighborhood for quite some time. These city-
funded improvements will give Country Broadmoor new and much-appreciated ―curb appeal.‖
(pun intended)
With an eye toward helping to extend the life of the new curbs and sidewalks, this is a great time
to review the City’s parking laws and the neighborhood’s parking covenants. As verified by the
CSPD non-emergency staff, curbed vehicles are to be parked ―flush with the curb‖ which is
defined as ―flush with the lip at the base of the curb.‖ Any closer, including up on the curb
and/or sidewalk, is considered an obstruction offense and can be ticketed. Vehicles parked in a
driveway but over the sidewalk area are also considered obstructions and in violation of the
parking laws. Violations can be reported to the non-emergency number (444-7000) and an
officer will be dispatched to the scene.
Please encourage all visitors and members of your household to park properly as defined by the
City and our neighborhood covenants. This is in the best interest of everyone and will help to
give our neighborhood an inviting look.
Know Your Covenants:
       Section 132. No private passenger motor vehicles owned by, belonging to, used,
       leased or controlled by an Owner or his tenant shall be parked overnight on any
       street. The structures on each lot or building site shall include a fully enclosed
       garage to accommodate at least two (2) private passenger motor vehicles. The site
       improvements on each lot or building site shall include adequate driveway or other
       similar off-street space for temporary parking of two private passenger motor

 Volunteer Tree Sprouts: If you didn’t plant it, you probably don’t want it. There are
    several nuisance trees which propagate themselves like weeds into fence rows, foundations,
  flower beds, rock areas, and lawns. The worst culprits are Chinese Elms, Russian Olives,
  Aspens, Cottonwoods, and other undesirables. With age, they can wreck fences, obstruct and
  heave sidewalks, and litter your property with seeds, fuzz, more sprouts, and other nuisance
  debris. As a general rule, if the tree is not what you want and where you want it to grow to
  maturity, then pull the sprout or transplant it while you can. Clean the unwanted sprouts out
  before they get out of control and become difficult/expensive to remove.
 Sidewalk and Street Obstructions: The trees, shrubs, and flowers have grown well during
  the summer. As a result, many are obstructing sidewalks and streets. City code requires tree
  limbs and other vegetation to be trimmed eight feet above the sidewalk and outside the edges
  of the sidewalk. Trees with limbs extending over the street surface are to be trimmed 14 feet
  above the street surface for large trucks to safely pass under them. You may call City
  Forestry, 385-5942, and report unsafe/obstructing trees in the parkways (tree trunk within 9
  feet of the curb). If it blocks the sidewalk, traffic sign, or vehicle traffic, they can take action
  to trim it up. Now is a good time to trim your shrubs and trees to provide safe passage for
  pedestrians and vehicles and dispose of the refuse using the free chipper truck.
 Project Planning: If you are planning to change or modify any exterior area of your home
  or property, please contact your ACC Filing representative to determine if a formal request is
  necessary. Homeowners can also find a copy of the Request for Architectural Change and an
  accompanying            completion        guide         on        the        CBHA           website: Please submit the Request for Architectural
  Change form for ACC approval consideration before you launch your project.

Examples of items requiring prior approval are:
    Changing the exterior color of their residence.
    Constructing or changing accessory buildings or other structures (e.g., sheds, expanded
   driveway or deck).
    Changing roofing materials. See an ACC representative for the roofing standards.
    Constructing a new fence or replacing an existing fence (perimeter or interior fence). See
   the CBHA website for Perimeter and Interior Fence Standards.
    Significant changes in landscape or landscape design.
Animals in the Neighborhood: The Division of Wildlife (DOW) asks us all to not feed the
animals--either intentionally or unintentionally. Food sources include household trash, dog food,
bird seed and nectar feeders, BBQ grills, fruit trees, and such. Leaving food sources outside can
attract a variety of guests including squirrels, raccoons, fox, coyotes, and larger animals. Black
bears are normally reclusive and wary, but they will leave the woods and become accustomed to
finding a meal in your backyard if you leave them something to eat. And according to recent
reports, we have multiple bears roaming our community. Feeding deer also can attract other
large predators, such as mountain lions. Where there are lots of deer, there are also mountain
lions prowling for prey. Over time, predators such as bears and mountain lions, become less
wary, more emboldened, and progressively dangerous. They are more apt to attack pets and
people, and when that happens, it can spell death to bears, lions, and smaller animals which often
must be destroyed to ensure public safety. Also, rabid skunks have been reported in northern El
Paso County—the first recorded cases of rabies in more than 40 years. Make sure your pets are
vaccinated. More information         may    be   obtained    from   the   DOW      website    at

Project Ideas for 2010: Now is the time to get your project ideas in for next year’s budget. The
project candidates will be published in the next newsletter for your approval/disapproval and
community ranking. Those selected will be fed into the budget for 2010 and be the basis for next
year’s dues. Please submit your ideas by letter to the P.O. Box address, send them in via e-mail
to, or provide them to a board member before Nov 2009.

PROJECT REPORTS: The individual projects are underway as noted below.

City Street Maintenance: Yeah!! A City concrete contractor replaced broken sidewalks, curbs
gutters and drain pans along Wycliffe and some of Becket before this year’s Pikes Peak Rural
Transportation Authority (PPRTA) funding expired. They also installed several handicapped
corner ramps at intersections. This effort will reportedly resume in the remainder of the
community when funds are available in 2010 followed by a street asphalt overlayment project.

Spray City Street Seams and Cracks: Sprayed for the third time this growing season.

Perimeter Weed Control: The Personal Touch Lawn Care proprietor sprayed the perimeter for
the second time this season.

Neighborhood Watch:
 Pranks: We have had several neighborhood youths who enjoy ringing doorbells or
   knocking on doors and then running to hide. This may be fun for them, but is annoying to
   the residents. Please supervise your children, and thanks for bringing the earlier rash of
   incidents to a halt.
 BIS Service: Jeff Ranta reported the Broadmoor Improvement Society (BIS) will provide
   vacation mail and paper pickup, property checks, and possibly other security services for its
   members. Individuals can join BIS for about $365 per year.

If you have a non-emergency situation, you should call 385-2100. As always, call 911 for all

Chipper Truck/FireWise Program:
    The 2008 Firewise Communities/USA award signs were installed. This is national
      recognition for Country Broadmoor and your efforts in reducing our wildland fire risk,
      neighborhood chipping, on-site consultations, Firewise presentations, and related
      volunteer projects. Congratualtions!
    The chipper truck program is enforcing eligibility requirements and early registration for
      use of their free services. Everyone should take advantage of this opportunity and better
      prepare your property with a reduced risk to a wildland fire. Please let Rich Ingold, 576-
      1299, know before September 20th if you plan to use the chipper truck this fall.

Traffic Safety: Slow down and watch out for the kids! School is starting with kids running to
and from car pools.
Fisher Canyon Creek Drainage Maintenance: The City mowed the bank area once so far this
growing season. The weeds and tree sprouts were also removed by CBHA volunteers. Please
watch for and report graffiti artists, suspicious activities, and/or people loitering in the ditch to
the CSPD at 385-2100.

Chemical Recycle: The household chemical recycle pick-up date is scheduled for Sunday,
September 20, 2009. This is an opportunity for you to recycle antifreeze, paints, stains, cleaners,
solvents, garden chemicals, motor oil, fuel, batteries, and small electronic equipment. You will
need to notifiy if you have materials to recycle and/or you
would like to help. Also, you will need to complete an El Paso County Household Chemical
Waste Certification Liability Release form to go along with your items. This form and
instructions can be found on the website at under the forms
link. More details will be published nearer the scheduled date.

Clean-up Dumpster: Completed. The dumpster was provided by Bestway Disposal at no cost
to the community during the weekend of 16 – 17 May. Please show your appreciation of their
community service by using their curbside trash and recycle pick up as noted in our advertiser
section below.

Common Contractors: See our list of advertisers.

Advertisers. Please patronize our advertisers who are generously supporting the association
with their advertising dollars.

   Bestway Disposal once again extended their rate offer to Country Broadmoor residents.
    Contact Tom Kiemel or Diana at 633-8709 and tell him you are with the Country Broadmoor
    Homeowners Association to receive a free month’s service for new subscribers and our rate
    package. The rate package on our web site is updated with their new Green Way recycling
    program offer too.
   Jerry Johnson Construction specializes in all types of commercial and residential concrete
    construction. Give Jerry a call at 380-7788 for a free estimate on driveway, sidewalk, curb,
    gutter, patio, or other concrete projects. He has a licensed team of experienced professionals
    who will do the job right.
   Jim LaFever, Broker with RE/MAX Properties, Inc, is a neighborhood specialist in buying
    and selling homes in Country Broadmoor. Call Jim at 540-6425 if you have any real-estate