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					How to Apply Makeup

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Women use makeup to enhance their natural beauty. Following these
instructions will help you will learn how to apply makeup for all

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Women use makeup to enhance their natural beauty. Following these
instructions will help you will learn how to apply makeup for all
occasions. Begin by washing your face. Use a gentle cleanser that does
not dry out the skin. Follow up with a moisturizer appropriate for your
skin type. Cover your clothing with a towel to protect it while you do
your makeup application.

<B>Concealer comes next</b>

Even top models don't have flawless skin. Concealer hides any blemishes
or undereye circles. Select a color one shade lighter than your
foundation. Using your ring finger, put dots of concealer over any
blemishes and undereye circles. Blend it in with the tip of that finger
or a makeup sponge. You can use either a liquid concealer or a solid

<B>Foundation is the base</b>

A liquid foundation that matches your skin tone exactly is the best
choice. Start by putting it on in dots over the middle of your face. Use
your fingertips or a makeup sponge to spread it out until it covers your
entire face. The foundation will cover the concealer.

To keep the foundation in place, dust on loose or pressed powder in the
same color with a brush or powder puff. You can take a compact with
pressed powder with you for touchups later.

<B>The eyes have it</b>

There are several steps in how to apply makeup around the eyes. Start
with the eyebrows. If they have been plucked excessively, you will need
to create a browline using eyebrow pencil or powdered shadow. These
products can also fill in any gaps in the natural brows. Eyebrow pencil
can look harsh and unnatural unless used carefully. To apply powdered
eyebrow shadow, use a hard slanted brush.
Eye shadow should coordinate with your eye color and your skin tones. Use
dark eye shadow to line the edge of your upper eyelid, following along
above the upper lashes. Medium colored eye shadow is placed above that
and up to the crease of the eye. Light eye shadow goes from there to just
under the eyebrow. For day wear, use matte colors. Gleaming or sparkling
colors are more appropriate for evening.

Wet a cake eyeliner in a darker coordinating color to bring out the eyes
more and apply it in a thin line on the bottom edge of the upper eyelid
using a brush. If you wish the eyes to appear larger, apply the eyeliner
only on the upper eyelid, extending the line about one-half inch beyond
the corner of the eye. Women with large eyes or who prefer a more
dramatic evening look may also apply eyeliner on the edge of the lower
lid below the eyelashes. Make sure the lines are thin to avoid a raccoon
appearance. Eyeliner pencil can be used instead of the cake eyeliner.

Mascara is the last step in the eye part of makeup application. Again,
select a color based on your skin tone, using dark brown if you are fair
and black for darker skin. Navy or plum can be used for evening, but are
not really appropriate for work. Dip the applicator into the tube and
gently wave it over the upper and lower lashes. Wait a few minutes for it
to dry before applying a second coat. This will help avoid clumping. For
evening, you may wish to use an eyelash curler to get a more exotic look,
but be sure to do this before applying mascara.

<B>Blush adds life</b>

Blush comes in both powder and gel forms. Whichever you choose, apply it
sparingly to avoid looking like a clown. Find the apples of your cheeks
by smiling and then put the blush either on them or just below, whichever
is more flattering to you.

<B>Kissable lips</b>

Pick a lipstick color that goes with both your skin tone and your outfit.
Either apply it from the tube or use a lipstick brush as professional
makeup artists do. Add lip liner around the edges of the lips after the
lipstick has been applied. Make sure the lipliner color is a similar
shade to the lipstick, as very dark lipliner with pale lipstick will look

<B>Be safe with your cosmetics</b>

Cosmetics don't last forever. They can become contaminated with bacteria,
so to be safe they should be discarded once they get old. This is
especially important for mascara which should not be kept longer than one
year after it is first used. Avoid risking health problems by not sharing
cosmetics with other people.

Now that you know how to apply makeup, why not practice before your next
big event? By following these instructions, you'll look great wherever
you go.