Oct 08 Middle lunch menu by coronaa


									     Bettendorf Middle School Lunch October 2008
      Sunday                    Monday                  Tuesday              Wednesday                    Thursday                   Friday                   Saturday
    Alternate this week:                                                    1                        2                         3                         4
                                                                            BBQ Rib on a bun,        Beef Nachos w/2 oz.       Cheeseburger on a
    Beef Burrito w/                                                         green beans, peaches,    cheese sauce & chips,     bun, Nacho Doritos,        DAILY BEVERAGE
      cheese cup                                                            Rice Krispie bar         lettuce salad w/          2 pickle spears,           INCLUDED WITH
                                                                                                     dressing, banana                                          MEAL:
                                                                                                                               mixed fruit

5                          6                       7                        8                        9                         10                        11
    Alternate this week:   Walking Tacos w/        French bread Pizza       Ball park Hot dog on a   Ravoli w/garlic bread,    Breaded Chicken pat-        CHOCOLATE OR
                           Fritos, taco sauce,     w/marinara sauce,        bun, seasoned corn,      lettuce salad w/          tie on a bun, green         WHITE MILK OR
     Cheddarwurst          lettuce & cheese cup,   mixed vegetables,        applesauce, fun fruits   dressing, mandarin        beans, red delicious         100% ORANGE
       on a bun                                                                                      oranges                   apple, 2 ct. Oreo cook-          JUICE
                           peaches                 pears

12                         13                      14                       15                       16                        17                        18
 Alternate this week:                              BIG Corn Dog,            BBQ Rib on a bun,        Sweet & Sour              2 Bosco Cheese Sticks     Every Thursday is Straw-
                                                                            Ruffles, mixed fruit,                              w/marinara sauce,         berry Milk Day! White &
                                NO SCHOOL          baked beans, apple                                Chicken w/rice, 1
     Big Corn Dog                                                           cotton candy ice cream                             lettuce salad w/           chocolate milk, and O.J.
                                                   churro, peaches                                   egg roll, pineapple,                                    are available too!
                                                                                                                               dressing, Golden deli-
                                                                                                     fall cookie
                                                                                                                               cious apple

19                         20                      21                       22                       23                        24                        25
  Alternate this week:
                   Sloppy Joe on a                 5 Mozzarella Sticks w/   5 Chicken Nuggets        French Toast sticks w/    Pork T on a bun,              ALL ADULTS
                   bun, celery w/dip, 2            marinara sauce, green    mashed potatoes &        syrup, 2 sausage links,   potato stick, pears,
                                                   beans, pineapple, ani-   gravy, dinner roll w/    baby carrots w/dip,
Pancake & sausage orange wedges, Rice                                                                                          jello cup
on a stick w/syrup Krispie bar                     mal cookie               butter, peaches          mandarin oranges                                           $3.50

26                         27                      28                       29                       30                        31                             Student Lunch Price:
 Alternate this week:      Lasagna roll up w/      Cheeseburger on a        Breaded Chicken pat-     Walking Tacos w/
                                                                                                                                                              Pizza meal: $2.20
                           sauce, seasoned corn,   bun, Cheetos, 2          tie on a bun, mixed      Fritos, taco sauce,
Foot long Hot Dog                                                           vegetables, sliced ap-
                                                                                                                                    NO SCHOOL             Siblings &Student Visitors:
                           strawberry short-       pickle spears, 1/2                                lettuce & cheese cup,                                          $2.55
    on a bun                                                                ples w/caramel dip                                                                 ALL ADULTS:
                           cake                    kiwi                                              2 orange wedges

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