FEB 24 2010 MHCC Minutes by timmy07


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                                         Matters Discussed
                                      Meeting: February 24, 2010

Neighborhood Watch: Oliver Brock and Larry Gladfelter from the Neighborhood Watch opened the
Meeting with more information about the NW within Mount Holly. Recruitment of volunteers was
discussed. NW does not have a website or consistent means of publicity. MHCC will be working to get
the NW highlighted in an issue of the Big Berry and try to connect with the Township on creating a link
on the Mount Holly website for the Neighborhood Watch.

Township Council: Two members of Council are up for re-election; Brooke Tidswell and Jules Theissen.
Members of the MHCC are encouraged to inform any persons interested in running for Township
Council of the deadlines and information provided in pre-meeting agenda.
        - Council has been approached several times on the option to move our May elections to
             November which would increase voter turnout and save the Township $35,000; there has
             been no action taken by the Council on this matter.
        - Council has been approached about limited “Pay-to-Play” to $300 from professionals.

Board of Education: Several MHCC members are concerned with the current situations facing our
schools. Roof repairs, SAT and testing statistics, and the current Board of Education are all topics that
were discussed. Same follows for any members of the MHCC who can inform any interested persons on
this election to do so as they would with prospective candidates of the Township Council election.

Environmental Advisory Committee and other Boards: Announced that the Environmental Advisory
Committee (EAC) was just written about in the upcoming spring issue of the Big Berry. Anyone
interested please send letter of interest and resume to our Township Manager Kathleen Hoffman.

MSMH update: Due to UEZ funds being frozen at the state level, the Executive Director will work as a
volunteer with Main Street until funding resumes. MSMH Committees are still working on projects and
will continue to meet on a regular basis.
                                                In Detail:
        - Daffodil Days is looking for crafters and artists, anyone interested please contact Beth
        - The Multi-fold for Mount Holly has been adjusted for new businesses and professionals to
            be added to the map and listings
        - Design is working on a Bike Rack Design Contest, Mural project, and signage project
GMHB&P update: The Business Association has been working with joint marketing, which they have
used in the upcoming issue of Burlington the Beautiful, where there will be a highlight on Mount Holly’s
downtown. The Car Show will also be coming back to Mount Holly in the fall; there will be more
information as the preparation for the event grows.

Urban Enterprise Zone: Mount Holly was approved for it’s UEZ status for another 15 years, however the
funds are frozen till futher notice from the State. At the UEZ Board Meeting, the issue of one of the Fire
Trucks that cost the UEZ $22,000 a year has been brought up. On March 22, 2010 the Township Council
will be holding a meeting concerning the Fire Department’s Budget.

Upcoming Events: Daffodil Days on April 17th. St. Patrick’s Day Parade on March 6th. Jean and Robert
Messina will be guest bartending at Dempsters on March 1st, all tips go to support Main Street Mount
Holly. Mount Holly will be celebrating Arbor Day/ Earth Day on Saturday May 1st beginning at 10:00 AM;
the Library will be hosting a tree give-away (limited supply), Rain Barrel workshop ($45 pre-registration),
and more- Mill Dam/ Iron Works Park will be holding a tree planting and other activities.

Other Business:

Mount Holly Library and Lyceum: The Mount Holly Library and Lyceum is holding several fundraising
activities. They will be holding an Easter Egg hunt this season. The Library is nearing it’s 250th
anniversary and is working on a “250 for 250” promotion. To make it to 250 years old and continue for
another 250 years. There was discussion on outreach from the Library to the public.

Upcoming Meeting: There will need to be a set time and date for our future meetings to avoid
confusion. Same date, same time, of each month. The MHCC members will decide on what works best
in time and date, as well as frequency of meetings.

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