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					Are SAT prep courses worth it?

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How exactly will you benefit from taking a SAT prep course?

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SAT importance has changed dramatically over the past few years. Many
students strive to score as high as possible, because a high SAT score
may translate into acceptance, and in some cases, scholarship money.

The basics of testing can be learnt quite easily; however the focus of
this article is whether spending several thousand dollars for a prep
course is ideal. At some private schools, more than half the students
don’t think twice about spending thousands on a good coaching company.

Do you need a prep course? It depends on how you learn best, and what is
your motive for taking up such a course. Most of the techniques in prep
courses are already mentioned in prep books that are sold in bookstores
for thirty dollars.

Top students seldom gain much from coaching. The effortless insight that
marks the best standardized test-takers cannot be taught. On the other
hand, a student who lacks motivation may not benefit from a SAT prep
course either. For diligent students, the benefits from a prep course
will vary. If you are the type who is well-organized and initiative,
you’d probably do as well with self-coaching software and books.

If you are enthusiastic about a prep course, by all means, take up one.
If you believe that a prep course will raise your score, chances are that
it will. Other types of students who may benefit from a prep course
include students who learn best with adult direction. They often need
help in staying focused, so a prep course will be a good idea. It depends
on how you learn.

Before you sign up for a test prep course, be sure you research
thoroughly what exactly you will be taught. Meet the instructor
firsthand. Don’t pay too much attention to guarantees; they are not
reliable indicator of how effective a particular course is. It’s always a
good idea to try to take up a prep course BEFORE the first time you take
the SAT. That way you’ll avoid a sudden spike in your score – an event
likely to raise suspicions in the admissions offices – which is the
result of a cram course.

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