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					                  DYSON “ROLLS OUT” NEW BALL VACUUMS,
                     KEEPING IT SMALL BUT POWERFUL

                 The newest offerings utilize patented Dyson Ball™ Technology
                                  changing vacuuming forever

CHICAGO, IL – January 17, 2008 – Continually challenging the norm and engineering better
technology, Dyson announced today the launch of two new Dyson Ball upright vacuums, including
DC24, the lightest Dyson upright ever.

The ultra-light DC24, weighing in at under 12 pounds, condenses all the power and performance of
a full-sized Dyson into a compact machine, nearly half the size and weight. Its counterpart, DC25
weighs in at 16 pounds. Both machines use Dyson’s patented Ball technology.

All other vacuums use four fixed-wheels that run on an axle, they can only move in straight lines, so
changing direction is awkward. Dyson’s Ball technology replaces the traditional wheels with a
rotating ball; allowing the machine to pivot with ease.

“Traditional vacuums force you to drag the machine around and do multiple three point turns,
backwards and forwards, many times,” said James Dyson. “We’ve engineered Ball technology, to
solve this fundamental flaw. Balls sit on a single point, meaning it can pivot and turn on a dime.”

Like all Dyson vacuums, DC24 and DC25 have patented Cyclone™ technology that spins dust and
dirt out of the air. The result: Dyson Ball vacuums don’t lose suction, as proven in the
internationally recognized IEC 60312 CL 2.9 test standard. Dyson vacuums also expel cleaner air,
with up to 150 times less bacteria and mold than the air we breathe.

Both vacuums feature a washable lifetime HEPA filter designed to trap microscopic allergens such
as pollen and bacteria, as well as a one-touch hygienic and quick-to-empty bin. DC24 features a
Telescope Reach™ reversible wand that releases and extends to clean awkward areas; DC25
features a quick-draw wand with instant 16ft reach for stair and high-reach cleaning.

DC24 and DC25 are available at the manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $399.99 and $499.99,
respectively. They can be pre-ordered starting today at

About Dyson
Research, Design and Development is at the core of Dyson. One third of people at Dyson are
engineers and scientists. Their expertise in fluid, mechanical, electrical, EMC, thermal, chemical,
acoustic and software engineering allows them to design new products as well as challenge and
improve existing technologies. Dyson has more than 1,100 patents and patent applications for
different inventions. Dyson files on average one patent per day to stay ahead and keep ideas as our
true currency. In 2006 alone, Dyson invested $100 million in research and development.

The total number of Dyson vacuum cleaners sold worldwide since 1993 is over 24 million and still
counting (10 million of these were sold in the last 3 years). Dyson is the best selling upright by
value in the US with 27% share (Source: NPD Houseworld November 2007).

For more information and a list of retailers, visit or call 1-866- MY- Dyson (1-

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