Civil engineers reach for the sky_ by tyndale


									What do engineers do?

 Civil engineers reach for the sky!


SCOTT SMITH: Structural Engineer                    he is being rushed to do something and
                                                    under pressure to produce a high quality job.
Scott Smith has been interested in
Structural Engineering since he was a young           Scott is currently researching Computer
boy. His father was also a Structural                 Modelling and strengthening with Carbon
Engineer and Scott says this is the major             Fibre Reinforced Polymers (CFRP).
reason why he grew up with such a passion
for engineering. When he was in Year 10 he            When he works outside the University,
did Work Experience with                              Scott has to work with a Design Team that
his dad and said it was                                               consists of different types
                               “It is a great feeling when you
during this time he                                                   of engineers and an
                               accomplish your mission and you
realised that he wanted to can sit back and say that you are          Architect. Scott worked in
be a Structural Engineer.                                             Hong Kong for 3 years.
                               the first person that has ever
In Years 11 and 12 Scott                                              Because of his expertise he
                               done that.”
studied English, History,                                             is invited to attend 2-3
Physics and Maths. These subjects gave him            overseas conferences each year. Scott
a better understanding of engineering.                attended University for 8 years and during
                                                      this time completed his Bachelor of
Scott said the best thing about being an              Engineering and his PhD. His teaching
engineer is that you get to be creative. He           interests include Composite Structures,
said he likes creating things and says “it is a       Computing for Engineers, Engineering
great feeling when you accomplish your                Computations, Engineering Materials,
mission and you can sit back and say that you         Engineering Practice, Structural Mechanics,
are the first person that has ever done               Structural Analysis, Structural Design and
that”. He also said another good thing about          Structural Stability.
engineering is that it is challenging. Scott
likes a challenge and he is the type of guy
who is determined and will make something
work if he puts his mind to it. The only thing
Scott doesn’t like about engineering is that
when he is working for someone there is
always a deadline for the job. He feels as if

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                                                    What is civil engineering all about?
M   C   B    I   T   B   E   A    F   M   P     T
S   H   R    R   I   O   D   N    Q   E   A     E   Civil engineering is one of the largest
I   E   I    I   I   H   F   W    E   C   U     X   branches of engineering. Civil engineers
G   M   S    C   S   D   H   D    J   H   L     K   design and then supervise the construction
S   I   L    I   C   N   G   H    E   A   L     N   of roads, buildings, airports, tunnels, dams,
R   C   T    V   E   S   F   E    Y   N   Z     A   bridges and water supply. The major
A   A   F    I   X   H   D   E    S   I   G     N   specialties within Civil Engineering are
E   L   E    L   E   C   T   R    I   C   A     L   structural, water resources, environmental,
S   G   N    I   D   L   I   U    B   A   J     P   construction, transportation and
S   T   R    U   C   T   U   R    A   L   B     S   geotechnical engineering.
N   O   I    T   C   U   R   T    S   N   O     C
R   E   E    N   I   G   N   E    Z   A   S     B   Civil Engineering jobs can range from being a
                                                    supervisor of a construction site to a city
Words To Find:                                      engineer. Others may work in design,
1. CIVIL              2. MECHANICAL                 construction, research and teaching. There
                                                    were around about 228 000 Civil Engineers
5. CHEMICAL           6. BRIDGES
                                                    in 2002. About 40% were employed primarily
9. DESIGN             10. ENGINEER                  for developing designs for new construction
                                                    projects. Civil Engineers usually work near
                                                    major industrial centres, often at
My name is Michael Shapter. I am 16 and
                                                    construction sites. In some cases, civil
currently in year 11 at St. Patrick’s College
                                                    engineers move from place to place to work
Sutherland. I am interested in any Water
                                                    on their different projects.
sports and the beach. I have a passion for
constructing things. I love sports such as
                                                    In the future more civil engineers will be
soccer, football and cricket. After I
                                                    needed to design and construct more
complete my secondary schooling I hope to
                                                    transport, infrastructure, water supply and
attend University and subsequently pursue
                                                    large buildings that will have to be safer
a career in Civil engineering.
                                                    than current buildings. They will also need to
                                                    repair or replace existing roads, bridges and
                                                    other infrastructure.
                                                                          by Michael Shapter

                                                    Engineering Go For It. Robert Black, 2003,
                                                    American Society for engineering education.

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