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					                                Bylaws of the
                  Junior Membership of the
          Huntington Harbour Yacht Club
Article I Name
The name of this group shall be the Huntington Harbour Yacht Club Juniors, and is hereinafter
referred to as the Juniors. Word in the masculine gender shall embrace females as well as males.

Article II Object
The object of the Juniors shall be to promote yachting in the vicinity of Huntington Harbour in
particular and along Southern California in general; and to do whatever may be consistent in such

Article III Officers
Section 1. General
The flag officers of the Juniors shall be the Jr. Commodore, Jr. Vice Commodore,
Jr. Rear Commodore, and Jr. Fleet Captain. The Junior Board shall consist of
the four flag officers, a Jr. Secretary and Jr. Treasurer. Each Jr. flag officer shall
report directly to the corresponding Flag Officer of the Huntington Harbour Yacht

Section 2. How Selected
The Jr. Commodore, Jr. Vice Commodore, Jr. Rear Commodore and Jr. Fleet
Captain shall be elected annually as provided in Article VI. Jr. flag officers shall
be limited to two consecutive terms in the same office.

The Jr. Secretary and Jr. Treasurer shall be appointed by the Jr. Commodore for
a term not to exceed two years in the same position.

Section 3. Jr. Commodore
Subject to the provisions of the Article V, Section 3, Meetings, the Jr. Commodore shall preside at
all Meetings; he shall see that all committees function properly and that all rules and regulations
of the Juniors are enforced and obeyed. He shall be the Chief Executive of the Juniors and shall
be responsible for its successful operation.

Section 4. Jr. Vice Commodore
The Jr. Vice Commodore shall assist the Jr. Commodore in his various duties and shall assume
the duties of the Jr. Commodore upon the absence of the Jr. Commodore.

In the event the office of the Jr. Commodore becomes vacant, the Jr. Vice-Commodore shall
automatically become the Jr. Commodore.

Section 5. Jr. Rear Commodore
The Jr. Rear Commodore shall assist the Jr. Commodore in his various duties and in the absence
of both the Jr. Commodore and Jr. Vice Commodore, he shall assume the duties of the Jr.

In the event of the office of the Jr. Vice Commodore becomes vacant, the Jr. Rear Commodore
shall automatically become Jr. Vice Commodore.

Section 6. Jr. Secretary
The Jr. secretary shall keep minutes of all meetings of the Juniors. The minutes shall be
typewritten into a well bound book and after being read at the next subsequent meeting shall be
signed by the Secretary and by the presiding officer. The Secretary shall maintain an official
current copy of the Juniors’ bylaws. He shall attend to all correspondence of the Juniors, he shall
be custodian of all documents, minutes, records, race results and shall maintain adequate files for
same on the Club premises.

Upon assuming office, he shall obtain from his predecessor all records, documents, etc, and shall
deliver same to his duly elected successor.

He shall perform any other duties as ordered by the Governing Board. He shall allow his records
to be examined by any voting member of the Club and by and Junior member of the Club.

Section 7. Jr. Treasurer
Subject to any requirements imposed by the Governing Board of the Club the Jr. Treasurer shall
keep an accurate record of all receipts and disbursements, as well as all accounts receivable and
accounts payable, etc. He shall make any such report of finances at Jr. board meetings or when
desired by the Governing Board of the Club.

The Jr. Treasurer shall submit all monies belonging to the Juniors to the General Manager of the
club for deposit into the Yacht Club’s General Fund along with an accounting of how the monies
shall be applied. The Jr. Commodore and the Jr. Treasurer shall have authority to request

checks from the General Manager for Jr. Programs. Check requests shall be made in writing on
a check request form along with any supportive documentation such as quotes, etc. and shall be
signed by the Jr. Commodore or the Jr. Treasurer and one Officer of HHYC.

Article IV Membership and Dues
Qualifications for and classes of membership and dues for Junior members of the Club shall be
as provided in the By-laws of the Club, as from time to time amended.

Article V Meetings
Section 1. Meetings
The Jr. Officers shall hold a regular meeting each month.

The Jr. Commodore may call a special meeting of the Jr. Officers at any time and for any purpose
or purposes upon three (3) days notice in writing, by telephone, in person or by electronic

Fifty percent (50%), including the presiding officer, of the Flag Officers is considered a quorum.

Each of the Jr. Officers and the Commodore of HHYC shall be notified of the time and place of
every meeting by the Secretary or his designee by telephone, written notice, in person, or by
electronic communication.

Section 2. Special General Membership
The Jr. Commodore with approval of the Jr. Flag Officers may call a special general membership
meeting at any time upon written notice to Junior members of the Club of the date, place and
hour of the meeting at lease five days before the meeting.

Section 3. Annual General Membership
The annual meeting of the Juniors shall be held on the third Sunday of September at the
Huntington Harbour Yacht Club. The Jr. Commodore shall notify the Junior membership in
writing of the date and hour of the meeting at least thirty (30) days before the meeting.

The annual election of Flag Officers other than Jr. Treasurer shall be held at the annual meeting
of Juniors. In the event that the current Commodore is a nominee for Commodore, he shall

designate another Junior member who is not a nominee for any office to act as presiding officer.
The presiding officer shall not vote except in case of a tie.

Section 4. Quorum, Membership Meetings
Fifteen (15) Junior members or fifteen percent (15%) of the Junior membership of the Club,
whichever is less, shall constitute a quorum. If no quorum is present, the presiding officer shall
recess the meeting until a date that a quorum can be present.

Section 5. Order of Business
The order of business at a general Junior membership meeting shall be as follows:

    1.   Determination of a quorum
    2.   Reading and adoption of minutes
    3.   Introduction of new members and guests
    4.   Correspondence
    5.   Unfinished Business
    6.   New Business
    7.   Election of Officers
    8.   Miscellaneous
    9.   Adjournment

Section 6. Rules of Order
The proceedings of all meetings of the Juniors shall be conducted in accordance with Roberts
Rules of Order, as far as such rules of order do not conflict with these Bylaws and the Bylaws of

Article VI Nomination and Elections
Section 1. Nominations Committee
At least sixty (60) days before the date of the annual general Junior membership meeting, the Jr.
Commodore, shall appoint a nominating committee. The committee shall consist of three (3)
Junior members. No member of the nominating committee shall be nominated by that committee
for office during the ensuing year; however, said members may be placed in nomination by the
general Junior membership as provided for elsewhere in these Bylaws. This committee shall
report the nominations for office to the Jr. Secretary at least twenty (20) days before the date of
the annual general Junior membership meeting.

No person shall be nominated for any office without his approval and agreement to serve if
elected. No person can be nominated for more than one office.

The Jr. Secretary shall have posted the names of the nominees as selected upon the bulletin
board of the Clubhouse within twenty-four (24) hours of receipt of same. On both the bulletin
board and the subsequent ballot, nominees shall be listed only in a vertical column alphabetically
by last names under the office heading for which they have been nominated.

Section 2. Nominations of Flag Officers
The nominating committee shall post at least one (1) nominee for each flag office.

Section 3. Nominations by Members
Any three (3) Junior members in good standing may nominate a full opposite ticket or make
individual nominations for any office provided such nominations are filed with the Jr. Secretary
and posted on the Club bulletin board at least three (3) days before the annual meeting.

Section 4. Election
A majority vote of Junior members present and voting shall be necessary for election of elected
Flag Officers. There shall be no absentee or proxy.

Voting shall be by secret ballot and votes shall be counted by the Junior Sponsors.

Section 5. Terms of Office
Officers elected and appointed at the annual meeting shall take office the following November 1st
and serve one (1) year or until their successors have been selected.

Article VII Authority
These Bylaws and the authority of and all actions by Jr. Flag Officers and the Junior membership
under these Bylaws are subject to the authority and, when applicable, the approval, of the
Governing Board of the Club.

Article VIII Amendments
Proposed amendments to these Bylaws must be approved by two-thirds ( /3) vote of Junior
members present at any general Junior membership meeting, provided that a copy of the
proposed amendment shall have been posted upon the bulletin board at the Clubhouse at least
thirty (30) days prior to its adoption. An amendment may be presented by any three (3) Junior
members or by the Governing Board of the Club. All amendments approved by the Juniors
require approval by the Club prior to being effective.

Article IX Adoption
These Bylaws, by adoption thereof by the Governing Board of the Club, shall be the governing
instrument of the Juniors to the extent the Bylaws do not conflict with the Bylaws of the Club. All
prior Bylaws, if any, of the Juniors being hereby repealed or amended so as to read as above.
These Bylaws shall take effect at the time of their approval by the Governing Board of the Club.


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