An Introduction to Intertask Conferences by gregorio11


									                     An Introduction to Intertask Conferences

 Intertask Conferences was established in          Intertask Conferences has a full-time,
 1973 after its principals had planned and         permanent staff of 23, and a seasonal staff of
 implemented the operational arrangements          about 30. All operational personnel are bilingual
 for the Royal Tour and Commonwealth               and many speak several other languages. Most
 Heads of Government Meeting at which              are university graduates. Many hold recognized
 the Queen presided. Since then, Intertask         hospitality industry training diplomas, certificates
 Conferences has planned and managed               or designations such as CMP (Certified Meeting
 over 400 conferences and special events for       Professional).
 the Government of Canada, the provinces,
 associations and private sector clients. These    Our office is a modern, purpose-designed, 10,000
 have included projects on behalf of many of       square-foot building with a private parking lot and
 the major international organizations in the      is located within walking distance of six downtown
 world such as: the United Nations, NATO,          Ottawa hotel properties. Two meeting rooms
 OECD, APEC, OAS, IICA, ECE, ILO, WTO              which seat 16 and 6 respectively, and adjoining
 and the Commonwealth Secretariat.                 kitchen, are available for planning sessions with

                                                   We are exceptionally well equipped with the
We have served eleven Federal Governments          increasingly sophisticated tools required
over the years. Intertask Conferences planned      for conference planning, which include: 25
the operations of the Prime Ministers’ National    networked computers in a Windows server
Economic Conference and the National               environment, laser printers, high-speed mailing
Conference on Technology and Innovation.           equipment, vehicles, a 24-hour communication
                                                   system with voice mail, and a private channel 2-
The company has been involved in the planning      way radio system licensed to operate anywhere
and management of the visits of over 100 heads     in Canada.
of state and heads of government, including the
late Pope John Paul II, and numerous ministerial   It should be noted that the costs of such
and deputy ministerial-level conferences. We are   equipment are included in our professional fee
particularly knowledgeable about VIP protocol      schedule, to the extent that these are part of the
and security matters.                              normal overhead of running our business.
                                                   However, pre-authorized expenses for the use of
Our guides were responsible for the public tours   equipment specifically for client project purposes
of the grounds of Government House and Rideau      are billed at extra cost. For example: postage
Hall for over 10 years. They have animated the     metering, couriers, photocopies, FAX messages
NCC motor coach tours of Ottawa and Gatineau       in and out, long distance, radios and computers
since 1985. We provide tours in 6 languages to     on site, dedicated telephone lines, mobile
over 1,500 bus groups per year, most of them       telephone air time, etc. (as needed), are direct
commercial tours from all over North America.      charges to each project, as applicable, recovered
                                                   in our monthly billing.                                                                     06/2007

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