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					                                              Youth & Community Association

                                    JOB DESCRIPTION
Job Title                           :      Development Worker

Location                            :      Govanhill Community Work Base

Contract                            :      Temporary until March 2010. Options beyond this is
                                           dependent upon successful fundraising.

Accountability                      :      To Crossroads Youth & Community Association and
                                           Govanhill & Pollokshields Integration Network (GPIN)

The postholder will manage the day to day activities of Govanhill & Pollokshields Integration Network,
working towards implementing the mission to ‘… Promote understanding and combat discrimination
within the local community to achieve equal opportunities for all. We will achieve this by working with
all of the community, by recognising the unique diversity of Govanhill, and by working in partnership
with local organisations.’

      Work with local people and organisations to manage the day to day activities of GPIN.
      Raise awareness of and promote the work of the GPIN.
      Encourage and support local people and organisations to promote integration between the
       diverse communities in the Govanhill and East Pollokshields areas.
      Organise, attend and report to meetings of GPIN and associated sub-groups and fulfil the
       administration requirements of these tasks.
      Organise and support events and activities identified in the workplan of GPIN.
      Carry out administration work associated with GPIN business, including: minuting meetings;
       organising venues for meetings; circulating information to GPIN members, etc.
      Support GPIN in implementing and developing the annual Integration Plan for the area, including
       seeking local input through community engagement.
      Represent GPIN at a strategic and local level.
      Identify and secure funding, and comply with funders’ monitoring and evaluation requirements.
      Work in partnership with Govanhill Community Development Trust and the GPIN Co-ordinating
       Group on the financial administration of the Programme.
      Support the monitoring and evaluation of work undertaken.
      Comply with the policies and procedures of Crossroads Youth & Community Association.
      Provide written and verbal reports to Crossroads’ management, as and when appropriate.
      Carry out any other relevant duties as directed.