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					                               Beaver Point Campground
                            10162 E 500 S, Windfall, IN 46076
                         Phone: 765-945-7815 Fax: 765-945-7091

To:          All Seasonal Campers

Subject:     2008 Information and Rules Guide

First we’d like to welcome back all of our returning guests for another year of fun, relaxation
and friendship. Your loyalty is greatly appreciated. For those of you joining us for the first
time, thank you for coming and please let us know how we’re doing as hosts and what we
might do to guarantee your return.

Following is a list of our campground rules and information which, as most of you know, are
for the safety, comfort and enjoyment of all our campers.

1. The campground is open from as early in April until as late in October as the weather
   permits. Our rates are for two adults and their children under 18 years of age for not
   more than three weeks vacation, plus each weekend during the season.

      Please take note of the payment schedule below:

                                            Seasonal Campers     Full-Time Campers
                   Over 65 Years Young          $1,000.00             $1,200.00
                   Under 65 Years Young         $1,050.00             $1,250.00

      If you are unable to pay the applicable rate above in full when due, full-time campers will
      pay $275.00 per month and there will be an additional $50.00 a month added to your
      balance for late payment after the 10 th of the month.

      NOTE: The time limit for seasonal campers is two nights per week unless a holiday falls
      on a weekend. Then you may stay three nights. Vacation time will be limited to three
      weeks. If you desire more time, the cost is $5.00 per person per night.

2. Additional charges for appliances are as follows:

                              Appliance                  Charge Per Day
                              Air Conditioner                $2.00
                              Electric Cooking Stove         $1.00
                              Electric Heater                $1.50
                              Electric Water Heater            $.50
                              Other Electric Items      See Harry or Sally

      NOTE: Fee for charging electric golf cart is $10.00 per month or $50.00 per year each.

      Utilities must be paid at the camp store at the end of each visit or once a week with prior
      approval. If we have to come out and remind you of this, the applicable charge will be
      doubled. All appliances must be registered per the attached form and kept under cover.

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   NOTE: We reserve the right to disconnect any unit from utility services when payment is
   more than 10 days late. No units will be allowed to leave the campground owing money.

3. ALL GUESTS must sign in at the camp store and are subject to the following fees.
   Seasonal campers with no children under 18 years of age may register two of their
   grandchildren (17 or under) as part of their family at no additional charge. Once these
   additional family members are registered, they cannot be changed for the season.

                                                              Guest Fee   Guest Fishing
          Adult Guest – Daytime Only                            $5.00        $5.00
          Adult Guest – Overnight (per night)                   $8.00        $5.00
          Child Guest (17 or under) – Daytime Only              $2.00        $2.00
          Child Guest (17 or under) – Overnight (per night)     $3.00        $2.00

   NOTE: Any non-campers caught without a guest ticket will be charged double. Camper
   owner(s) will be held responsible for any rule infractions or damage caused by their
   guest(s). All daytime visitors must leave the campground by 10:00 p.m.– NO

4. BOAT RENTAL Fees are as follows:

                                              Per Hour   Per Day
                               Paddle Boat     $3.00     $15.00
                               Row Boat        $2.00     $12.00

5. You may launch your own boat in our lake for a fee of $2.50, but you may NOT use gas
   motors. Electric trolling motors may be used. We also require that you have and use life
   preservers for all passengers.

6. GOLF CARTS - You may have a personal golf cart on the premises provided you take full
   responsibility for any damage caused to person or property by the use of such a vehicle.
   Additionally, you are expected to operate your vehicles within the limits of the law
   including the posted speed limit within the campground. The cost of charging such
   vehicles is $10.00 per month or $50.00 per year. Children under twelve are not allowed
   to operate any motorized vehicles. Owners of motorized vehicles will be responsible for
   any damages caused by their vehicles. No speeding or unsafe operating of any vehicle is
   allowed at any time.

7. A fishing license is required to fish at Beaver Point and all state fishing regulations must
   ANY KIND ARE ALLOWED ON THIS CAMPGROUND. If we see any of these, they will be
   confiscated and the owners barred from the grounds.

8. Guns, bows and arrows, or weapons of any kind are not permitted on the campground.

9. Swimming is NOT ALLOWED due to Indiana State Rules.

10. For everyone’s safety, the speed limit throughout the campground is 10 MPH. We must
    insist that everyone adhere to this limit at all times. NO EXCEPTIONS AT ANY TIME OR

11. STORE HOURS are 7:00 am to 7:00 pm. We stock everything you’ll need for your stay
    including food supplies, snacks, soda pop, ice, fishing tackle and bait. If there is
    something you need and you don’t see it, please ask and we’ll try to accommodate you.

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12. QUIET HOURS are from 11:00 pm to 7:30 am.           Please do not forget to put out any
    campfires when you turn in for the night.

13. ALL FIRES must be in fire rings only. Burning of wood containing nails or staples is not
    allowed. Trash is not to be burned in fire rings! Fires must be extinguished when no one
    is watching or tending to them.

14. Remember that your camping unit is an investment and might be deductible on your
    income taxes as a second home. Some of the units on these grounds are in bad shape
    and when the time comes to sell, we may insist that they be moved. You may have
    noticed that we are not allowing any more house trailers to enter the grounds.

   NOTE: All house trailers must have a fire retardant under penning and be kept in good
   condition at all times.

15. Camper owners are expected to keep their sites clean and the grass or weeds cut. Some
    of you may not have the time or desire to cut the grass or weeds. We will cut and/or trim
    as needed at a cost to you of $10.00 each time. Let us know if you would like this service.
    If you do not make arrangements with us to cut or trim your site and the grass or weeds
    grow to more than four inches tall, we will mow and you will be billed $10.00.

   ALL WASTE must be placed in plastic bags, tied and deposited into the dumpster behind
   the camp store. If you clean fish, please return the fish waste to the lake.

16. Outside buildings are acceptable as long as they are within the limits of your own
    campsite, are in good taste, and do not violate any county or state codes.

17. You may build a small pier for your use only provided steel drums are not used in the
    construction and the pier is anchored such that it will not float away. You must accept
    liability for any and all damages caused by such structures.

18. Should you decide to sell your unit and the new owner wishes to stay with us, he/she/they
    must check-in with us and register as the new owner. We reserve the right to accept or
    refuse any potential camper(s).

19. CHILDREN must be supervised at all times by their parents or other responsible adult to
    whom the parent has delegated the responsibility.

20. ALL PETS must be kept on a leash and owners must clean up pets’ droppings at once. If
    your pet bites, scratches or harms anyone, or damages any property, you will accept full

21. ALCOHOL is not condoned, however, if a camper or guest is of legal age and does drink
    without causing any trouble anywhere on the campground, including their own site, we
    will not object. If you choose to drink and cause trouble, the police will be called,
    charges will be filed and you will be evicted.

22. ILLEGAL DRUGS of any kind are unlawful and not permitted on the campground. Anyone
    caught with these will be reported to the police immediately. Any camper witnessing
    anyone on the grounds with illegal drugs is asked to let us know right away. Any
    information received will be kept in strictest confidence.


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24. Please check the information board located in the camp store for activities taking place
    throughout the summer. If there is anything we can do to make your stay with us
    happier, please let us know.

25. No firewood of any kind can be brought into the campground, Federal Law fine is $500.00
    and it would be your responsibility to pay the fine.

26. Thank you for staying with us and adhering to these rules and regulations. Have a happy
    and safe camping season!



Harry and Sally Haynes

Attachments: Receipt for Information and Rules Guide (Sign and Return)
             Registration Form for Appliances (Sign and Return)

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