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					Demco Europe Ltd.
                                                RISK ASSESSMENT                         Reference: D22
Location                        Demco Europe Ltd, Grange House 2 Geddings Road, Hoddesdon, Herts, EN11 0NT
Work activity/Task              preventing slips trips and falls due to poor weather conditions
STEP 1: Identify the Hazards (foreseeable risks) mark X if present/requiring control
Ice                                                Poor lighting
Snow                                               Human Factors such as:
Wet decaying leaves                                Horseplay
Rain water (freezing)                              Running/ Rushing
Poor floor surface                                 Poor footwear
Specific Site Conditions: Describe site elements which create specific risks (i.e. weather conditions for roof work, etc.) which require precautions to be taken during works:
   Gritting conducted during the recent snow
   Wheel barrow and shovel provided
STEP 2: Decide who might be harmed and how
Persons Exposed                              X Comments (include reference to disabled, trainees, etc.)
Employees                                          old, frail, disabled more at risk
Other (i.e. public, contractors)                   visitors, regular contractors, post man
STEP 3: Risk Evaluation (see checklist above)
State Hazardous Events (include existing controls):                                                                     Likelihood            Consequence             Overall Risk –
                                                                                                                           L/M/H                   L/M/H                  H/M/L
                                                                                                                       (L) Unlikely / (M) Possible / (H) Likely   (L) Minor / (M) Moderate / (H) Serious

Cold weather causing frost and ice to form, which may create slippery surfaces.                                                        M                                          M                        M

                                                                                                                                                                                                               The controls have been selected to protect the health and safety of individuals that may be affected by the work. If the task changes another risk assessment will be required.
Slips trips and falls from ice/ snow/ wet decaying leaves                                                                              M                                          M                        M
Poor surfaces causing slips, trips and falls                                                                                           L                                          M                        L
Poor light preventing people from seeing hazards on the floor                                                                          M                                          M                        M
Poor thermal protection - rushing to get out of the cold                                                                               H                                          L                        M
Running/ rushing on poor, icy surfaces                                                                                                 H                                          M                        H

Control Measures – Safe System of Work

STEP 4: Control Measures – Safe System of Work (Record)
Human Factors (include necessary information, instruction and training):
Information and Instruction
Competent team
Experienced Supervision
Equipment Required:

Good housekeeping at all times (this is company policy)
Safe working area to be provided
Walkways to be swept and clear of ice

STEP 5: Actions/ Procedures to follow + Assessment Review
Keep pedestrian walkways clear of debris, water, ice and slippery materials
Treat ice and snow with a suitable de-icer (rock salt or uria prills)
Ensure adequate lighting of pedestrian walkways during the dark hours
Appoint individual with responsibilities for maintaining clear walkways

 Further reading: see notes                                                             Legislation Applicable: HASAW 1974/Management HSWR 1999
 Assessed by: Kevin Jones                                                               Position: safety practitioner
          th                  th       st
 Date: 24 Jan 08/ Review: 26 Jan 09 1 Feb 10                                            Date for reassessment: (winter spells) February 11
 Actions to be organised by: Steve Ramsden                                              Position: Operations Manager

Demco Europe Ltd.

Tips on How to Prevent Slips Trips and Falls in the Winter Weather

Plan ahead; give yourself sufficient time and plan your route.
Use special care when entering and exiting vehicles; use the vehicle for support.
Walk in designated walkways as much as possible.
Taking shortcuts over snow piles and areas where snow and ice removal is not feasible can be hazardous.
Look ahead when you walk;
A walkway completely covered with ice may require travel along its grassy edge for traction.
When given no choice but to walk on ice, consider the following:
     Wear the proper foot gear.
     Take small steps to keep your centre of balance under you.
     Take short steps or shuffle for stability
     Walking slowly and never running on icy ground.
     Keep both hands free for balance, rather than in your pockets.
     Use handrails where provided.
     Keep your eyes on where you are going.
     Test potentially slick areas by tapping your foot on them.
     Step - Don't jump from vehicles and equipment.
Keep walkways clear of debris, water, ice and slippery materials.
Be prepared to fall.

Finally, when entering buildings, remove snow and water from footwear to prevent creating wet slippery
conditions indoors.

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