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                         Chippenham Men’s Hockey Club



         The Club shall be known as Chippenham Men’s Hockey Club (CMHC).


         The aim of the Chippenham Men’s Hockey Club is to provide hockey for its members
         through a club and league structure, with a spirit of social co-operation that promotes the
         good name of the Club.


         CMHC will operate as a members’ club and will be affiliated to the English Hockey


         The address of the Club shall be that of the current elected secretary. The operational base
         for CMHC shall be C/o Chippenham Sports Club, Bristol Road, Chippenham, Wiltshire.


         Membership is open to all who are eligible for membership of the English Hockey



                The President of the Club shall be a non-executive, honorary and lifelong position,
                awarded to an individual for consistent, outstanding and active involvement in the
                running of the Club. Presidents shall be elected by unanimous vote by the


                The Chairman is to be responsible for the co-ordination and leadership of the
                committee and to provide direction to the Club. The Chairman is to have a casting
                vote besides his normal vote to resolve equality.


                The Treasurer is responsible to the Committee for all financial aspects of the Club.
                He is responsible for making payments as authorised by the committee and to lodge

             all incoming monies. He is to ensure that all monies are paid into the Club accounts,
             and that accurate records of all financial transactions are kept inline with accounting
             best practice. The Treasurer is to record all financial matters as recommended by the
             persons responsible for the annual audit and he is to produce regular financial
             statements as directed by the Committee.


             The Secretary is to be responsible for official Club-related correspondence as
             directed by the Chairman and the Committee. He is to co-ordinate the Committee
             meetings in consultation with the Chairman and he is to provide accurate minutes of
             Committee meetings.

      Match & Fixtures Secretary

             The Match Secretary is to be responsible for the timely compilation of the
             forthcoming season’s fixtures. He is to be responsible for confirmation of weekly
             fixtures and passing details of matches to team captains. He is to be responsible for
             passing fixtures information pre-season to the printing co-ordinator.

      Club Captain

             The Club Captain is responsible to the Chairman and the Committee for advice on
             the standard of hockey in the Club. He is to assist in team selection, player
             guidance, coaching and development and he is to promote fair play and respect for
             the umpires throughout the Club.

Committee Membership

      Club Officers
      Captains of teams
      Junior Manager

      Co-opted Members:

      Press Secretary
      Social Representative
      Sports Club Representative


      The committee shall consist of the above officers and committee members, duly
      elected by a majority vote at the Annual General Meeting.

Committee Operation

      The new committee elected has the authority to elect officers to vacant positions not
      filled at the Annual General Meeting. Any club member may attend a committee
      meeting having given prior notice to the Secretary. Only officers and committee
      members shall be eligible to vote on matters discussed at committee meetings. The
       committee shall make decisions by majority vote. At the meeting following the AGM the
       Committee shall:

              a.       Set fees and charges to be paid by club members.
              b.       Limit the number of members and end individual membership as required.
              c.       Establish sub-committees as appropriate and co-opt members to these.
              d.       Arrange the affairs of the club.
              e.       Set the date of the AGM or any other special general meeting (such a
                       meeting shall require three weeks notice, posted on the club notice board).

       The committee should aim to meet once per month during the playing season and as
       required at other times of the year. It shall meet at the direction of the Chairman giving not
       less than seven days notice, or at the request of three committee members duly notified to
       the Secretary giving ten days notice. Six committee members shall be the minimum
       requirement for an officially recognised meeting, two of whom must be President,
       Chairman, Treasurer or Secretary. In the absence of the Chairman, one of those present shall
       be elected to the Chair. All elected officers and committee members shall have equal voting
       rights except the Chairman who shall have a casting vote in the event that there should be
       equal votes for and against.

Disciplinary Council

       The Club shall establish a disciplinary council to deal with all matters of misconduct
       on or off the field of play by Club members. The council shall comprise six members
       of the committee, nominated at the beginning of the season at a committee meeting.
       An additional committee of three members shall be nominated by the committee in
       the event of an appeal against decisions taken by the council. Disciplinary sanctions
       shall be decided by the full Club Committee at the first meeting following the AGM
       and communicated to all Club members. Such sanctions shall be based on the current
       English Hockey Association regulations.


       Any Club member may propose a resolution in writing, seconded by at least two other
       club members, for consideration by the committee at its next meeting. The proposition
       and decision of such shall be communicated to all Club members at the earliest
       opportunity following the meeting at which the resolution was discussed.

Annual General Meeting

       The Annual General Meeting shall be held within one month of the end of the hockey
       playing season to transact the following business; receive, approve and adopt a
       statement of the Club's accounts to the year ended 30 April, receive the years reports
       from Officers and other Committee Members as appropriate, appoint the Officers and
       Committee members for the coming season, appoint auditors, deal with any matters
       that the Committee feels necessary to bring before the members. Ten members of the
       Club can require the Committee to call a Special General meeting having first notified
       the Committee in writing, through the Secretary.

Dissolution Of Funds

       If the Club should be dissolved, every member of the Club is responsible for any debt
      or entitled to share any remaining funds.

Amendment To The Constitution

      Amendments to the Constitution may be made only at the AGM or other Special
      General meeting of the Club.


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