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					                                   Cherry Willingham Judo Club News Letter
                                    Issue 1 Friday 3rd April 2009
Dear parents, Judokas and other members,
This is the first of hopefully many news letters I will be producing throughout the year. The aims of these bulletins are
to update everyone at the club on current affairs, messages, future events and the club’s aims. Also I would like to invite
anyone who wishes me to publish any comments or views they have (within reason)

Who’s who?
Following the AGM which took place on the 25 th of February, there has been a reshuffle in the committee and some
other issues which will affect people at the club. Geoff Wilson-(Secretary) Robert Maxwell-(Chairman)
George Allan- (promotion officer) Steve Lambert- (Treasurer),Charlotte Snape-(membership secretary and coach
and Vice Chair) Steve Pallot /Sharon Pallot –(supplies/ sales),Iain Findlay – (Welfare protection/ welfare officer)
Joe Dowling/Tim Mc Givern (committee members)

A New Direction
2009 can be a very fruitful year for the club, if we all pull together as a unit and make a big push for competitions. We
have very talented fighters at the club which have potential to do well. We’ve all stepped up a gear since the New Year,
with the Tuesday session being more focused on fitness and fighting.
I believe competitions will help us build on our current form. With the Peterborough under 20’s round the corner,
there’s no better chance to test our metal and start the season as we mean to go on.
Head Coach: Geoff - shares a few words about the club

                ‘I think everyone's judo has improved dramatically since the start of the year, and I am very happy
with the effort each person has been putting into each lesson. But its now time to put all that good work into
practice by entering more competitions. This will also help get the club's name out there in the judo community ’

Future Competitions
Ipswich under 16’s Age Banded Competition - 17th May
6th Salisbury Open Judo Championship Junior & Senior- 7th June
Goole Youth & Senior Competition -14th June
(Please note that competitions do fill up quick, so it's best to enter early)

The Seal of approval
This is a new promotion that has been introduced at the club, the komons and juniors have the chance to earn
themselves a free session. Everyone will be given a card; the card must be presented at the desk each week to have it
stamped. After a number of weeks the student will have earned a free lesson. This is a drive to get all children to take
part at the club and be rewarded for their presence and participation.

                                                                                         Above: A busy Friday lesson
Mat Chat
Cherry Willingham Judo Club has seen the return of Charlotte, after taking a break from judo to spend time with her 2
young children. She will be helping out with the gradings and other club activities. We're all happy to see her back on
the mat. New faces, Joy O’Neill and George Allan have been lending a helping hand with the junior class on Fridays.

Other mat business. Mat fees and membership fees have changed. The mat fees will be reduced and there’s a new
membership deal which parents of multiple children can take advantage of.
1st Child or Adult = £10 2nd Child or Adult = £8
Please: note membership is due in at the beginning of April; anyone who has not paid in membership
by the deadline will have to pay non member fees from May until the membership fee is paid!!
                                             Training Dates
      SUN              MON               TUE      WED                       THU                FRI              SAT
                                                     1                 2                 3                 4
5                 6                 7                8                 9                 10                11
12                13                14               15                16                17                18
19                20                21               22                23                24                25
26                27                28               29                30
     SUN               MON               TUE                WED             THU                FRI              SAT
                                                                                         1                 2
3                 4                 5                 6                7                 8                 9
10                11                12                13               14                15                16
17                18                19                20               21                22                23
24                25                26                27               28                29                30
Full Marks
Iain Findlay has been working hard lately with the club mark program, this is a cross-sport quality accreditation for
clubs all over the country.
‘In essence it is a way for the club to demonstrate that it follows best practice and that we have systems in place for the
protection of children's welfare, that we achieve certain coaching standards, that we operate in the interest of our
members and that we take the future of the club seriously’

Iain is about 90% the way through and depending on course dates, he is confident that he should have everything
squared away and finalised by the summer break. This would be a huge benefit to the club, not just for the reputation of
the club but also benefit the member which at the end of the day is what we all set out to achieve. Well Done Iain!!

Message to Students
Just a reminder to all Judokas, the club shop has a huge range of associated merchandise and other equipment which
you will find useful, especially the new BJA Grading Syllabus book which all judokas doing grading will find very

(Remember to have fun, study hard and keep to the spirit of judo by helping each other out)
Many thanks from the coaching staff and the committee