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									Menopause and Bioidentical Hormones

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Ever since the World Health Organization (WHO) released it's findings
regarding traditional hormone replacement therapy (HRT), women have been
looking for alternatives. Suzanne Somer's book, The Sexy Years,
introduced many of us to the term "Bioidentical hormone." Find out what
they are and whether you should be researching them further as an
alternative treatment to menopause symptoms.

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Can menopause symptoms be safely comforted with bioidentical hormones?

Recent research suggests that menopause can be treated with bioidentical
hormones, a natural replacement for a woman's body, with no reported side

In the past, menopause has been treated like a disease - primarily with
Hormone Replacement Therapy or HRT (including Premarin, which is made
from pregnant mare’s urine, Prempro and Provera), which meant ingesting
synthetic chemicals on a regular basis. Now we know that these drugs are
causing the very problems we’re trying to avoid including breast cancer
and heart attacks.

Bioidentical means the hormone molecule in the product, for example
progesterone cream, acts exactly like the molecules produced by the
female body. They function in your body in a natural and normal way
unlike synthetic chemicals. A “natural hormone” is really a compound
synthesized in the lab from a natural source (such as soybeans used for
estrogens and testosterone; or wild Mexican yam in the case of
progesterone and sometimes testosterone).

Synthetic hormones are typically only available in oral form, but
bioidentical hormones come in a variety of delivery systems such as oral,
transdermal patch, cream, lotion or sublingual drops. Bioidentical
hormones recently caught mainstream attention in part because of Suzanne
Somer's new book, The Sexy Years

Typically a successful approach to dealing with a woman’s menopausal
symptoms is to begin with laboratory tests of hormone levels called a
“hormone panel.” The doctor can then prescribe a precise dosage of
bioidentical estrogens, testosterone or DHEA that can be made for you at
a Compounding Pharmacy This is contrary to HRT treatments that are
typically “one size fits all.”
Most doctors prescribing bioidentical hormones find that a large
percentage of women find some relief by using medical-grade supplements,
over-the-counter bioidentical progesterone, and dietary and lifestyle
changes (including the proper nutrition and exercise). And, for the
percentage of women who need a little more help, most doctors don’t
support the idea that bioidentical hormones should be used indefinitely
as some kind of fountain of youth.

Is it right for you to treat your menopause with bioidentical hormones?
First you need to Consult with a Doctor to get the right answer for you.
Once you know what you need, your doctor and you can work out the best
alternative for your body.

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Hormones and Nutrition

The information in this article is for educational purposes only, and is
not intended as medical advice.

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