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									Obstacles In Building Self Confidence

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Do you know what’s holding your self confidence back? It’s great that
you have decided to build your self confidence. However, there are a few
obstacles that can keep you from achieving your goal.

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Do you know what’s holding your self confidence back? It’s great that you
have decided to build your self confidence. However, there are a few
obstacles that can keep you from achieving your goal.

Most of the time, these obstacles are so obvious that they do not seem
like obstacles at all, and all you can see is that your resolve to be
self confident is not taking you anywhere.

Therefore, it is important to become aware of these seemingly harmless
obstacles that have all the power to stop you in your path. Let’s have a
look at what could be the reasons that you are not moving ahead in top

Are You Undisciplined?

Some people simply have the talent to waste a lot of time without
realizing it. They lack the self-discipline to stop their actions that
waste time. Imagine a situation wherein you have a list of tasks to be
completed successfully as a part of your self confidence building

However, the moment you enter your home you involuntarily grab the remote
and start channel surfing on the idiot box. It’s only after an hour that
you realize that you have been vegetating in front of the T.V in the time
you had scheduled to do other tasks. You realize that you have already
disturbed your schedule.

In a self development program, it’s you and only you who has the power to
change yourself. Nobody will come to monitor your actions and progress.
You have to keep a watch on your inner graph and see to it that it goes
up! Avoid temptations and stick to your schedule.

Are You Lazy And keep Procrastinating?

Procrastination is one of the greatest and most silent killers of
confidence. It does not let you complete your jobs and tasks in time.
Things keep mounting and finally you get overwhelmed by all the many
things that have piled up and need your attention.

The very basics of building confidence start with listing little things
that are doable. You gain more confidence to take on greater tasks and
responsibilities by successfully completing the lighter tasks at hand.

However not being prompt and delaying important things till they become
urgent makes you miss the opportunity of working on your confidence and
puts you in danger of falling back again into your earlier cycle, thereby
wasting all the effort and energy you had put in to becoming aware of
your low confidence trap and getting out of it.

Does Your Old Self Keep Pulling You Back?

Assume. Assume. Assume is the technique here. Assume that you are a
different person with habits you wanted to inculcate.

Imagine the way you would like to be. Imagine a self confident you taking
things in your stride. Then try to bring into your daily actions the way
you have imagined yourself to be. "I dream by painting. Then I paint my
dream" was the technique what the great painter Vincent Van Gogh

Your assumed self will make people react to you in a different way,
according to your new self. This will establish your new self to the
world and will help you keep up the new self before it becomes a habit –
a second nature!

If you behave indecisively and helplessly, you will invoke proportionate
reactions from people around you, thereby reinforcing your previous self.
This throws you back again. Remember that you cannot get ahead if you
keep looking back. Realize this and stop sliding back.

Don’t Copy Self Confidence. Do Not Try To Become Like Someone Else.

One of the greatest mistakes that people make when trying to increase
their low self confidence is falling in love with an image of their icon
who may be a sport star or a film star or any celebrity and then they try
to be like them.

This is one of the greatest mistakes that people can commit when trying
in increase their self confidence. You have to be yourself at all costs.
Getting inspired is wonderful but merely aping these guys won’t take you

There is no need for any two people in this universe to be exactly the
same. The challenge is to be yourself in a world that is trying to make
you like everyone else!

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