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                                                                                                                               FULL PLANS
                         Allerdale Borough Council                                                                            SUBMISSION
                                                                                                                          The Building Act 1984
                                                                                                                  The Building Regulations 2000
                                                                                          FOR OFFICE USE ONLY
                                                                                    DATE RECEIVED    REF NO:

                                                                                                      CHARGE           DATE             REC/INV


                 NORTH LAKES & SOLWAY COAST                                         INSPECTION

Allerdale House, Workington, Cumbria, CA14 3YJ.                                FORMS RECEIVED & CHECKED BY:

Tel: (01900) 326333 Fax: (01900) 326506
 This form is to be filled in by the person who intends to carry out building work or agent. If the form is unfamiliar please read
              the notes on the reverse side or consult the office indicated above. Please type or use block capitals.
1      Applicant’s Details (See Note 1)
                                                             Postcode:                              Tel:

2      Agent’s Details (If Applicable)
                                                             Postcode:                              Tel:

3      Location of building to which work relates
       Planning Permission
       Has Planning Permission been applied for? YES/NO If Yes, please give Ref No:

4      Proposed Work

5      Use of Building
       1.        If new building or extension please state proposed use:
       2.        If existing building please state present use:
       3.        Is the building used or to be used as a building designated under the Fire Precautions Act 1971: YES/NO
6      Conditions (See Note 5)
       Do you consent to the plans being passed subject to conditions where appropriate? YES/NO

7      Charges (See Guidance Note on Charges for Information)                                                          PLAN CHARGE     INSPECTION

            1.     Estimated total cost of building works    £                                   Fixed Charge      £
                                                                 (Excluding VAT)
                                                                                                 Other Work Charge £
            2.     Floor area of new building or extension
                                                                 in square metres                Vat @ 17 ½ %     £
            3.     Number of dwellings                                                           TOTAL

8      Services (Where Applicable)
       1.        Mode of Drainage a) Foul water                                  b) Surface water
                 Is there a public sewer within 100’ YES/NO If yes, does it run under the building or site YES/NO
       2.        Indicate means of water supply

9      Completion Certificate
       Do you wish for a completion certificate to issued on completion of the work: YES/NO

10     Statement
       This notice is given in relation to the building work as described, and is submitted in accordance with
       Regulation 12(2)(b) and is accompanied by the appropriate charge. I understand that further charges
       will be payable following the first inspection by the Local Authority.
                                                                                                                             Certificate No. FS 33991
       Name:                                                         Signature:                                           BUILDING CONTROL SERVICES

1.     The applicant is the person on whose behalf       5.   Section 16 of the Building Act 1984 provides
       the work is being carried out, e.g. the                for the passing of plans subject to conditions.
       building’s owner.                                      The conditions may specify modifications to
                                                              the deposited plans and/or that further plans
2.     Two copies of this notice should be                    shall be deposited.
       completed and submitted with plans and
       particulars in duplicate in accordance with       6.   These notes are for general guidance only,
       the provisions of Building Regulation 14.              particulars regarding the deposit of plans are
                                                              contained in Regulation 14 of the Building
3.     Subject to certain exceptions, a Full Plans            Regulations 2000 and, in respect of charges in
       submission attracts charges payable by the             The Building (Local Authority Charges)
       person by whom or on whose behalf the                  Regulations 1998.
       work is to be carried out. Charges are
       payable in two stages. The first charge           7.   Your proposals may also be applicable under
       must accompany the deposit of plans and                the Party Wall Act. If you are intending to
       the second charge is payable after the first           carry out the following:-
       site inspection of work in progress. The
       second charge is a single payment in respect           a)   Work on an existing wall shared with
       of each individual building, to cover all site              another property, or
       visits and consultations which may be                  b)   A new building on the boundary with a
       necessary until the work is satisfactorily                  neighbouring property, or
       completed.                                             c)   An excavation near a neighbouring
       Schedule 1 indicates the plan and inspection
       charges payable for small domestic                     You should obtain an explanatory booklet
       buildings, (dwellings). Schedule 2 indicates           From:
       the charges payable for certain small
       buildings, extensions and alterations.                 DETR Publications Despatch Centre,
       Schedule 3 indicates charges for all other             Black Horse Road,
       building work.                                         London, SE99 6TT.

       The appropriate charge is dependent upon          8.   Further information and advice concerning the
       the type of work proposed. Charges and                 Building Regulations and Planning matters
       methods of calculation are set out in the              may be obtained from your Local Authority.
       Scheme of Charges which is available on

4.     Subject to certain provisions of the Public
       Health Act 1936, owners and occupiers of
       premises are entitled to have their private
       foul and surface water drains and sewers
       connected to the public sewers, where
       available. Special arrangements apply to
       trade effluent discharge. Persons wishing to
       make such connections must give not less
       than 21 days notice to the appropriate

                           IMPORTANT NOTE TO ALL DEVELOPERS

     Persons proposing to carry out building work or make a material change of use of a building are
         reminded that permission may be required under the Town and Country Planning Acts.

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