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									Good Luck

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Good luck isn't something people are born with. Anyone can learn the
secrets of how to have more luck.

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Good luck, people called it, when a couple I know had a business handed
to them for free. It was making a little money, but the owner didn't want
to deal with it anymore. Other things were going on in his life, and he
just wanted to drop the whole business. However, the lease on the
building the business was in still had nine months to go.

This is where my friends enter the story. The owner had a problem, and
they had a solution. Here are three reasons they had a business given to
them, and why they were so "lucky."

1. They let the man tell his story, and they listened.

2. They looked at the business, and saw the opportunity.

3. They worked, doing what it took to benefit from their "good luck."

<b>Good Luck Comes From Preparation</b>

You can say they were lucky. The owner agreed to give them the business
if they would simply take over the lease on the building. The biggest
reason for their good luck however, includes the ones given, and goes
beyond them: They were ready.

Having some money in the bank made it possible to handle the transition.
They had previous experience with a small business. They were willing to
learn what they needed to learn, and were mentally prepared to work.

Another example: John was "so lucky" to get a $6,000 car for $2,000 at an
auction, a friend told me. I mentioned that John went to the auction
regularly, that he had made himself familiar with car values, and that he
always kept money available for such opportunities. Of course, it didn't
seem to register with my friend.

My friend could have been "so lucky," too, but he had to be ready. He
might have saved $2,000, or obtained a credit card with a high enough
limit, or arranged with someone to borrow the money and split the profits
when deals like this came up. Since he didn't do any of these things,
there was no opportunity here for him.
If you want good luck, aren't there always thing you can do to prepare?
To be lucky in love, you comb your hair, right? If you want opportunities
in the stock market, start studying, setting aside money to invest, and
exploring the possibilities. Prepare for opportunity, and it will come
more often. Good luck!

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