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             Proposed Biddulph Skate Park at Mill Hayes Sports Ground

    Residents Concerns                                 Comments

Antisocial activities being     Police Community Support Officer has agreed to
experienced could increase.     actively monitor the proposed facility, especially during
                                its first month of operation and thereafter as

                                The Youth Service Detached Team to include the
                                Skate Park in regular sessions.

Lack of Police visits.          From November 2003 to November 2004 only one
                                incident of nuisance and disorder was reported to the
                                Police regarding the Mill Hayes Sports Ground. This
                                is significantly lower than incidents reported at all
                                other recreation grounds/playing fields in Biddulph
                                during the same period. Since the Town Council
                                recommended Mill Hayes, the Police have been
                                monitoring the Sports Ground and no incidents or
                                issues have arisen to date. The Police have
                                committed to monitoring the proposed facility after it is

Lower car park is used as a     This would have been limited due to the number of
circulation area for up to 70   cars parked. The whole of the lower car park is not
players plus officials and      taken up by the Skate Park therefore leaving
spectators before and after     circulation space.
football matches.

During cricket matches          Spectators could use the top car park for this purpose
spectators use the lower car    albeit at a further distance from the match. Grass
park to sit in cars and watch   beyond the cricket outfield is not affected and can still
the match. If weather is fine   be used for picnics etc. It should also be noted that
they picnic on the grass in     facilities available for football and cricket will remain.
front of their cars.            However, there are currently no facilities in Biddulph
                                for wheeled sports and installing such a facility at Mill
                                Hayes would not prevent the playing or spectating of
                                football and cricket.

Loss of car parking.            All current car parking spaces would be lost on the
                                lower car park. However, assuming standard sized
                                car parking bays, and allowing for existing recycling
                                facilities, 59 spaces remain on the upper car park.
                                This compares favourably with other recreation
                                grounds/playing fields in Biddulph. The surface of the
                                upper car park is not currently suitable for marking out
                                however surface improvements and marking out could

                                    be considered by the District Council in the future
                                    subject to the availability of capital funding.

The Skate Park would                An alternative access gate will be constructed as part
obstruct an access gate for         of any development to ensure appropriate access.
grounds and emergency

Toilets and first aid facilities.   Not provided as part of the proposal. Toilets are not in
                                    any case available for any casual recreational
                                    activities that take place on playing fields outside of
                                    competitive sports matches taking place. Toilet
                                    facilities can create opportunities for antisocial
                                    behaviour. The garage or other businesses opposite
                                    the Sports Ground could be contacted with a request
                                    to hold a first aid kit for skaters.

Presence of only two                The skaters are representatives of Ramp Raiders
skaters at a meeting with           which has met on a weekly basis for more than two
residents indicates lack of         years. In 2003, Ramp Raiders conducted a survey of
support for the proposal.           274 young people: 40% said they skate with in-line
                                    blades, 13% said they would like to learn, 18% skate
                                    with a skateboard, 19% said they would like to learn,
                                    30% said they ride a BMX bike, 14% said they would
                                    like to learn. Ramp Raiders has involved over 100
                                    young people.

Skaters might be scared to          The design quality of the previous skate facility was of
use the site if gangs appear        poor quality hence most skaters were not able to use
leaving the facility for            the ramp. Neither were local skaters involved in
trouble makers.                     developing the facility; consequently there was no
                                    sense of ownership. Skaters have been involved in
                                    the design and development of the proposed facility
                                    from the outset and all measures have been taken to
                                    ensure that it would be well used. If there are any
                                    problems, the Police and relevant agencies will be

                                    There have been no known incidences of antisocial
                                    behaviour at the Cheadle and Leek Skate Parks.

Undemocratic that skaters           The selection of the site has been through Biddulph
can reject a site but               Town Council’s democratic processes.
residents can not.

No security fence so it can         Security fences are generally ineffective, often
be used at all times.               causing problems rather than solving any; for
                                    example, fences designed to keep people out often

          result in people rising to the challenge to get in.
          Creating enclosed spaces defies personal safety.
          Public spaces should be accessible and visible in
          order to deter potential problems. All guidance
          recommends railings designed to prevent collisions as
          opposed to keeping people off the site – these are the
          principles that would be incorporated into the design.

Litter.   Litter bins will be provided on site. Skaters will be
          encouraged to keep the site tidy. The site will be litter
          picked and bins emptied weekly as part of the
          Council’s grounds maintenance work programme.


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