Patients Council Members Meeting
                                                Monday 9th October 2006 at Middleton Masonic Hall

Name                    Job Title and Organisation                                Name                      Job title and organisation
Paul Mainwaring (PM)    Chair of Patient Council                                  Saeed Anwar (SA)          PPI Lead Pennine Acute
Gareth Thompson (GT)    Patient Council Member                                    Karen Forrest (KF)        PPI Lead Bury PCT
Hazel Healey (HH)       Patient Council Member                                    Nayla Malick (NM)         PPI Lead Rochdale PCT
Ken Holt (KH)           Patient Council Member                                    Rosie Kingham (RK)        PPI Lead Oldham PCT
David Cartwright (DC)   Patient Council Member                                    Sue Curzon (SC)           PPI Lead NMPCT
Anna Sidebottom (AS)    Patient Council Member
Elizabeth Lynsky (EL)   Patient Council Member                                    With Apologies:
Barbara Allen (BA)      Patient Council Member                                    Valerie Horwood           Patient Council Member
Michael Press (MP)      Patient Council Member                                    Brenda Fawcett            Patient Council Member
Marie Douglas (MD)      Patient Council Member                                    Ray Howlett               Patient Council Member

Note taker:                                                                       Without Apologies:
Liz Hudson (LH)         Healthy Futures                                           Justin Pearson            Patient Council Member

Area                           Actions / Outcome                                                                                     Who      By
Action notes of last meeting      Approved.                                                                                         BA, GT   09/10/06

Items of Correspondence           A report in relation to the LIFT centre at Bacup produced by the Heywood and Middleton
                                   PCT PPIH Forum was distributed to members.
                                  It was agreed that another trip should be arranged to visit a different LIFT centre in order to
                                   make comparisons with the Bacup LIFT centre and see how successful/unsuccessful other
                                   centres are.

                               Action: PM to seek authorisation from CG to arrange trip to Darwen LIFT centre. Once                  PM/LH    Ongoing
                               approved, LH to arrange trip.

Consultation Process     PM introduced Anna Sidebottom as a possible new member and advised that she would be
Update                    taking the place of Ken Holt due to Ken having other commitments. However, Ken advised
                          that he would still attend whenever possible and requested that all correspondence still be
                          sent to him as he likes to update other groups that he is currently involved with on the
                          Healthy Futures Programme.
                       Action: Continue to send any correspondence relating to the Patients’ Council to KH.              LH   Ongoing
                        PM enquired if everyone had received the press release from the decision day on
                          September 14th, to which everyone had and everyone was aware of the provisional
                        PM advised members that the Joint Committee praised the role of the Patients’ Council and
                          stated that the role of the Patients’ Council was very important throughout the Consultation
                          phase and that this would continue throughout the implementation stage.
                        PM informed members that the MIB decision is due out in December 2006.

Local Press Review        BA updated on local issues focussing on the closure of Ward 30 at Fairfield hospital
                           whereby staff were informed by letter delivered in a taxi that the ward is to close on 22nd
                           October 2006. Members of staff working on the ward have been working under great
                           pressure and have been coming into work not knowing which hospital they would be
                           working at and the wards they have been sent to have not been in the area of their
                        All members agree that staff morale is at rock bottom at all hospitals and not just in this
                           situation and that something needs to be done in relation to this.
                        DC advised that whilst on a recent stay at the Royal Oldham staff on his ward voiced
                           concerns in relation to operations not taking place at night if there are no consultants
                       Action: SA to look into the issue of night theatre at the Royal Oldham and find out if they       SA   08/11/06
                       are closing it more or less and advise PM.
                       Recommendation: PM will suggest at the Staff Side Representatives Meetings that any issues
                       they have to bring them to him as Chair of Patients Council.
                       Recommendation: A clinic at each hospital site to be set up for staff to attend and inform the
                       Patients’ Council of any worries/concerns they have.
                       Action: PM to check with Celia Gaze to see if this viable and to ask how this could be            PM   08/11/06
                       carried out.

              BA informed members of plans to use senior nursing staff to run PALS. Members
               expressed concerns of this and said that staff are overworked as it is without them dealing
               with complaints as well. Members also felt that staff should not be given this role as there
               would be a conflict of interest with staff dealing with their own problems. SA confirmed the
            Action: It was agreed that a letter be sent to Celia Gaze seeking assistance and guidance
            on the subject of nursing staff running PALS.
             PM requested that all members send local stories to BA or send to LH and she will forward
               to BA to add to the press file.

Transport      PM advised that the following 7 transport sub groups have been set up:
                1. Community Transport Development
                2. Information Kiosks
                3. Hospital Transport Access
                4. Standard Mainstream Bus Service
                5. LIFT centre Transport Development
                6. Bus Lane Development
                7. Local Area
             PM advised that different people from the Transport Action Group are sitting on the various
                groups, together with DC who will sit on each group. PM informed members that they are
                welcome to attend if anyone has a particular interest in any of the sub groups.
            Action: LH to send out a schedule of the sub groups which will take place on 1st                    LH/All    24/10/06
            November. Members to inform LH if they wish to attend and the group that they wish to               members
            sit on.
             DC advised members that at the last transport action group meeting he brought to the
                attention of GMPTE the issue of non-existent staff at bus stations. A letter in the form of a
                complaint has since been drafted (this was then distributed to members) and will be sent to
                the GMPTE.
             It was agreed that the following questions needed to be added to the letter:
                    Why are the high visibility staff only present between the hours of 7pm -11pm?
                    When/How is the mobile unit going to be of service?
            Action: Amend letter to GMPTE and send via postal address.                                          LH/PM     13/10/06
             PM advised that James Mainwaring has started the review of hospital transport, car park
                bays, staff flows, patient flows, etc which will take place over the next 4 weeks. A
                questionnaire has been produced to obtain relevant information from people attending
                hospital outpatients’ and A & E departments of which members are welcome to take some
                questionnaires for completion within other groups that they are members of.
Implementation Committee   NO UPDATE

EPP Update                    NM advised that the PCT’s are adjoining services borough wide and that Debbie Drew will
                               be co-ordinating this.

LIFT                         PM advised that the associate directors, involved in the development of LIFT centres, would
                              be attending the transport group in November.
                            Members feel that it is important to have a patients perspective throughout the planning
                              stages of LIFT centres and that they would like to get involved in the planning process.
                            GT advised that the signage problem at the Failsworth LIFT centre is still ongoing.
                           Action: RK to look into the signage problem at the Failsworth LIFT centre.                        RK        08/11/06

Training Update              PM advised members that the Disability Awareness Training would be taking place on
                              Friday 24th November at 10am – 4pm at the Masonic Hall and advised members to confirm
                              their attendance.
                           Action: Members to contact LH and confirm their attendance for the Disability                     Members   13/11/06
                           Awareness Training.

Any Other Business            PM advised members of a Self Care event that was taking place on Tuesday 31st October in
                               London and advised that Celia Gaze has authorised the cost of travel and lunch for any
                               members that wish to attend.
                           Action: LH to send full details of event together with transport details to the members           LH        20/11/06
                           that wish to attend (EL, BA, DC, GT, MP and PM).
                            Further discussions on the subject of MRSA took place as the Patient Council are receiving
                               more and more people expressing their concerns on this issue. The Patients’ Council
                               discussed how they thought they could help on this topic.
                            It was agreed that either a few members of the Patients Council meet with someone from
                               the Pennine Acute in relation to this subject or to arrange for someone to come and talk to
                               the Council in order that they can understand more of what is and has been done to make
                               further improvements in reducing MRSA from hospitals.
                            The Patients Council discussed a number of ways in which it felt it could help to combat
                           Action: LH to email CG to see how the Patients’ Council can get in contact with the               LH        08/11/06
                           relevant people at the Pennine Acute in relation to MRSA.
                            PM advised that the A & E departments are currently missing targets in relation to getting
                               people through A & E within 4 hours which is partly due to the incorrect use of the A & E
                               departments by patients.
                              o  A discussion took place on the reasons for the misuse at A & E’s and the council felt
                                 that this was due to many factors including:
                                      Long wait to get an appointment with local GP.
                                      Appearance of overcrowded walk in centres due to small waiting rooms and
                                          people attending in groups with family members and friends.
                                      Parking difficulties at walk in centres.
                                      Safety issues at walk in centres.
                                      Problems with out of hour’s services for BARDOC.
                                      Not enough literature available on alternative services to A & E.
                                      Not enough marketing on services/treatments provided at local pharmacies.
                              o It was agreed that in order to educate the public on the different services available
                                 that the following needs to be looked into:
                                      Safety issues at walk in centres.
                                      Posters and Leaflets to be produced in relation to alternative services.
                                          Asking patients ‘does your A & E need you?’ and ‘did you know……’
                                      Marketing on services at pharmacies.
                                      Educating the public on overcrowding time zones at the A & E’s.
                                      Educating triage staff to send minor injuries to the relevant services.
                                      Patient led videos to be played at, GP surgeries, libraries, fitness centres,
                                          dentists, opticians, community centres, etc. incorporating patient stories.
                                      Radio advertisements also incorporating patient stories.
                                      Advertising in ‘Your life and crime’ magazine that PCT’s advertise in.
                                      Recorded messages on GP surgeries answer phones advising of other
                                      Incorporating the misuse of A & E into a storyline of a soap, such as
                                          Coronation Street.
                                      Use of ambulances to jump the queue at A & E, informing the public that this
                                          is not the case.
                       Action: PM to draft an action plan.                                                               PM   End Oct
                        GT advised that his mother recently went by ambulance from Chadderton to Oldham and
                          had to wait 50 minutes in the ambulance to then be transferred to Fairfield.
                       Action: GT to put this to the local PALs team and report back on their response.                  GT   08/11/06

Date of Next Meeting

Date                     Venue                               Time
8th November 2006        Middleton Masonic Hall              12.00 - 4.00


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